2021 Magis Miles Breakdown

Overlook: It has been two years since the last installment of the one of the best mile based meets that the Land Of Lincoln has to offer. This year the excitement continues to build with some high powered racing. The new St. Ignatius home track will be host to some of the fastest times we will see all year.


4:30pm - Track Opens

5:40pm - Open Mile (Heat 1)

5:45pm - Open Mile (Heat 2)

6:00pm - Open Mile (Heat 3)

6:15pm - Open Mile (Heat 4)

6:25pm - Open Mile (Heat 5)

6:35pm - Open Mile (Heat 6) - Championship

6:45pm - Coaches' Mile

7:00pm - National Anthem and Welcome

7:10pm - Middle School Boys (Heat 1)

7:20pm - Middle School Boys (Heat 2)

7:30pm - Middle School Girls (Heat 1)

7:45pm - Middle School Girls (Heat 2)

8:00pm - Middle School Girls (Heat 3)

8:15pm - Freshman Boys

8:30pm - High School Girls (Heat 1)

8:45pm - High School Boys (Heat 1)

9:00pm - Ray Mayer HS Boys' Mile (Heat 2)

9:20pm - Ray Mayers HS Girls' Mile and Women's Magis Mile Championship

9:40pm - Men's Magis Mile Championship