Illinois XC 2012: In Their Own Words Series

In His Own Words: Joey Santillo Joey Santillo Nov 1, 2012

Sectional week, for me, is always one of the longest weeks in the year. You feel so close to state and you begin to think more about that than the race on Saturday. However, I knew that Saturday’s meet would not be an easy one. I was up against very talented competition and I knew I would have to stay focused one week at a time. 

In His Own Words: Joey Santillo Joey Santillo Oct 22, 2012

The first state series race was finally here, Regionals. The coaches and the team had set goals all season long, but none more important then the goals set for a state run. Regionals are a time to show off what our team is capable of. Guys who fought for spots got an opportunity to show why they were there, to run another race in the black Minooka uniform. All of the “what if’s” or “should have’s” do not matter at this point. 

In His Own Words: Joey Santillo Joey Santillo Oct 15, 2012

Going into the week of conference, the mind mentality of the season starts to change. We realize how far we have come and how much is actually left. For me, conference is the first step in the journey to the state meet. It is a highly anticipated and highly intense race. Coach Gummerson felt the team this year was as ready as ever to defend the conference title. A title we had won in the previous six years. To a Minooka runner a conference championship is always on the to-do list.

In His Own Words: Joey Santillo Joey Santillo Oct 11, 2012

There is always one week all year, set aside from the rest, which is a little crazier than any other week. It is homecoming week at Minooka. A week filled with dress up days, lunch activities, tie shopping, and after school functions.

In His Own Words: Scott Milling Scott Milling Sep 26, 2012

Hey everybody thanks again for checking out my blog.  First, I would like to thank guys like Billy Bund and Jack Keelan who complemented me at Palatine on my first blog. I appreciate all the support. This past week we had two meets so let’s just get right to that.

In His Own Words: Joey Santillo Todd Grasley Sep 25, 2012

“Races are won when nobody is looking.” Coach Gummerson, our head cross country coach at Minooka, uses this phases to imply that even though it may not be a pressure situation you can always make yourself better. Overall, I felt that this was the theme going into our bye week. Even though there was no big race at the end of the week, it was an opportunity to improve as a team on different levels. 

In His Own Words: Joey Santillo Joey Santillo Sep 19, 2012

This past week is always one of my favorite weeks of the season, the Minooka Flight Invite. This is the home invite for our team where we get to run in front of our friends, teachers, and alumni. 

In His Own Words: Scott Milling Scott Milling Sep 18, 2012

Hello, my name is Scott Milling and I am a senior at York High School. First, I would like to thank Mr. Grasley and MileSplit Illinois for asking me to write a blog for their site. Each week, I will try to write a blog just talking about that week’s meet and how the team is doing on a whole (right now I’ve moved it over writing an essay on an Emily Dickinson poem, really just a no brainer). Well, let’s just get started…

In His Own Words: Grant Nykaza Grant Nykaza Sep 13, 2012

The worst feeling is knowing you are going to a fast course to run, but you see it rain all day and night before your race. This was the case for the First to the Finish meet on the 8th of September.

In His Own Words: Alex Riba Alex Riba Sep 12, 2012

Hello, My name is Alex Riba and I am a senior from O'Fallon township high school, just east of St. Louis.  It's nice to be able to blog for Illinois Mile Split and tell others a little about myself and the team. Last year my team finished 2nd place,  and I finished 2nd individually in the Illinois 3A state cross country championships. I'm excited to see what the season has to offer and what the team and I can do at Detweiller this November and into the post season.

In His Own Words: Grant Nykaza Grant Nykaza Aug 29, 2012

Over the course of the cross country season MileSplit Illinois will have several of the state's top runners blogging about their training, meets, and various other subjects they want to discuss. So stay tuned and get to know some of your favorite athletes in this series we like to call "In Their Own Words." If you have a question for any of our bloggers or would like to get involved with the site drop me a line at Enjoy!