Class A Boys State Cross Country Championship Preview Alex Goodlad Nov 06, 2014

Honestly, this seems like any team’s race between the top ten. Are there teams that seem more favorable than others? Definitely yes. But it stands to reason that a lot of the teams here can beat another team on a good day, and conversely get beaten on a bad day. It will come down to the team that is able to peak best, and the rankings reflect the teams (including a really obvious one) that are either known to peak best and/or are teams that have garnered much experience and should prepare themselves to run how they need to in this crucial weekend.

Class A Girls State Cross Country Championship Preview Alex Goodlad Nov 06, 2014

This race is looking to be rather the opposite of last year. As opposed to just a few key players that will outshine the rest, we have much what one would call “parity” going into this state meet. I could honestly see any of the top five teams ranked teams placing this meet in any order, and then any team ranked in the top ten could conceivably outdo a team in the top five. Without further ado, here are the teams to watch.

Patriot Invitational Leads Class A Charge Into The Weekend Alex Goodlad Oct 18, 2014

As some would say, the season doesn’t really begin until the season starts to end. With three weeks to go until state this is when teams start to fine tune themselves for their ultimate goals. Races like this one are important for teams to become accustomed to the kind of all-out racing that will be done on November 8 at Detweiller Park.

Class A First To The Finish Invitational Preview Alex Goodlad Sep 12, 2014

We could not ask for a better day at beautiful Detweiller Park in Peoria. Sunny and 60 degrees with some showers the night before to soften the ground a bit is as ideal as it could get. That said, although 1A is obviously not the fastest division in Illinois, expect some already intense competition really get a boost in times from the weather.

2014 Class 1A Boys Individual Pre-Season Preview Alex Goodlad Aug 16, 2014

This was not an easy individual year to rank. It may be that that the top six previewed are pretty safe picks, with those same six back from last year’s top ten. But everyone else, however, is a complete mystery, with 13 of 25 back who originally finished all-state, plus 29 back from this year’s top 50, many of whom majorly stepped up in track. Honestly anyone in the top 20 could end this season a top ten finisher.

1A Boys Team Cross Country Pre-Season Preview: #1-#10 Alex Goodlad Aug 14, 2014

Today we take a cross examination of the top ten boys teams as we anticipate yet another intense battle between many strong teams that you’ve definitely seen before from last year’s slugfest party! The clear favorite is no surprise: Elmwood *cough* *cough*. But whatever team those other trophies end up going to, it will be a surprise, because the top 2-7 look to be very evenly matched for the most part. Really any team in the top 10 could be in the hunt for a trophy if you added them one x-factor, other things equal. But based solely on returning runners, incoming recruits, and some major guesswork on how state scoring influences things, here is where the teams stand.