The Brittny Ellis Odyssey (remix): The Making Of A Champion

There are very few high school student-athletes who can make the claim that they have competed well on the elite level since grammar school- let alone still competing well on the varsity level. We all know the horror stories of child prodigies growing bored of the sport they loved as youngsters. We have seen the kids who showed promise at age 10 to only become a statistic of mother nature's maturing process.

Enter Brittny Ellis, the kind hearted young lady from Gurnee (Warren HS), who has beat the odds. She is a wonderful young woman with a personality that wins you over and lures you in every time you chat with her. But on the track she is the most competitive person on the scene- a downright intimidating foe that continues to keep her foes shook.

Check out the action documentary of Brittny and her father Morris Ellis sharing a slice of what goes on in Brittny's world at the track.