Premium Individual Girls 25: The Temps Is Rising In Week #5

The times are beginning to drop down for the girls in the state; take a good peep of the heat seekers


*All races listed as three-miles unless noted otherwise

1. Ava Parekh I 2. Aly Negovetich I 3. Josephine Welin I 4. Lianna Surtz I 5. Mabry Bruhn I 6. Katrina Schlenker I 7. Samantha Poglitsch I 8. Brooke Stromsland I 9. Morgan Mackie I 10. Peyton Schieppe I 11. Maggie Gamboa I 12. Anna Harden I 13. Audrey Mendrys I 14. Sophia Mcnerney I 15. Anna Perry I 16. Rachel Price I 17. Lucy Westlake I 18. Brooke Johnston I 19. Campbell Petersen I 20. Audrey Allman I 21. Maggie Mason I 22. Allison Ince I 23. Marianne Mihas I 24. Kayla Shea  I 25. Helena Kleronomos