CYUP Misfits Invite Presented by HOKA 2024

Chicago, IL
Hosted by CYUP Training
Timing/Results Adkins Trak Timing

Athlete Entries

4th-6th Grade Boys 1 Mile Run 13 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Portzebowski, Andrew B.O.N.D Track Club
Brenner, Danny 5:32.10h Palatine Pack TFCC
Sheaffer, Jack 5:33.91 Piñón Track Club Elite
Da Costa, Lucas 5:38.80 Palatine Pack TFCC
Sawadski, Ryan 5:39.47 Palatine Pack TFCC
Mora, Andrew 5:43.40 Piñón Track Club Elite
Kennedy, Declan 5:50.00 Piñón Track Club Elite
Nierman, Oliver 5:53.47 Palatine Pack TFCC
Radich, Joseph 5:58.00 Piñón Track Club Elite
Byerly, Parker 6:12.00h Sauganash Striders
Da Costa, Max 6:21.00 Palatine Pack TFCC
Christenson, Caleb 6:41.65 Palatine Pack TFCC
Lee, Caleb 7:32.00h Palatine Pack TFCC
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4th-6th Grade Boys 1000 Meter Run 7 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Hutchens, Darien B.O.N.D Track Club
Martin, Isiah Gately Park Athletic Club
Portzebowski, Andrew B.O.N.D Track Club
Hacker, Penn B.O.N.D Track Club
Kotleba, Miles 3:28 Chicago Flyers Track Club
Bielski, John 3:43 Chicago Flyers Track Club
Galvan, Daniel 3:57.34 Bulletproof Athletics
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4th-6th Grade Boys 300 Meter Dash 18 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Wentorf, Leo Stallions TC
Crain Jr, Christopher Wings of Glory
Brown, Kamren Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Bell, Logan Sauganash Striders
Wentorf, Massimo Stallions TC
Ross, Ethan Milwaukee Mustangs
Malone, Tory Gary Steelers Track
Bell, Lennox Sauganash Striders
Searcy, Ryan 1:02.00h My Best Track Club
Ijelu Jr, Bashiru 1:18.00h My Best Track Club
Brooks, Micah 42.24 Gately Park Athletic Club
Sola, Bautista 46.00 Piñón Track Club Elite
McCreary, Romeo 46.35 Milwaukee Speed Academy
O'Connor, Benjamin 48.94 Chicago Flyers Track Club
Zucchi, Woods 50.00 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Koepfer, Jameson 55.00 B.O.N.D Track Club
Trimbur, Jacob 55.00 B.O.N.D Track Club
McDonald, Damien 58.00h My Best Track Club
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4th-6th Grade Boys 4x200 Meter Relay 1 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A B.O.N.D Track Club
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4th-6th Grade Boys 60 Meter Dash 16 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Bell, Logan Sauganash Striders
Bell, Lennox Sauganash Striders
Ijelu Jr, Bashiru 10.11 My Best Track Club
Gaffney Jr, Darnell 11.10 Gary Steelers Track
McCreary, Romeo 8.75 Milwaukee Speed Academy
McDonald, Damien 8.84 My Best Track Club
Malone, Tory 9.04 Gary Steelers Track
Crain Jr, Christopher 9.16 Wings of Glory
Ross, Ethan 9.19 Milwaukee Mustangs
Collier, Amere 9.39 Gately Park Athletic Club
Searcy, Ryan 9.45 My Best Track Club
Guentner, Juell 9.49 Milwaukee Speed Academy
O'Connor, Benjamin 9.5 Chicago Flyers Track Club
Bond, Brendin 9.84 B.O.N.D Track Club
Hampton, Mehkai 9.84 B.O.N.D Track Club
Van Dyke, Desmond 9.90h B.O.N.D Track Club
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4th-6th Grade Boys 600 Meter Run 12 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Lee, Caleb Palatine Pack TFCC
Malone, Tory Gary Steelers Track
Hutchens, Darien B.O.N.D Track Club
Bell, Logan Sauganash Striders
Trimbur, Jacob B.O.N.D Track Club
Bell, Lennox Sauganash Striders
Hacker, Penn B.O.N.D Track Club
Sola, Bautista 1:50.00 Piñón Track Club Elite
Da Costa, Lucas 1:55.03 Palatine Pack TFCC
Da Costa, Max 2:05.00h Palatine Pack TFCC
Galvan, Daniel 2:15.14 Bulletproof Athletics
Zucchi, Woods 3:04.63 Milwaukee Speed Academy
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4th-6th Grade Boys Long Jump 4 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Sola, Bautista 14-8 Piñón Track Club Elite
McCreary, Romeo 13-8.25 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Brooks, Micah 13-6.5 Gately Park Athletic Club
Zucchi, Woods 11-0 Milwaukee Speed Academy
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4th-6th Grade Girls 1 Mile Run 9 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Bartkus, Brynn 5:42 Chicago Flyers Track Club
Serur, Maddie 5:50.80h Palatine Pack TFCC
Dias, Hunter 5:51.00 Piñón Track Club Elite
Moore, Adelynn 6:05.25 Palatine Pack TFCC
Sutton, Claire 6:20.00h Midwest Milers
Fosnaugh, Lexie 6:33.20 Piñón Track Club Elite
Zaire, Masiya 6:49
Petersen, Mikenzie 7:10.12 Petersen Track Club
Ganas, Zoe 7:33.60h Palatine Pack TFCC
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4th-6th Grade Girls 1000 Meter Run 5 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Manring, Ellison B.O.N.D Track Club
Castelli, Maren 3:40.00 Piñón Track Club Elite
Sutton, Claire 3:42.00 Midwest Milers
Smith, Alessandra 3:45.00 Piñón Track Club Elite
Gutierrez, Isabella 3:47.13 MiniCRR
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4th-6th Grade Girls 300 Meter Dash 30 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Sanford, Nyla Milwaukee Speed Academy
Hill, Londyn Gary Steelers Track
Smoot, Myla Gary Steelers Track
Campbell-Moore, D'Arie Milwaukee Mustangs
Elder, Kennedi Gary Steelers Track
Maxwell, Simone Milwaukee Mustangs
James, Mackenzie Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Banks, Britani Gary Steelers Track
Sparks, Maryah Milwaukee Mustangs
Pintor, Julissa Milwaukee Mustangs
Kennedi, Williamson Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Campbell-McElrath, Journi Milwaukee Mustangs
Stokes, Tyler 1:00.55 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Cadichon, Skylar 1:01.70 Saints Track Club
Jarrett, Paris 1:12.21 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
McGee, Josephine 46.00h Wings of Glory
Johnson, Zoei 46.85 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Willingham, Jornet 48.00 All About Speed Track Club
Bush, Sellenna 51.81 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Higgins-Crawford, Gianna 52.00 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Norwood, Le'Yanna 52.00 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Serur, Maddie 53.6 Palatine Pack TFCC
Sanders, Janiyah 53.91 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Reddy, Avani 54.00 CYUP Training
Presberry, Amilah 54.04 Gary Steelers Track
Morgan, James 55.44 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Smith, Alessandra 56.00 Piñón Track Club Elite
Love, Chrissi 56.92 Milwaukee Mustangs
Domier, Blakely 58.74 The Lake Running Club
Hunter, Faith 59.00h My Best Track Club
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4th-6th Grade Girls 60 Meter Dash 29 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Cupertino, Stella 10.20 Stallions TC
Harris, Jada 10.72 Gary Steelers Track
Harris, Jalyn 10.80 Gary Steelers Track
Pintor, Julissa 10.93 Milwaukee Mustangs
Campbell-McElrath, Journi 11.01 Milwaukee Mustangs
Sanford, Nyla 11.23 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Sparks, Maryah 8.29 Milwaukee Mustangs
McGee, Josephine 8.82 Wings of Glory
Love, Chrissi 8.83 Milwaukee Mustangs
Hobbs, Aaliyah 8.85 Gary Steelers Track
Kennedi, Williamson 8.95 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Johnson, Zoei 8.97 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Willingham, Jornet 9.04 All About Speed Track Club
Higgins-Crawford, Gianna 9.20 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Elder, Kennedi 9.24 Gary Steelers Track
Mueller, Jordan 9.30 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Bush, Sellenna 9.30h Milwaukee Speed Academy
Sanders, Janiyah 9.36 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Morgan, James 9.40 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Norwood, Le'Yanna 9.50h Milwaukee Speed Academy
Maxwell, Simone 9.52 Milwaukee Mustangs
Presberry, Amilah 9.59 Gary Steelers Track
Jackson, Adrienne 9.64 Gary Steelers Track
Stokes, Tyler 9.70 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Jarrett, Paris 9.72 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Reddy, Avani 9.76 CYUP Training
Russell, Zoe 9.79 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Campbell-Moore, D'Arie 9.96 Milwaukee Mustangs
Hunter, Faith 9.99 My Best Track Club
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4th-6th Grade Girls 600 Meter Run 12 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Manring, Ellison B.O.N.D Track Club
Smoot, Myla Gary Steelers Track
Maxwell, Simone Milwaukee Mustangs
Esquivel, Natalie Saints Track Club
Banks, Britani Gary Steelers Track
Zaire, Masiya Gately Park Athletic Club
Hobbs, Aaliyah 1:59.22 Gary Steelers Track
Castelli, Maren 2:00.00 Piñón Track Club Elite
Serur, Maddie 2:00.00h Palatine Pack TFCC
Sutton, Claire 2:03.00 Midwest Milers
Ganas, Zoe 2:30.00h Palatine Pack TFCC
Petersen, Mikenzie 2:55.01 Petersen Track Club
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4th-6th Grade Girls Long Jump 15 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Hobbs, Aaliyah 13-11.25 Gary Steelers Track
Johnson, Zoei 13-9.75 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Bush, Sellenna 13-7.5 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Love, Chrissi 13-1 Milwaukee Mustangs
Norwood, Le'Yanna 12-4.75 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Hill, Londyn 12-0.09 Gary Steelers Track
Presberry, Amilah 11-9.5 Gary Steelers Track
Morgan, James 11-8.16 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Hunter, Faith 11-4.61 My Best Track Club
James, Mackenzie 11-2.25 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Higgins-Crawford, Gianna 11-0.75 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Smoot, Myla 11-0.28 Gary Steelers Track
Jackson, Jolie 9-2.24 Saints Track Club
Zaire, Masiya 6-5.17
Russell, Zoe Milwaukee Speed Academy
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4th-6th Grade Mixed Shot Put 4 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Gaffney Jr, Darnell 28-11.24 Gary Steelers Track
Harris, Jalyn 18-2 Gary Steelers Track
Jackson, Adrienne 18-1.75 Gary Steelers Track
Harris, Jada 16-8.5 Gary Steelers Track
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4th-8th Grade 4x200 Mixed Relay 1 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A Madison Elite Track Club
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7th-8th Grade Boys 1 Mile Run 32 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Schroers, Ian
Sovsky, Joe
Gruber, Zander B.O.N.D Track Club
Amador, Lucas 4:41.02
Patil, Karanveer 4:45.22 Palatine Pack TFCC
Kaiser, Carson 4:49.47
Savini, Kyler 4:56.64 Midwest Milers
Hernandez, Aiden 4:57.22
Domont, Brayden 5:00.00
Swan, Alrik 5:01.1 MiniCRR
Carver, Caden 5:02.11 Palatine Pack TFCC
Houlihan, Lucas 5:05.68
Weiss, Micah 5:07.60 Piñón Track Club Elite
Carlson, Luke 5:08.26 Palatine Pack TFCC
Hampton, Nicolas 5:09.08 Palatine Pack TFCC
Rastatter, Nico 5:09.53 Piñón Track Club Elite
Kurzynski, Kass 5:10.00 Palatine Pack TFCC
Gall, Jeremy 5:15.00
Vieyra, Emiliano 5:19.10
Hudson, Jace 5:30.00
Wiley, Brody 5:33.18
Macak, Justin 5:33.48 Palatine Pack TFCC
Voth, Dominic 5:34.70 Palatine Pack TFCC
Becker, Thomas 5:38.52 Piñón Track Club Elite
Wasserstrom, Hugo 5:38.98 Piñón Track Club Elite
Kaczmarski, Sebastian 5:40.00h Palatine Pack TFCC
Wright, Zac 5:46.00h Midwest Milers
Lee, Benjamin 5:50.00 Palatine Pack TFCC
Kim, Alex 6:00.00h Palatine Pack TFCC
Lewis, Tomas 6:05.00h MiniCRR
Viger, Phoenix 6:20.00h
Leeds, Anthony 6:22
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7th-8th Grade Boys 1000 Meter Run 15 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Gruber, Zander B.O.N.D Track Club
Galvan, Adam 2:49.21 Bulletproof Athletics
Savini, Kyler 2:58.58 Midwest Milers
Nims, Luca 3:00.0
Anderson, Ari 3:01.70 Bulletproof Athletics
Molloy, Conor 3:02.00h Chicago Flyers Track Club
McNally, Charles 3:02.01 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Kaiser, Carson 3:02.26
Domahoski, Liam 3:09.26 Bulletproof Athletics
Atkinson, Gage 3:09.79 Bulletproof Athletics
Wright, Zac 3:10.00h Midwest Milers
Barton, Jax 3:14.58 Bulletproof Athletics
Kim, Alex 3:20 Palatine Pack TFCC
Thomas, Charlie 3:20.00 CYUP Training
Law, Eddie 3:45.19 Home School Eagles
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7th-8th Grade Boys 300 Meter Dash 12 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Israel, Judah Gary Steelers Track
White, Micah Wings of Glory
Bretl, Sebastian
Diletti, Anthony MiniCRR
Moore, Jackson Gary Steelers Track
Cash, Demih 40.00h Saints Track Club
Phillips, Tyler 40.72 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Myers, Simon 45.1
Ogolsky, Austin 45.11
Panicker, Sebastian 48.60h Palatine Pack TFCC
McCreary, Ryan 52.00 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Carradino, Maxwell 52.92 Gary Steelers Track
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7th-8th Grade Boys 60 Meter Dash 15 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Myers, Simon 08.50
Johnson, Zaven 7.70 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Loomis, Kylor 7.80h Milwaukee Speed Academy
Panicker, Sebastian 7.90h Palatine Pack TFCC
White, Micah 8.27 Wings of Glory
Phillips, Tyler 8.28 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Elder, Kaden 8.53 Gary Steelers Track
Davis, Makai 8.61 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Carradino, Maxwell 8.85 Gary Steelers Track
Brown, Kamren 9.08 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Israel, Judah 9.17 Gary Steelers Track
McCreary, Ryan 9.41 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Moore, Jackson 9.53 Gary Steelers Track
Redd, Bryce 9.81 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Oliver, Lawrence 9.86 My Best Track Club
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7th-8th Grade Boys 600 Meter Run 23 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Bretl, Sebastian
Sovsky, Joe
Galvan, Adam 1:34.52 Bulletproof Athletics
Patil, Karanveer 1:37.66 Palatine Pack TFCC
Hernandez, Aiden 1:37.8
Domahoski, Liam 1:40.03 Bulletproof Athletics
Watson, Skylar 1:40.29 Madison Elite Track Club
Anderson, Ari 1:40.45 Bulletproof Athletics
Kaiser, Carson 1:42.00h
Barton, Jax 1:43.37 Bulletproof Athletics
Kurzynski, Kass 1:45.20h Palatine Pack TFCC
Atkinson, Gage 1:45.96 Bulletproof Athletics
Ogolsky, Austin 1:47.90
Carver, Caden 1:48.00h Palatine Pack TFCC
Carlson, Luke 1:49.00 Palatine Pack TFCC
Carlton, Gordon III 1:49.48 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Hampton, Nicolas 1:49.50h Palatine Pack TFCC
McNally, Charles 1:49.96 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Leeds, Anthony 1:54
LeMier-Idris, Phoenix 1:54.55 Elgin Road Warriors
Lee, Benjamin 1:55.00h Palatine Pack TFCC
Kaczmarski, Sebastian 2:00 Palatine Pack TFCC
Viger, Phoenix 2:35.00h
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7th-8th Grade Boys Long Jump 5 entries

Athlete Seed Team
LeMier-Idris, Phoenix 16-0.5 Elgin Road Warriors
Corradino, Maxwell 15-0.71 Gary Steelers Track
Diletti, Anthony 11-10.42 MiniCRR
McCreary, Ryan 10-0 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Watson, Skylar Madison Elite Track Club
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7th-8th Grade Girls 1 Mile Run 34 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Hausladen, Mia
Latta, Reese 5:17.23 F5 Distance
Eitz, Nora 5:22.16 Palatine Pack TFCC
Lopez, Guadalupe 5:23.67 MiniCRR
Brady, Paityn 5:26.27 Midwest Milers
Mora, Francesca 5:29.92 Piñón Track Club Elite
Gall, Charlee 5:30.0
Garrett, Ellie 5:31.74
Sheaffer, Greta 5:32.30 Piñón Track Club Elite
Radich, Abigail 5:32.74 Piñón Track Club Elite
Jackson, Willow 5:32.74
Vaughan, Jane 5:34.88 Piñón Track Club Elite
Latta, Remy 5:35.13 F5 Distance
Porath, Ellie 5:37.54
Harker, Elayna 5:40.22 Midwest Milers
Brophy, Olivia 5:41.20 Piñón Track Club Elite
Messer, JoJo 5:43.05 Palatine Pack TFCC
Lawrence, Kate 5:45.00 Piñón Track Club Elite
Hagen, Ephie 5:45.00h
Hahn, Emma 5:45.00h
COLIN, ELSIE 5:45.65 NFront Track Club
Kueker, Ella 5:47.67 Piñón Track Club Elite
Bing, Juliet 5:48.3
Wettstein, Chloe 5:50.14 Palatine Pack TFCC
Lovell, Analeigh 5:50.23 All About Speed Track Club
Kelly, Emma 5:51.08 Palatine Pack TFCC
Ganas, Eleni 5:53.83 Palatine Pack TFCC
Sidrys, Vivian 5:55.00 Piñón Track Club Elite
Tarara, Victoria 5:55.40h Palatine Pack TFCC
Petrelis, Josephine 5:55.70h Palatine Pack TFCC
Chae, Sarah 6:00.00h CYUP Training
Mohip, Bella 6:01.44 Sauganash Striders
Williams, Addison 6:05.16 Piñón Track Club Elite
Kocher, Abigail 6:07.22 Palatine Pack TFCC
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7th-8th Grade Girls 1000 Meter Run 11 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Goll, Angelina Milwaukee Speed Academy
Burkhead, Kylie Louisville Track Club
Bachta, Reagan
COLIN, ELSIE 3:33.00h NFront Track Club
Palkon, Alexis 3:36.00 Piñón Track Club Elite
Winters, Olivia 3:44.00 Piñón Track Club Elite
Neal, Quinn 3:44.00h
Skowlund, Hailey 3:45.00 Piñón Track Club Elite
Rampa, Gianna 3:49.8 Stallions TC
Rastatter, Gemma 4:00.00 Piñón Track Club Elite
Hlinak, Madeleine 4:15 Chicago Flyers Track Club
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7th-8th Grade Girls 300 Meter Dash 36 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Hacker, Story 1:00.00 B.O.N.D Track Club
Hayes, J'Amerie 1:00.45 Stallions TC
Myers, Margaret 1:12.00h
Jones, Gabrielle 43.28 Gately Park Athletic Club
Simon, Samiyah 43.7 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Frison, K'saundra 43.70 Gately Park Athletic Club
Sanders, Mackenzie 43.79 Milwaukee Mustangs
Shenk, Sophia 44.16 Louisville Track Club
Reed, Hannah Joy 44.68 Gately Park Athletic Club
Taylor, Madison 44.89 Chicago Thunder Track Club
Danzy, Eniece 44.90 Gately Park Athletic Club
Krumenacher, Jaidyn 45.19 Milwaukee Mustangs
Meinerding, Ainsley 45.33 B.O.N.D Track Club
Foushee, Juliann 45.44 Louisville Track Club
Tinge, Tessa 46.05
Tetteh, Timara 46.27 Madison Elite Track Club
Waters, Alycia 46.29 Milwaukee Mustangs
Burkhead, Kelsea 46.62 Louisville Track Club
Atkinson, Grace 48.91 Bulletproof Athletics
Brooks, Kyndoll 49.30 Milwaukee Mustangs
Hedden, Hannah 50.00 Piñón Track Club Elite
Goston, Harmonee 50.02 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Seefeldt, Olivia 51.99 B.O.N.D Track Club
Jimenez, Talia 52.00 Stallions TC
Mueller, Jordan 52.00 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Blawat, Brynn 52.21 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Jackson, Kylee 52.51 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Ziccarelli, Amelia 52.58 Stallions TC
Walker, Kaylee 52.66 Gary Steelers Track
Brewer, Brooklyn 52.69 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Nunyakpe, Danyia 53.00 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Douglas, Norah 53.66 Sauganash Striders
Tarara, Victoria 53.80h Palatine Pack TFCC
Smith, Alessandra 56.00 Piñón Track Club Elite
Harris, Christal 58.08 Stallions TC
Allison, Nola 67.22 Southern Illinois Striders
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7th-8th Grade Girls 4x200 Meter Relay 2 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A Stallions TC
Relay Team A 2:31.96 Gately Park Athletic Club
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7th-8th Grade Girls 60 Meter Dash 36 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Bevenue, Aubrey Madison Elite Track Club
Foushee, Juliann Louisville Track Club
Lankah, Brisline 7.85 Aurora Flyers
Cargo, Camryn 8.00 Aurora Flyers
Danzy, Eniece 8.13 Gately Park Athletic Club
Simon, Samiyah 8.42 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Gleesing, Rilie 8.42 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Brooks, Kyndoll 8.45 Milwaukee Mustangs
Meinerding, Ainsley 8.45 B.O.N.D Track Club
Krumenacher, Jaidyn 8.46 Milwaukee Mustangs
Frison, K'saundra 8.47 Gately Park Athletic Club
Brewer, Brooklyn 8.47 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Watson, Sasha 8.47 Madison Elite Track Club
Tetteh, Timara 8.49 Madison Elite Track Club
Taylor, Madison 8.53 Chicago Thunder Track Club
Radovan, Briley 8.55 Madison Elite Track Club
Sanders, Mackenzie 8.57 Milwaukee Mustangs
Tinge, Tessa 8.64
Shenk, Sophia 8.66 Louisville Track Club
Lerus, Maya 8.84 Windy City Hammers
Jackson, Kylee 8.92 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Ramsey, Ava 8.94 Louisville Track Club
Turner, Taya 8.96 Gately Park Athletic Club
Vanpinsker, Molly 9.00 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Burkhead, Kelsea 9.01 Louisville Track Club
Watkins, Sophia 9.05 Bulletproof Athletics
Atkinson, Grace 9.07 Bulletproof Athletics
Nunyakpe, Danyia 9.08 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Crowder, Leah 9.17 Gately Park Athletic Club
Waters, Alycia 9.36 Milwaukee Mustangs
Johnson, Brooklyn 9.39 Gately Park Athletic Club
Blawat, Brynn 9.44 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Matias-Thorn, Jayla 9.46 Windy City Hammers
Allison, Nola 9.46 Southern Illinois Striders
Goston, Harmonee 9.46 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Douglas, Norah 9.50 Sauganash Striders
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7th-8th Grade Girls 600 Meter Run 23 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Bachta, Reagan
Radovan, Briley Madison Elite Track Club
Rampa, Gianna Stallions TC
Bevenue, Aubrey Madison Elite Track Club
Hausladen, Mia
Watson, Sasha Madison Elite Track Club
Walker, Drew Elmhurst Track and Field Club
Sanders, Mackenzie Milwaukee Mustangs
Eitz, Nora 1:44.85 Palatine Pack TFCC
Storms, Georgia 1:47.00
Goll, Angelina 1:49.00 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Brady, Paityn 1:50.00h Midwest Milers
Ganas, Eleni 1:50.00h Palatine Pack TFCC
Harker, Elayna 1:50.00h Midwest Milers
Tarara, Victoria 1:51.00h Palatine Pack TFCC
Lovell, Analeigh 1:52.91 All About Speed Track Club
Hedden, Hannah 1:59.00 Piñón Track Club Elite
Seefeldt, Olivia 2:00.53 B.O.N.D Track Club
Bing, Juliet 2:02
Herman, Mariella 2:14.49 Sauganash Striders
Hacker, Story 2:18.38 B.O.N.D Track Club
Carter, Amelia 3:00.00
Myers, Margaret 3:50.00h
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7th-8th Grade Girls Long Jump 17 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Krumenacher, Jaidyn 17-5.25 Milwaukee Mustangs
Frison, K'saundra 16-7.25 Gately Park Athletic Club
Jones, Gabrielle 15-9.75 Gately Park Athletic Club
Simon, Samiyah 15-4.75 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Meinerding, Ainsley 15-0.75 B.O.N.D Track Club
Burkhead, Kelsea 14-11.5 Louisville Track Club
Gleesing, Rilie 14-8 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Lerus, Maya 14-8 Windy City Hammers
Matias-Thorn, Jayla 13-2.75 Windy City Hammers
Jones, Camille 13-0.25 Gately Park Athletic Club
Waters, Alycia 12-10.25 Milwaukee Mustangs
Johnson, Brooklyn 12-8.25 Gately Park Athletic Club
Goston, Harmonee 12-1.25 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Sanders, Mackenzie 11-9.25 Milwaukee Mustangs
Reed, Hannah Joy 11-7.25 Gately Park Athletic Club
Bevenue, Aubrey 10-5.25 Madison Elite Track Club
Douglas, Norah Sauganash Striders
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7th-8th Grade Mixed Shot Put 8 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Bisofa, Arisa 41-10.75
Elder, Kaden 33-8.5 Gary Steelers Track
Gleesing, Rilie 28-0 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Oliver, Lawrence 0-7.84 My Best Track Club
Bauknecht, Sam Madison Elite Track Club
Bauknecht, Gabriel Madison Elite Track Club
Watson, Skylar Madison Elite Track Club
Jefford, Brayden
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High School 4x200 Mixed Relay 3 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A St. Louis Warriors
Relay Team A Gary Steelers Track
Relay Team A Home School Eagles
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High School Boys 1 Mile Run 146 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Honickel, Kamden
Cooper, Zack
HANSEN, TJ 4:07.99
Viger, Camyn 4:10.75
Sato, Trey 4:14.21
Merrick, Jaden 4:16.27
Strayer, Nicholas 4:16.29
Dewey, Parker 4:16.83
Malloy, Max 4:16.84
Bartlett, Tiger 4:16.95
Naughton, Liam 4:17.1
Trumble, Samuel 4:17.19
Kozlowski, Will 4:19.72 Piñón Track Club Elite
Lowery, Dalton 4:19.99
Alf, Spencer 4:21.1
Lenn, Grady 4:21.22
Baker, Julian 4:21.88
Murphy, Aidan 4:22.95
McLain, Gabriel 4:24.21
Morgan, Owen 4:24.99 Midwest Milers
Kataoka, Brady 4:25.12
Hulen, Weston 4:25.72
Barham, Luke 4:26.36
Richter, Aaron 4:27.5
Agwick, Bol 4:28.55
LaPatra, Joseph 4:28.92
Van Dam, Ryan 4:29.91
Burns, Brian 4:30.49
Taylor, Ayden 4:30.66h
Forward, Weston 4:30.77
Strietelmeier , Jalen 4:30.99
Robeson, Jack 4:31.09 St. Louis Warriors
Chandler, Jamie 4:31.49
III, Robert Jazwinski 4:32.02 Jazz Running
Lewis, Max 4:32.06
Lillywhite, Jack 4:32.17
Kipp, John 4:32.31 NRP
Zimmerman, Dylan 4:33.08
Yaros, Joey 4:33.19
Gackenheimer, Jackson 4:33.49
Starwalt, Tim 4:33.60
Rekow, Carl 4:33.77
McGinn, Joey 4:33.84
Allaband-Ga, Calvin 4:33.99
Foley, Adam 4:34.08
Sayeg, Elijah 4:34.19
Cohen, Dylan 4:35.37
Mathias, Caleb 4:35.50
Eldredge, Cale 4:35.52
Brown, Dane 4:36.00
Nehmzow, John 4:36.25
Abiade, Adam 4:37.00
Swartz, Tyler 4:37.29
Smith, Ian 4:37.6
Harris, Landon 4:38.24 St. Louis Warriors
Counihan, Bryce 4:38.41
Madsen, Jacob 4:38.77
Aldamak, Ahmed 4:38.86
Haworth, Luke 4:39.20
Wool, Jon 4:39.22
Galminas, Jack 4:39.57
Cordova, Adan 4:39.87 The Lake Running Club
Batsala, Alex 4:40.00h
Meridew, Clark 4:40.32
Dayment, Niko 4:40.99
Bryja, Luca 4:41.42
Jennings, Jack 4:41.62
Gordon, Alex 4:41.91 Midwest Milers
Hockenberry, John 4:42.38
Straley, Andrew 4:42.77
Orr, Arlin 4:43.16
Orr, Rick 4:43.22
Iott, Logan 4:43.65
Border, Thomas 4:44.09
Pattison, Vincent 4:44.54 All About Speed Track Club
Ochoa, Roger 4:45.0
Arnold, Kyle 4:45.67
Isaac, Smith 4:46.77
Garrett, Owen 4:46.80 St. Louis Warriors
Cole, Corbin 4:46.85 St. Louis Warriors
Potter, Andrew 4:46.99
Hoffman, Brandon 4:47.24
Riley, Jakob 4:47.95
Holderby, Lukas 4:49.37 WiRC
Scroggs, William 4:49.55
Donner, Sam 4:49.97
Lopez, Alex 4:49.97
Mouser, William 4:49.99
Johnson, Michael 4:50.00
Faulkner, Brady 4:50.44
Hollinshead, Lucas 4:51.4
Holloway, Josh 4:51.94
Cory, Austin 4:52.21
Johnston, Joe 4:52.48
McNamara, Brennan 4:52.73 NRP
Kriegel, Danny 4:52.73
Kipp, Peter 4:53.36 NRP
Johnston, Tom 4:54.19
Kelly, Jack 4:54.9
Carpenter, Samuel 4:55.00
Haas, Maxx 4:55.00h
Moreno, Jose 4:55.25
Bounpaseuth, Daniel 4:56.31
O Brien, Thomas 4:57.38
Liu, Logan 4:57.83
Summy, Jackson 4:57.95
Rodgiuez, Gabriel 4:58.65 Milwaukee Speed Academy
McClain, Ernest 4:59.55
Arcuri, Gino 4:59.72
Freedman, Ben 4:59.91
Gehin, Sawyer 5:00.00
Flynn, Terry 5:00.00 CYUP Training
Frey, Aiden 5:00.24
Summy, Cooper 5:00.24
Kempf, Nathan 5:00.33
Hurley, Declan 5:00.94
Lindberg, Blake 5:01
Solovy, Matt 5:01.29
Ciarlette, Nathan 5:01.29 Aurora Flyers
Malik, Benjamin 5:01.80h
Kavanaugh, Coleman 5:02.00h
Rush, Sam 5:02.93
Winter, Cole 5:03.45 All About Speed Track Club
Albrecht-Buehler, Hugo 5:04.77
Fedjer, Yacoub 5:04.95
Barder, James 5:05.00 NRP
Glenn, Will 5:05.00 CYUP Training
McKinney, Colin 5:05.17 Sauganash Striders
McPhail, Noah 5:05.63
Newton, Kyle 5:06.1
Varol, Daniel 5:06.4 CYUP Training
Foley, Ollie 5:06.41
Golden, Ryan 5:07.02
Moore, David 5:08.13
Coleman, Kc 5:08.23
Masaka, John 5:10.00h NRP
wahiela, fenan 5:10.00h NRP
Dugan, Kevin 5:11.00h
Madson, Solomon 5:15.00 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Malan, Hunter 5:15.48
Guerra, Adrian 5:16.00h
Sullivan, Patrick 5:22.00h MiniCRR
Rajan, Anirudh 5:26
Allen, Joshua 5:28.00h NRP
Hennessy, Carter 5:30.00h Windy City Hammers
Rios, Derrick 5:58.00h
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High School Boys 1000 Meter Run 52 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Dewey, Parker 2:27.63
Lind, Isaac 2:30.31
Borger, Gavin 2:32.10
McKenzie, Graham 2:34.99 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Alf, Spencer 2:36.6
DeAlba, Joaquin 2:37.07
Gibson, Benjamin 2:37.44
Cattoor, Alex 2:38.97 St. Louis Warriors
Tally, JeMekhi 2:39.04 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Robeson, Jack 2:39.72 St. Louis Warriors
Bachta, Landon 2:40.00
Harris, Landon 2:40.55 St. Louis Warriors
Mitchell, Nelson 2:40.71
Eldredge, Cale 2:41.77
Clark, Ian 2:42.00
Storman, Chase 2:43.61 St. Louis Warriors
Bradish, Brendan 2:43.65
Comer, Eason 2:45.57
White, Evan 2:46.07
Pattison, Vincent 2:46.31 All About Speed Track Club
Vilches, Sebastian 2:47.86
Graham, Caleb 2:47.92 WiRC
Taylor, Ayden 2:48.1
Porzelius, Isaac 2:48.25 WiRC
Barham, Luke 2:49.01
Abdullahi, Mohamed 2:50.00
Cole, Corbin 2:50.4 St. Louis Warriors
Ubert, Cooper 2:50.79
Zimmerman, Dylan 2:50.83
Harker, Brody 2:50.98 Midwest Milers
Wong, Tristan 2:51.44 Piñón Track Club Elite
Adkins, Will 2:52.62
Garrett, Owen 2:55.14 St. Louis Warriors
Hoefferle, Luke 2:55.47 St. Louis Warriors
McCreery, Jack 2:55.87
Berlin, Eli 2:57.1
Winter, Cole 2:58.12 All About Speed Track Club
Herzog, Tyler 2:58.97
Valenciano, Nick 3:00.00
Murphy, Griffin 3:00.44 Indy Blades Track Club
Galik, Luke 3:00.48
Ortega, Romario 3:01.65 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Gutteridge, Trevor 3:02.15 All About Speed Track Club
Masaka, John 3:05.00h NRP
Moen, Cody 3:05.04 The Vipers TC
DeBoer, Theo 3:05.75 St. Louis Warriors
Kozlowski, Jake 3:05.84 Piñón Track Club Elite
Amrani, Mohammed 3:07.29
Summy, Cooper 3:08.67
Chaban, Sam 3:11.4
McClain, Ernest 3:14.34
Wentorf, Dominic 3:16.03 Stallions TC
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High School Boys 2 Mile Run 38 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Schroers, Nathan
Bettis, Liam 09:50.00 Midwest Milers
Hirsi, Hirsi 10:00
Neely, Paul 10:00.63 CYUP Training
Geissenberger, Rob 10:02.00
Schuda, Isaac 10:03.64
Orr, Rick 10:03.69
Coco, Michael 10:06
Hollinshead, Lucas 10:10.00
Border, Thomas 10:10.44
Foster , Elijah 10:13.04 CYUP Training
Berlin, Eli 10:18.70
Krusinski, Jack 10:24.43
McCreery, Jack 10:27.65
Potter, Andrew 10:34.95
Mac Cormac, Marc 10:39
Adkins, Will 10:45.39
Burlison, Adam 8:57.67
Genisio, Gavin 9:12.61
Lenn, Grady 9:12.84
Merrick, Jaden 9:16.09
Flori, Jack 9:18.5
Nalley, Dylon 9:19.61
Wehner, Nate 9:26.18
Mimnaugh, Tyler 9:29.41
Foltz, Will 9:30.14
McLain, Gabriel 9:33.79
Gaan, Rory 9:33.89
Wojcik, Austin 9:37.16
Norman, Brady 9:38.6
Frayder, Zach 9:41.18
Aldamak, Ahmed 9:42.10
Gackenheimer, Jackson 9:47.34
Hanrahan, Sean 9:47.45
Agwick, Bol 9:49.4
Jennings, Jack 9:53.00h
O'Connor, Gavin 9:53.89
Fink, Riley 9:54.41
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High School Boys 300 Meter Dash 119 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Herzog, Tyler
Smith II, Brian E
Hughey, Deangelo 34.35 The Vipers TC
Carter II, Julian 34.6
Meza, Jason 34.60
Curtis, Reece 35.1 The Vipers TC
Taylor, Nathan 35.14 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Oiler, Trent 35.19 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Gallun, Landon 35.28 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Kelley, Mason 35.52 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Richardson, Colton 35.94 St. Louis Warriors
Horeni, Owen 35.99
Rheingans, Tristan 36.16
Williams Jr., Devon 36.24 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Vanpinsker, Ethan 36.30 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Sule, Osayande 36.42 USA-JA
Sabin, Cedric 36.5 The Vipers TC
Williams, Travion 36.59 St. Louis Warriors
Resto, Aaron 36.62 Gary Steelers Track
Jackson, Angelo 36.75 Assumption TC
Curry, Nathaniel 36.75 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Crymes jr, Jon 36.9 Milwaukee Mustangs
Torres, Gabe 37.01 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Simon, Matt 37.23
Dowler, Braydon 37.26 The Vipers TC
Langenfeld, Sebastian 37.42 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Rodriguez, Aiden 37.42
Williams, Avery 37.46 B.O.N.D Track Club
Johnson, Zaven 37.48 Legacy Runners Athletic Club
Tucker, Kaleb 37.52 Gately Park Athletic Club
Marta, Luke 37.56 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Malone, Steriling 37.57 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Hatchett, Zaire 37.60 Milwaukee Mustangs
Michaelis, Sam 37.65 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Richardson, Bryson 37.69 The Vipers TC
Alvarado-Jones, Jaiden 37.76 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Mueller, Harrison 37.84 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Griffin, Colin 37.95 St. Louis Warriors
Hill, Arion 37.95 Southern Illinois Striders
Cleavinger, Cohen 37.97
Mitchell, Nelson 38.00
Russo, Ethan 38.04 CYUP Training
McCauley, Jack 38.06 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Cousins, Aiyden 38.10 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Yarborough, Gavin 38.11 Indy Blades Track Club
Lyon, Adam 38.18
Kee, Sam 38.24
Chen, Tristin 38.32 CYUP Training
Sizemore, Cole 38.35 Louisville Track Club
Hopf, Mikiah 38.40 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Johnikin, Kevin 38.47 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Nwatu, Daniel 38.53
Smith, Kadin 38.56 Gately Park Athletic Club
Turner, Jilani 38.72 Windy City Hammers
Tuala, David 38.72 The Vipers TC
Martin, Clifton 38.77 The Vipers TC
Robinson, Nasir 38.78 My Best Track Club
Farr, Andrew 38.90 Louisville Track Club
Ligman, Nathaniel 39.00
McNiel, Justus 39.00 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Salyga, Nicholas 39.1
Jones, Jordan 39.15 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Gonzalez, Meryck 39.15
Briggs , Jamison 39.17 Gary Steelers Track
Olsson, Wesley 39.23 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Bedford, Tommy 39.28 Assumption TC
Williams, Tylee 39.3 My Best Track Club
Mueller, Kenneth 39.34 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Nery, Emilio 39.37
Pigg-Myles, Maxwell 39.38 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Smith, Isaiah 39.41 My Best Track Club
Abdullahi, Mohamed 39.5
McIntosh, Will 39.5 Assumption TC
Singleton, Phillip 39.54 CYUP Training
Plummer, Mavrik 39.63 Home School Eagles
Pittman, Christian 39.68 St. Louis Warriors
Galley, Lukas 39.68 Stallions TC
Bond, Xavion 39.76 B.O.N.D Track Club
Demo, Kai 40.00 Stallions TC
Piper, Hunter 40.03 Bulletproof Athletics
Johnson, Conner 40.1 Chicago Thunder Track Club
O'Neill, Keaton 40.13 Assumption TC
Dickson, Corey 40.22 Gately Park Athletic Club
Goodson, Spencer 40.28 Indy Blades Track Club
Griffin, Tyler 40.38 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Worsley, Jon 40.4 Gately Park Athletic Club
Miron, Sebastian 40.41 Louisville Track Club
Kloth, Aaron 40.42 Milwaukee Mustangs
Akerele, Faruq 40.45
Martino, Trevor 40.51
Woods, Tony 40.59 Gary Steelers Track
Robinson, Mekhi 40.72 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Mueller, Chase 40.82 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Combs, Kye 40.88 Louisville Track Club
Olivier Jr, Serge 41.19 My Best Track Club
Kettman, Evan 41.30 Assumption TC
Redmond, Gabe 41.36 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Mcgonigal, Cameron 41.42
Casel, Joe 41.58 Assumption TC
Jewett, Ethan 41.58
Sawall, Eli 42.00 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Juday, Jevan 42.03
Osuji, Mikhel 42.05
Kaufman, Jacob 42.26
Holler, Ryan 42.97 NRP
Schafer, David 43.00 Midwest Milers
wahiela, fenan 43.00h NRP
McPhail, Noah 43.00h
Hatley, Anthony 43.06 Stallions TC
Smith, Carl 43.09 My Best Track Club
Gomez, Antony 43.2 B.O.N.D Track Club
Kipp, Peter 43.20h NRP
Bandy, Rafonte 43.38 Milwaukee Mustangs
Criss, Josh 43.95 Stallions TC
Gutteridge, Trevor 43.98 All About Speed Track Club
Allen, Joshua 44.10h NRP
Smoot, Mikel 46.42 Gary Steelers Track
Allen, Treyson 46.87 My Best Track Club
Brumfield, King James 47.21 Gary Steelers Track
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High School Boys 4x200m Relay 13 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A Stallions TC
Relay Team A Gary Steelers Track
Relay Team A Chicago (Noble/Noble Academy)
Relay Team B The Vipers TC
Relay Team A 1:28.00 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Relay Team B 1:30.00 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Relay Team A 1:31.50h The Vipers TC
Relay Team A 1:31.77 St. Louis Warriors
Relay Team A 1:34.00h Wings of Glory
Relay Team A 1:37.38 NRP
Relay Team A 1:47.50h WiRC
Relay Team A 2:15.23 B.O.N.D Track Club
Relay Team A 2:52.39 Gately Park Athletic Club
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High School Boys 60 Meter Dash 117 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Williams, Avery B.O.N.D Track Club
James Brumfi, King Gary Steelers Track
Combs, Kye Louisville Track Club
Massey, Mickell Milwaukee Mustangs
Resto, Aaron Gary Steelers Track
Sule, Osayande USA-JA
Dequilla, Romell
Bond, Xavion B.O.N.D Track Club
Rodriguez, Aiden
Briggs , Jamison Gary Steelers Track
Gallun, Landon 6.93 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Mazibuko, Amaru 6.94 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Cannon, Joseph 6.97 Wings of Glory
Brown, Josiah 7.03 The Vipers TC
Hughey, Deangelo 7.04 The Vipers TC
Pittmon, javaris 7.07 Thunder Elite
O'Byrne, Sean 7.07 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Curtis, Reece 7.08 The Vipers TC
Kelley, Mason 7.11 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Anderson, Nolan 7.11 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Begin, Lincoln 7.13 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Fontenberry, Chris 7.13 Milwaukee Mustangs
Costa, Vinny 7.14
Johnikin, Kevin 7.18 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Jackson, Angelo 7.19 Assumption TC
Love, Javaryn 7.20 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Hopf, Mikiah 7.20h Milwaukee Speed Academy
Michaelis, Sam 7.20h Milwaukee Speed Academy
Hervey, Jalanai 7.21 Wings of Glory
Oiler, Trent 7.24 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Terry, Justin 7.27 St. Louis Warriors
Kee, Sam 7.30
Crymes jr, Jon 7.30 Milwaukee Mustangs
Williams Jr., Devon 7.30 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Mueller, Chase 7.30h Milwaukee Speed Academy
Bond, Elliott 7.30h
Kot, Kacper 7.33
Sabin, Cedric 7.33 The Vipers TC
Williams, Isaiah (Zeke) 7.33 St. Louis Warriors
Ladage, Colton 7.33 Bulletproof Athletics
Lopez, Joaquin 7.34
Torres, Gabe 7.34 Milwaukee Speed Academy
DAVIS III, John 7.35 Wings of Glory
Dang, Roger 7.35 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Richardson, Bryson 7.35 The Vipers TC
Wingo, Jeremy 7.35 Wings of Glory
Griffin, Tyler 7.36 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Curry, Nathaniel 7.38 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Mueller, Kenneth 7.40 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Throw, Preston 7.40h
Williams, Tylee 7.41 My Best Track Club
Turner, Jilani 7.41 Windy City Hammers
Dickerson, Kevion 7.41 Wings of Glory
Chavez, Nico 7.41
Ohm, Cole 7.42 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Vanpinsker, Ethan 7.42 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Parrish, Shawn 7.42 Wings of Glory
Warner, Maxwell 7.42 Windy City Hammers
Golden, Dante 7.42 WiRC
Bandy, Rafonte 7.43 Milwaukee Mustangs
Cleavinger, Cohen 7.44
Woods, Tony 7.45 Gary Steelers Track
Martino, Trevor 7.45
Martin, Clifton 7.46 The Vipers TC
Hatchett, Zaire 7.47 Milwaukee Mustangs
Yarborough, Gavin 7.48 Indy Blades Track Club
Cross, Josiah 7.49 Wings of Glory
Giggetts, Morrisson 7.5 Windy City Hammers
Watson, Chris 7.50 Milwaukee Mustangs
Malone, Steriling 7.50 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Bedford, Tommy 7.50 Assumption TC
Aparicio, Angel 7.52 Wings of Glory
Robinson, Nasir 7.53 My Best Track Club
Kloth, Aaron 7.54 Milwaukee Mustangs
Marta, Luke 7.54 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Sizemore, Cole 7.55 Louisville Track Club
Ligman, Nathaniel 7.55
AWUAH, Kwaku 7.55 Gary Steelers Track
Allah, Izreal 7.55 Optimal Performance Athletic Aca
Robinson, Mekhi 7.59 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Smith, Kadin 7.59 Gately Park Athletic Club
McIntosh, Will 7.60 Assumption TC
Parker, Desmond 7.60h Windy City Hammers
Mueller, Harrison 7.64 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Sheppard, Davis 7.65 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Nery, Emilio 7.65
Morrison, Harper 7.65 Indy Blades Track Club
O'Neill, Keaton 7.65 Assumption TC
Goodson, Spencer 7.68 Indy Blades Track Club
Cousins, Aiyden 7.68 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Dowler, Braydon 7.70 The Vipers TC
Osuji, Mikhel 7.70
Nwatu, Daniel 7.70
Mortenson, Dominic 7.73 Optimal Performance Athletic Aca
Piper, Hunter 7.74 Bulletproof Athletics
Smith, Isaiah 7.75 My Best Track Club
Casel, Joe 7.75 Assumption TC
Pigg-Myles, Maxwell 7.77 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Tuala, David 7.78 The Vipers TC
WANG, LUCAS 7.79 Aurora Flyers
Demo, Kai 7.79 Stallions TC
Johnson, Conner 7.82 Chicago Thunder Track Club
Olivier Jr, Serge 7.84 My Best Track Club
Chmielewski, Karol 7.85
Miron, Sebastian 7.87 Louisville Track Club
Jones, Jordan 7.89 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Adams, Jeremiah 7.90 My Best Track Club
Hatley, Anthony 7.95 Stallions TC
Harris, Marquis 8.01 Gary Steelers Track
Carruthers, Tyler 8.10 Southern Illinois Striders
Criss, Josh 8.13 Stallions TC
Smith, Carl 8.20 My Best Track Club
Render, Micah 8.21 WiRC
Redmond, Gabe 8.43 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Allen, Treyson 8.73 My Best Track Club
castillo, stephen 8.90h NRP
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High School Boys 60 Meter Hurdles 19 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Ramsey, Khamari B.O.N.D Track Club
Satti, Hamza 10.28 NRP
Hill, Arion 8.31 Southern Illinois Striders
Rheingans, Tristan 8.34
Barnewall, Kieran 8.37
Taylor, Nathan 8.39 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Kronk, Christian 8.43
Tucker, Kaleb 8.56 Gately Park Athletic Club
Cartier, Aiden 8.58
Olvey, Ben 8.61 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Veil, Brayden 8.63
Sawall, Eli 8.70h Milwaukee Speed Academy
Sheppard, Davis 8.97 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Bradshaw, Jeffrey 9.10 Thunder Elite
Farr, Andrew 9.26 Louisville Track Club
Mcgonigal, Cameron 9.31
Olsson, Wesley 9.64 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Parker, Desmond 9.83 Windy City Hammers
Smoot, Mikel 9.94 Gary Steelers Track
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High School Boys 600 Meter Run 57 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Smith II, Brian E
Carter II, Julian 1:20.21
Meza, Jason 1:21.48
Horeni, Owen 1:22.66
Olson, Gabriel 1:23.25 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Richardson, Colton 1:23.33 St. Louis Warriors
McKenzie, Graham 1:25.08 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Storman, Chase 1:25.24 St. Louis Warriors
Langenfeld, Sebastian 1:26.33 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Bauman, Anan 1:26.60 CYUP Training
Brosious, Mason 1:26.8 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Bachta, Landon 1:27.0
Cattoor, Alex 1:27.26 St. Louis Warriors
Jones, Jacob 1:27.31 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Tally, JeMekhi 1:27.31 Milwaukee Speed Academy
McCauley, Jack 1:27.76 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Plummer, Mavrik 1:28.43 Home School Eagles
Abdullahi, Mohamed 1:28.50
Bernaeyge, Jimmy 1:28.78
Eldredge, Cale 1:28.80
Obadein, David 1:29.06
Briggs , Jamison 1:29.15 Gary Steelers Track
McNiel, Justus 1:29.28 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Pronek, CJ 1:30.06 NRP
Gardner, Colin 1:30.57 Stallions TC
Pattison, Vincent 1:31.29 All About Speed Track Club
Orr, Arlin 1:31.4
Worsley, Jon 1:31.43 Gately Park Athletic Club
Kahle, Asa 1:31.57
Turner, Devan 1:31.7 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Galley, Lukas 1:32.00 Stallions TC
Galik, Luke 1:32.38
Comer, Eason 1:32.64
Trump, Wyatt 1:33.00
Akerele, Faruq 1:33.77
Applebaum, Thomas 1:34.4
Kettman, Evan 1:35.00 Assumption TC
Masaka, Paul 1:35.87 NRP
Lambert, Will 1:35.9
Harker, Brody 1:35.95 Midwest Milers
Holler, Ryan 1:36.02 NRP
Guerra, Adrian 1:37.41
Juday, Jevan 1:37.44
Madson, Solomon 1:37.64 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Kaufman, Jacob 1:37.97
Johnson, Conner 1:38.00 Chicago Thunder Track Club
Herzog, Tyler 1:38.24
Ubert, Cooper 1:38.39
Straley, Andrew 1:38.5
Schultz, Ivan 1:38.85
Jewett, Ethan 1:39.14
Schafer, David 1:39.68 Midwest Milers
Gomez, Antony 1:40.77 B.O.N.D Track Club
Olsson, Drew 1:42.27 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Roth, Ryan 1:43.1
Wentorf, Dominic 1:47.61 Stallions TC
Gutteridge, Trevor 1:50.12 All About Speed Track Club
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High School Boys High Jump 11 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Cartier, Aiden 6-2
Wallace, Christian 5-10 Stallions TC
Cartier, Andrew 5-10
Brents, Kyle 5-8
Gardner, Colin 5-8 Stallions TC
Sadiq, Alex 5-7.75
Lyon, Adam 5-7
Dickson, Corey 5-5 Gately Park Athletic Club
Satti, Hamza 5-4 NRP
Cruickshank, Jeffrey 5-4
Crymes jr, Jon Milwaukee Mustangs
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High School Boys Long Jump 24 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Cyracus, Keith 22-6
Begin, Lincoln 21-6.25 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Fronabarger, Ike 21-5 St. Louis Warriors
Cartier, Aiden 21-5
DAVIS III, John 21-3.5 Wings of Glory
Hervey, Jalanai 21-2 Wings of Glory
Aguilar-Meza, Ray 21-1.5 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Bond, Elliott 21
Cartier, Andrew 20-6
Golden, Dante 20-4 WiRC
Cross, Josiah 20-2.5 Wings of Glory
Wingo, Jeremy 20-0 Wings of Glory
Rheingans, Tristan 19-7.25
Chmielewski, Karol 18-9.59
Parrish, Shawn 18-8.5 Wings of Glory
Torres, Gabe 18-7.25 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Ohm, Cole 18-6.5 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Carruthers, Tyler 18-5 Southern Illinois Striders
Lies, Nick 17-4.66
Redmond, Gabe 16-10.25 Milwaukee Speed Academy
McKinney, Colin 16-3 Sauganash Striders
Dickson, Corey Gately Park Athletic Club
Parker, Desmond Windy City Hammers
Massey, Mickell Milwaukee Mustangs
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High School Boys Pole Vault 16 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Migas, Paul 17-0.75
Whitaker, Isaiah 16-8
Hawkins, Heath 15-3.5
Kimbrel, Griffin 14-6
Williams, Robert 13-6
Cartier, Andrew 13-3
Hogan, Riley 12-6
McPhail, Cameron 11-9
Donovan, Jackson 11-3
Blanchard, Rowan 11-0
Schaad, Finn 11-0
Sawalha, Murad 11-0
Riley, Lincoln 10-0
Schaad, Cooper 4.92m
Cardenas, Leo
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High School Boys Shot Put 7 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Rusch, Matthew 62-8
Garland, Kaden 58-0
Harris, Marquis 45-9.5 Gary Steelers Track
Guzina, Nicholas 42-11.25
Cousins, Scott 42-8 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Grigsby, Nickolas 40-2.5
Allen, Adam 40-0 WiRC
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High School Boys Triple Jump 17 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Cartier, Andrew 46-9
Cartier, Aiden 45-6
Chmielewski, Karol 43-1.32
Hopf, Mikiah 42-0 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Fronabarger, Ike 41-5 St. Louis Warriors
Warner, Maxwell 41-3 Windy City Hammers
Hatchett, Zaire 40-9.25 Milwaukee Mustangs
Aguilar-Meza, Ray 40-6 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Wallace, Christian 40-4.5 Stallions TC
Salyga, Nicholas 40-2.75
Cousins, Aiyden 39-0 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Adams, Jeremiah 38-1.48 My Best Track Club
Olsson, Drew 36-6 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Lies, Nick 36-5.4
Mueller, Kenneth 33-0 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Olapo, Tobi 2-9
Cruickshank, Jeffrey
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High School Boys Weight Throw 1 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Garland, Kaden
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High School Girls 1 Mile Run 80 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Humphries, Samantha 4:41.93
Cheeseman, Abby Faith 4:44.59
Jazwinski, Jessica 4:49.50 Jazz Running
Storms, Scout 4:50.92
Rastrelli, Josefina 4:51.17 WRSquared
Norris, Kayleigh 4:55.33
Swan, Annika 4:55.52 Iggy Pack
Wilmes, Elyse 4:56.69
Latta, Elin 4:58.62 F5 Distance
McLean, Lucy 4:59.63 New England Elite Track Club
Weber, Sundara 5:00.92 Aurora Flyers
Butler, Elizabeth 5:01.03
Lynch, Jane 5:01.65
Kriegel, Lily 5:01.92
Lewis, Abby 5:02.21
Byvoets, Brooke 5:05.22 ViQueens Running Club
Hallick, Hannah 5:06.4
Ehrhardt, Elizabeth 5:08.78 ViQueens Running Club
Boyd, Ava 5:09.42 The Vipers TC
Urbaniak, Monika 5:09.73
Cahill, Josie 5:10.21
Jordan, Layla 5:11.14 All About Speed Track Club
DeLuca, Olivia 5:11.46 CYUP Training
Latta, Iris 5:11.47 F5 Distance
Diete, Hannah 5:12.34 CYUP Training
Ton-That, Lucia 5:12.82 CYUP Training
Hagen, Elise 5:13.03
Forystek, Mia 5:15
Bowden, Nadia 5:16.2
Gill, Sierra 5:18.16
Montes, Lizeth 5:21.87 Iggy Pack
Allen, Parker 5:21.98 St. Louis Warriors
Burns, Kaleigh 5:22.25
Babb, Kyla 5:24.36
Gilliana, Ani 5:24.68 ViQueens Running Club
Gillana, Ena 5:25.00 ViQueens Running Club
Swenson, Shaylin 5:25.48
Petersen, Madison 5:25.67 Petersen Track Club
Schelp, Reese 5:26.91 St. Louis Warriors
Coulopoulos, Angela 5:27.37 ViQueens Running Club
Luetkemeyer, Lucy 5:27.90 St. Louis Warriors
Wilson, Kaylee 5:28.13
Hatch, Liv 5:29.16 ViQueens Running Club
Arcuri, Luisa 5:32.06 Sauganash Striders
Knue, Keagan 5:32.28 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Lynch, Anne 5:32.82
Garrison, Aleigha 5:33.79 The Vipers TC
Isley, Meredith 5:34.26 ViQueens Running Club
Williams, Sarah 5:34.67
Thomas, Caitlin 5:34.99 CYUP Training
Valencia, Emma 5:36.04 Iggy Pack
Amendola, Izzi 5:36.24 ViQueens Running Club
Eighner, Klaire 5:36.60 The Vipers TC
Graczyk, Grace 5:38.17 Milwaukee Speed Academy
McCarthy, Isabel 5:40.00 CYUP Training
Szopinski, Amelia 5:42.00h
Fitzgerald, Sarah 5:42.20 Sauganash Striders
Bartlett, Jaz 5:43.69
Horwitz, Amelia 5:46.15 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Herman, Madeline 5:46.63 Sauganash Striders
Malone, Yuri 5:48.15 St. Louis Warriors
Gaba, Ashley 5:48.53 Sauganash Striders
Roberts, Kate 5:49.68
Coomer, Riley 5:50.00h
Szopinski, Andrea 5:50.00h
Weber, Sofia 5:50.00h CYUP Training
Perez, Kenya 5:53.50 MiniCRR
Pycraft, Elli 5:53.73
McClain, Megan 5:56.80h
Fuentes, Lucia 5:57.05 Sauganash Striders
Kimball, Ana 5:57.91
Niedfeldt, Meredith 6:00.00h
Chang, Julia 6:08.59
Mendez, Isabel 6:10.00 CYUP Training
Oliver, Frances 6:10.00h MiniCRR
herman, mallory 6:11.46 Sauganash Striders
Rusu, Inanna 6:15.00 CYUP Training
Weinbrenner, Alecsandra 6:16.64 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Kilmer, Kennedy 6:25.00
Sheaffer, Elle 6:29.00 Piñón Track Club Elite
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High School Girls 1000 Meter Run 36 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Wentorf, Mirabella Stallions TC
Comer, Ahry 2:56.53
McLean, Lucy 2:57.95 New England Elite Track Club
McKenzie, Charlize-Trinity 2:58.23 P23 Family Racing
Hallick, Hannah 2:59.45
Berres, Emma 2:59.52
Hardiman, Anna 3:00.61
Jordan, Layla 3:04.38 All About Speed Track Club
Bailey, Lydia 3:07.31 St. Louis Warriors
Franzmann-Simmert, Ruah 3:08.19
Larsen, Jessica 3:09.95 The Vipers TC
Dietrich, Adeline 3:12.02
Hoffman, Jada 3:14.26 Assumption TC
Sterritt, Lenny 3:14.46
Dewey, Morgan 3:15.03
Lensmeyer, Abby 3:15.19 Stallions TC
Patneaude, Addison 3:16.36 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Luetkemeyer, Lucy 3:17.50h St. Louis Warriors
Wilson, Kaylee 3:18.00
Schelp, Reese 3:18.11 St. Louis Warriors
Malone, Yuri 3:18.20h St. Louis Warriors
Duque, Gabriella 3:18.22 Iggy Pack
Arcuri, Luisa 3:19.54 Sauganash Striders
Gregorich, Rachel 3:20.61 Warrior Runners
Prill, Angelina 3:22.12 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Sirois, Mia 3:22.13
Witt, Sofia 3:23.39 The Lake Running Club
Mauer, Olivia 3:27.31
Moore, Amelia 3:27.57 Assumption TC
Hancock, Akira 3:27.74 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Stephens, Kanyla 3:32.88 Gately Park Athletic Club
Domier, Brynn 3:39.00h The Lake Running Club
Schlicksup, Lanie 3:47.94 Assumption TC
Miller, Sophie 3:49.06 Assumption TC
Martinez, Madison 3:56.68 Gary Steelers Track
Huber, Kendall 3:58.15 St. Louis Warriors
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High School Girls 2 Mile Run 21 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Weber, Sundara 10:35.33 Aurora Flyers
Butler, Elizabeth 10:47.03
Carter, Zoe 10:58.02
Ehrhardt, Elizabeth 11:00.00 ViQueens Running Club
Hatch, Liv 11:05.00 ViQueens Running Club
Lester, Anna 11:13.36
Pfarr, Eliza 11:15.14 Home School Eagles
Isley, Meredith 11:20.00 ViQueens Running Club
Hwang, Ella 11:21.00 Iggy Pack
Counihan, Brea 11:22.00
Arcuri, Sofia 11:22.99 Sauganash Striders
Moen, Emilee 11:27.00 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Gronert, Amie 11:34.26
Roach, Sabrina 11:37.00
Sterritt, Lenny 11:42.20
Allen, Parker 11:45 St. Louis Warriors
Knue, Keagan 11:48.00 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Sirois, Mia 11:53
Dughetti, Ava 11:55.05
Bartlett, Jaz 12:07.21
Latta, Addyson 12:12.58 F5 Distance
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High School Girls 300 Meter Dash 117 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Shah, Aria
Moore, Italy 1:05.23 Windy City Hammers
Pace, Olivia 38.42 Wester. Central
Hartlage, Jade 39.20h Louisville Track Club
Warrick, Clara 39.52 Louisville Track Club
VandenBrink, Alia 39.63 St. Louis Warriors
Littlefield, Kailey 39.81
Jackson, Ariana 40.02 Stride Ryte Track Club
Marx, Madalyn 40.21 The Vipers TC
Bowman, Jahnel 40.30h Aurora Flyers
McDonald, Courtney 40.66 My Best Track Club
Harper, Lily 40.75 Louisville Track Club
Grobstich, Kelly 40.98 Assumption TC
Hampton, Jasmine 41.01 Louisville Track Club
Norman, Katie 41.18 Louisville Track Club
Phillips, Kaymin 41.3 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Peters, Reagan 41.5 St. Louis Warriors
Price, Charlotte 41.52 CYUP Training
Garner, Gabrielle 41.57 Comets of Charles County
Coon, Grace 41.58
Presendofer, Laela 41.65 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Domier, Bella 41.70 The Lake Running Club
Brinks, Charley 41.71 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Jordan, Layla 41.78 All About Speed Track Club
Bullocks, Angelena 41.81 Windy City Hammers
Campbell, Tessa 41.90 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Reed, Jaida 42.18 WiRC
Lerus, Layla 42.3 Windy City Hammers
Sweatt, Ella 42.35 Windy City Hammers
Noble, Trinity 42.45 The Vipers TC
Seaton, Mia 42.50 Windy City Hammers
Byrd-waldon, Aniya 42.51 Stride Ryte Track Club
Riemer, Kalena 42.67
Hamb, Jordan 42.69 Windy City Hammers
Brandenburg, Eva 42.93 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Brauc, Isabella 43.06 Sauganash Striders
Crockwell, Aiyanna 43.1 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Harris, Gianni 43.25 Stallions TC
McRoy, Madison 43.27 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Albert, Isabella 43.54 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Williamson, Morgan 43.71 Gary Steelers Track
Nalls, Sanaa 43.74 Chicago Thunder Track Club
Wilkes, Mariah 43.79 St. Louis Warriors
Blevins, Haley 43.87 Milwaukee Mustangs
Gardner, Kylee 43.97 Windy City Hammers
Kopling, Aubrey 44.09 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Swisher, Emma 44.35 The Vipers TC
Smith, Leah 44.42 Windy City Hammers
Johnson, Samara 44.43 Wings of Glory
Blawat, Caitlin 44.53 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Adams, Aubree 44.54 Louisville Track Club
Griffin, Karina 44.59 St. Louis Warriors
Tiller, Avery 44.62
Robinson, Kendall 44.74 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Oleksak, Megan 44.77
Schmedding, Nina 44.85
Zeigler, Heidi 44.86 St. Louis Warriors
Azmani, Lina 44.94 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Marogil, Lauren 45.12 Sauganash Striders
Reyes, America 45.23 B.O.N.D Track Club
Ahmad, Nadiyah 45.37 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Van Aken, Sydney 45.50h CYUP Training
Jones, Madison 45.52 Gately Park Athletic Club
White-Williams, Asalia 45.60 Milwaukee Mustangs
Lara, Cyriana 45.66 CYUP Training
Roman, Delilah 45.73
Zollicoffer, Autumn 45.78 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Sommer, Elena 45.94 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Norton, Sophie 45.95 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Stoller, Kiera 45.97 WiRC
Gilmore, Asiamarie 46.14 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Pietruszynski, Ava 46.19 The Lake Running Club
Girzadas, Lily 46.23 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Gajewski, Ellie 46.29 Stallions TC
Johnson, Clare 46.32 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Gordon, Paige 46.42 Gately Park Athletic Club
Harris, Kaiden 46.58 Milwaukee Mustangs
Griffin, Sydney 46.62 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Dahlberg, Lauren 46.64 Stallions TC
Smith, Kira 46.67 The Vipers TC
Karsten, Katelynn 46.83 St. Louis Warriors
Pilgrim, Alexis 46.90 Assumption TC
Wilson, Ava 47.00
Hartung, Madelyn 47.02 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Reis, Lydia 47.04 Milwaukee Speed Academy
DeVries, Julia 47.15 Assumption TC
Ripslinger, Macie 47.41 Assumption TC
Blankenship, Evelyn 47.52 CYUP Training
Poprych, Christina 47.60 Windy City Hammers
Brown, Nina 47.66 The Vipers TC
Reed, Danyelle 47.76 Windy City Hammers
Cagle, Allana 48.05 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Mauer, Olivia 48.08
Talbert, Ashylah 49.00 Windy City Hammers
Griffin, Saniya 49.06 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Sturycz, Kaitlin 49.36 Stallions TC
Allen, Alivia 49.40 Milwaukee Mustangs
Rowe, Violet 49.5 The Lake Running Club
Hankins, Olivia 49.6 CYUP Training
Canady, Torrah 49.95 B.O.N.D Track Club
Gilmore, Jania 50.03 Wings of Glory
Wagner, Jenna 50.22 Southern Illinois Striders
Welsh, Taylor 50.53 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Pfeiffer, Rylee 51.00 Stallions TC
Hayes, Nayla 51.12 Windy City Hammers
Wentorf, Mirabella 51.54 Stallions TC
Knudsen, Abbie 51.60 Stallions TC
Humphrey, Mariyah 52.32 Windy City Hammers
Martz, Krystiana 52.6 St. Louis Warriors
SEDLER, Chloe 52.8 CYUP Training
Young, Aniah 53.44 Southern Illinois Striders
Foster, Mia 53.74 Windy City Hammers
Miller, Sophie 54.31 Assumption TC
Griebel, Chloe 55.01 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Schlicksup, Lanie 55.1 Assumption TC
Plummer, Avalynn 56.78 Home School Eagles
Gallia, Eden 57.66 Southern Illinois Striders
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High School Girls 4x200 Meter Relay 9 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team B Chicago (Noble/Noble Academy)
Relay Team A Chicago (Noble/Noble Academy)
Relay Team A 1:41.99 Louisville Track Club
Relay Team A 1:43.00 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Relay Team B 1:45.00 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Relay Team A 1:49.00h Stallions TC
Relay Team A 1:51.80h St. Louis Warriors
Relay Team A 1:54.10 The Lake Running Club
Relay Team A 1:55.50h WiRC
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High School Girls 60 Meter Dash 109 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Barnett, Anisa Wings of Glory
Adams, Aubree Louisville Track Club
Gilmore, Jania Wings of Glory
Bilsbury, Julia The Vipers TC
Vance, Madison Madison Elite Track Club
Jones, Lucy Louisville Track Club
Schmedding, Nina
Johnson, Samara Wings of Glory
Shah, Aria
Leanos, Damaris 10.00h Chicago (Solorio Academy)
Griebel, Zoey 10.15 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Moore, Italy 11.25 Windy City Hammers
Pace, Olivia 7.38 Wester. Central
McDonald, Courtney 7.64 My Best Track Club
Hampton, Jasmine 7.68 Louisville Track Club
Coudron, Annabelle 7.75 Milwaukee Speed Academy
VandenBrink, Alia 7.75 St. Louis Warriors
Brinks, Charley 7.78 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Grobstich, Kelly 7.80 Assumption TC
Harris, Kyla 7.81 Aurora Flyers
Hamb, Jordan 7.83 Windy City Hammers
West, Jazmin 7.84
Harper, Lily 7.89 Louisville Track Club
Warrick, Clara 7.89 Louisville Track Club
Jackson, Ariana 7.9 Stride Ryte Track Club
Presendofer, Laela 7.90 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Goluba, Sophia 7.95
Garner, Gabrielle 7.97 Comets of Charles County
Ostrega, Martyna 7.99
Purnell, Pa'Shence 8.01 Indy Blades Track Club
Rinkam, Kyenret 8.02 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Lerus, Layla 8.03 Windy City Hammers
Peters, Reagan 8.05 St. Louis Warriors
Knautz, Sydney 8.09 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Riemer, Daniella 8.11 Milwaukee Speed Academy
McRoy, Madison 8.12 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Byrd-waldon, Aniya 8.13 Stride Ryte Track Club
Bernard, Simone 8.13 Windy City Hammers
Price, Charlotte 8.14 CYUP Training
Harris, Gianni 8.14 Stallions TC
Gonzalez, Mariah 8.17 Aurora Flyers
Terrell, Kaliyah 8.18 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Marx, Madalyn 8.18 The Vipers TC
Noble, Trinity 8.19 The Vipers TC
Crockwell, Aiyanna 8.20 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Norman, Katie 8.20 Louisville Track Club
Williamson, Morgan 8.20 Gary Steelers Track
Albert, Isabella 8.21 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Brown, Nina 8.22 The Vipers TC
Houston, Amayah 8.22 Stallions TC
Wilson, Ava 8.23
Hartlage, Jade 8.23 Louisville Track Club
ARN, Stella 8.30 Wings of Glory
White-Williams, Asalia 8.31 Milwaukee Mustangs
Todd, Caylen 8.34 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Biddings, Delores 8.35
Gilmore, Asiamarie 8.35 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Wilkes, Mariah 8.35 St. Louis Warriors
Phillips, Lauren 8.36 Wings of Glory
Smith, Leah 8.37 Windy City Hammers
Harris, Kaiden 8.37 Milwaukee Mustangs
Griffin, Sydney 8.38 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Maynor, Kelecia 8.38 Optimal Performance Athletic Aca
Reis, Lydia 8.40 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Coon, Grace 8.40
Blevins, Haley 8.41 Milwaukee Mustangs
Nalls, Sanaa 8.41 Chicago Thunder Track Club
Wagner, Jenna 8.42 Southern Illinois Striders
Azmani, Lina 8.42 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Simon, Gabriella 8.43
Swisher, Emma 8.44 The Vipers TC
Karsten, Katelynn 8.45 St. Louis Warriors
Mcllvried, Skyler 8.45 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Burt, Courtney 8.46 Windy City Hammers
Dahlberg, Lauren 8.50 Stallions TC
Zussman, Lauren 8.50 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Muschinski, Madeleine 8.54 Louisville Track Club
Reed, Danyelle 8.55 Windy City Hammers
Bonilla, Layla 8.58 Windy City Hammers
Johnikin, Jala 8.62 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Johnson, Jayda 8.64 Gary Steelers Track
Blawat, Caitlin 8.65 Milwaukee Speed Academy
DeVries, Julia 8.67 Assumption TC
Dickson, Madeline 8.67 Windy City Hammers
Jackson, Parker 8.71 Indy Blades Track Club
Ahmad, Nadiyah 8.71 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Allen, Alivia 8.77 Milwaukee Mustangs
paul, sophia 8.79
Jakubczak, Amanda 8.80h Milwaukee Speed Academy
Robinson, Kendall 8.80h Milwaukee Speed Academy
Chambers-Greer, Olivia 8.81 Optimal Performance Athletic Aca
Griffin, Saniya 8.82 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Young, Aniah 8.84 Southern Illinois Striders
Bwandandu, Milka 8.86 Optimal Performance Athletic Aca
Cagle, Allana 8.95 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Zollicoffer, Autumn 8.97 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Gallia, Eden 8.98 Southern Illinois Striders
Talbert, Ashylah 8.99 Windy City Hammers
Jones, Malaya 9.04 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Kloth, Anna 9.06 Milwaukee Mustangs
Roman, Delilah 9.18
Foster, Mia 9.20 Windy City Hammers
Peterson, Jordyn 9.20 Southern Illinois Striders
Smith, Kira 9.20 The Vipers TC
Members, Nata 9.29 Stallions TC
Hayes, Nayla 9.30 Windy City Hammers
Walker, Na'Zarah 9.8 Optimal Performance Athletic Aca
Humphrey, Mariyah 9.83 Windy City Hammers
Nolasco, Emmalis 9.9 Chicago (Solorio Academy)
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High School Girls 60 Meter Hurdles 22 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Knudsen, Abbie Stallions TC
Brummel, Lydia
Jones, Lucy Louisville Track Club
paul, sophia 10.15
Cogdal, Keyli 10.15 WiRC
Welhouse, Grace 10.19
Jones, Madison 10.43 Gately Park Athletic Club
Girzadas, Lily 10.86 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Watson, Taylor 11.04h
Gordon, Paige 11.10 Gately Park Athletic Club
Stephens, Kanyla 11.19 Gately Park Athletic Club
Kroening, Haley 11.48 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Jones, Malaya 12.13 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Martz, Krystiana 12.24 St. Louis Warriors
Redden, Madeline 12.59 St. Louis Warriors
Bernard, Simone 9.01 Windy City Hammers
Purnell, Pa'Shence 9.10 Indy Blades Track Club
Harris, Mauricia 9.10 Thunder Elite
Brandenburg, Eva 9.16 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Phillips, Kaymin 9.22 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Wright, Emily 9.59 St. Louis Warriors
Jackson, Parker 9.98 Indy Blades Track Club
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High School Girls 600 Meter Run 59 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Littlefield, Kailey 1:31.55
Comer, Ahry 1:33.49
McKenzie, Charlize-Trinity 1:36.23 P23 Family Racing
Jordan, Layla 1:36.5 All About Speed Track Club
Domier, Bella 1:37.08 The Lake Running Club
Riemer, Kalena 1:38.92
Brauc, Isabella 1:39.45 Sauganash Striders
Nalls, Sanaa 1:40.21 Chicago Thunder Track Club
Kotler, Mia 1:42.00
Kopling, Aubrey 1:42.22 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Bowden, Nadia 1:42.47
Bailey, Lydia 1:42.82 St. Louis Warriors
Mitchell, Asia 1:43.29 Aurora Flyers
Graczyk, Grace 1:43.48 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Wetherton, Sadie 1:43.51 Louisville Track Club
Caimi, Ella 1:44.84 CYUP Training
Dietrich, Adeline 1:45.41
Ripslinger, Macie 1:45.55 Assumption TC
Norton, Sophie 1:45.61 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Griffin, Karina 1:45.83 St. Louis Warriors
Lara, Cyriana 1:45.86 CYUP Training
Forystek, Mia 1:46.17
Tiller, Avery 1:46.24
Henderson, Kori 1:46.57 Windy City Hammers
Hoffman, Jada 1:46.64 Assumption TC
Patneaude, Addison 1:47.09 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Lensmeyer, Abby 1:47.15 Stallions TC
Witt, Sofia 1:47.26 The Lake Running Club
Smith, Hana 1:47.78 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Griffin, Maeve 1:47.99 Saints Track Club
Gregorich, Rachel 1:48.03 Warrior Runners
Van Aken, Sydney 1:50.03 CYUP Training
riepe, kayla 1:50.55 Windy City Hammers
Prill, Angelina 1:50.95 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Petersen, Madison 1:51.03 Petersen Track Club
Reyes, America 1:51.45 B.O.N.D Track Club
Marogil, Lauren 1:51.57 Sauganash Striders
Roberts, Kate 1:52.31
Johnson, Jayda 1:52.42 Gary Steelers Track
Martinez, Mila 1:52.54 Windy City Hammers
Pilgrim, Alexis 1:52.93 Assumption TC
Johnson, Clare 1:53.16 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Moore, Amelia 1:53.94 Assumption TC
Rowe, Violet 1:53.96 The Lake Running Club
Hancock, Akira 1:54.04 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Schnizlein, Violet 1:54.84
Canady, Torrah 1:55.65 B.O.N.D Track Club
Stoffel, Kaelyn 2:00 WRSquared
Allaband-Gamble, Celia 2:00.00
Castillo, Daniela 2:00.00 CYUP Training
Hays, Jocelyn 2:00.00 CYUP Training
Gartner, Claire 2:00.00 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Butts, Isabella 2:05.00 CYUP Training
Martinez, Madison 2:09.92 Gary Steelers Track
Huber, Kendall 2:10.73 St. Louis Warriors
Stephens, Kanyla 2:13.20 Gately Park Athletic Club
Robledo, Natalie 2:15 Chicago (Solorio Academy)
McKeon, Emma 2:17.39 The Lake Running Club
Gomez, Daniela 2:20 Chicago (Solorio Academy)
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High School Girls High Jump 17 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Phillips, Aubrey 5-4.96 WiRC
Higginbottom, Phoenix 5-1.02 Windy City Hammers
Brummel, Lydia 5-0
Hughes, Neenah 5-0 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Simon, Mia 4-10 St. Louis Warriors
Knautz, Sydney 4-9 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Jones, Madison 4-9 Gately Park Athletic Club
Wright, Emily 4-9 St. Louis Warriors
Crockwell, Aiyanna 4-8 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Kroening, Haley 4-8 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Poprych, Christina 4-8 Windy City Hammers
Nash, Lucy 4-6.11 Iggy Pack
Wentorf, Mirabella 4-6 Stallions TC
Knudsen, Abbie 4-6 Stallions TC
Pfeiffer, Rylee 4-6 Stallions TC
Griebel, Chloe 4-4 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Stephens, Kanyla 4-3.25 Gately Park Athletic Club
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High School Girls Long Jump 35 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Johnson, Dominique 18-6.75
Hunt, Noelle 18-5.75
Libel, Skyler 18-3.25
Hartlage, Jade 18-3.25 Louisville Track Club
Bailey, Ella 18-2.11
Bowman, Jahnel 18-1.75 Aurora Flyers
Meeteer, Kara 17-4
Nelson, Laney 17-1.51
Taczala, Lily 17-0 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Gardner, Kylee 16-10.76 Windy City Hammers
Riemer, Daniella 16-10 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Barnett, Anisa 16-8.5 Wings of Glory
Riley, Jayda 16-7.5 Stallions TC
Veljkovic, Ana Sofija 16-5 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Wright, Emily 16-1 St. Louis Warriors
Bilsbury, Julia 16-0.91 The Vipers TC
Simon, Mia 15-11 St. Louis Warriors
Brandenburg, Eva 15-6 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Jones, Madison 15-3 Gately Park Athletic Club
Watson, Taylor 14-11.92
Germain, Alyssa 14-11.25 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Reed, Danyelle 14-9.16 Windy City Hammers
Humphrey, Mariyah 14-9.16 Windy City Hammers
Talbert, Ashylah 14-9.16 Windy City Hammers
Zussman, Lauren 13-9.75 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Hughes, Neenah 13-1 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Griffin, Saniya 12-11.5 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Reis, Lydia 12-4 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Cobb, Cameryn 12-3.24 The Vipers TC
Jakubczak, Amanda 11-9.25 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Hamb, Jordan 5.13m Windy City Hammers
Brummel, Lydia
Nash, Lucy Iggy Pack
Adams, Aubree Louisville Track Club
Sturycz, Kaitlin Stallions TC
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High School Girls Pole Vault 17 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Strahm, Mya 13-7
Wetzel, Chelsea 13-1.48
Wolfe, Reese 12-0.88
Cechowicz, Jocelyn 11-9
Ifft, Claudia 11-6
Allender, Audrey 10-6.38
Miller, Adalynn 10-6
Pauli, Grace 10-2
Strachowski, Sarah 9-8.93
Bishop, Reagan 9-7
McCormick, Chloe 9-3
Lehman, Breanna 8-6
Weinman, Violet 8-5.97
Forward, Natalie 8-0
Adams, Aubree 8-0 Louisville Track Club
Murphy, Paige 7-6.25
Watts, Julia 7-6
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High School Girls Shot Put 11 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Odeluga, Chidiogo 37-9 Windy City Hammers
Flaska, Morgan 35-4
Ross, Nia 31-2 Windy City Hammers
WIGGINS, Laylah 29-10.25 Gary Steelers Track
Butler, Ty 20-8.03
Gomez, Daniela 20-0 Chicago (Solorio Academy)
Leanos, Damaris 20-0 Chicago (Solorio Academy)
Nolasco, Emmalis 20-0 Chicago (Solorio Academy)
Robledo, Natalie 20-0 Chicago (Solorio Academy)
McCormick, Chloe
Mohns, Ava
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High School Girls Triple Jump 19 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Johnson, Dominique 40-9.25
Bowman, Jahnel 40-4.25 Aurora Flyers
Barnett, Anisa 38-5 Wings of Glory
Taczala, Lily 37-0 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Nelson, Laney 36-8.16
Bonilla, Layla 36-1 Windy City Hammers
Kroening, Haley 36-0 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Mucci, Madelyn 35-3.5
Riemer, Daniella 35-0 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Veljkovic, Ana Sofija 35-0 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Germain, Alyssa 34-6 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Bilsbury, Julia 34-1.84 The Vipers TC
Peterson, Jordyn 34-0.75 Southern Illinois Striders
Burt, Courtney 33-11.48 Windy City Hammers
Anderson, Aubrey 32-7 Louisville Track Club
Watson, Taylor 31-8.71
Dickson, Madeline 30-8 Windy City Hammers
Zussman, Lauren 30-1.5 Milwaukee Speed Academy
Nash, Lucy 27-11.5 Iggy Pack
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High School Girls Weight Throw 2 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Flaska, Morgan 45-5
Anderson, Aubrey Louisville Track Club
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