Magis Miles 2021

Chicago, IL

Meet Information

Welcome to the 2021 Magis Miles!

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Begun in 2015, the Magis Miles is a night of one-mile races on the track at Saint Ignatius College Prep in downtown Chicago. There are races for runners of all ages and abilities. The 2021 event will occur on Saturday, June 26, 2021. Races will begin in late afternoon and progress through the evening. One of our main goals with the meet is to make it FUN! Come for your own race and stay for the rest of the evening!

Magis (pronounced "mh-gis") is a Latin term used by Jesuits and it means 'more' or 'greater'. Jesuits use the term 'magis' to mean doing more for others. Since Saint Ignatius is a Jesuit Catholic school and our objective with this meet is to do more for the track and field community, we thought it was an appropriate name!

Magis Mile Championship

The highlight of the night will be the Magis Mile Championship at the conclusion of the meet. Our men's and women's races will feature some of the top collegiate and post-collegiate athletes from the Midwest. Registration for the Magis Mile Championship can be done on our Eventbrite Registration Link or by emailing

Open Miles
The Open Miles are open to runners of all abilities and age. These races are organized by estimated ability, not age. On the registration form, please include your estimate of your CURRENT fitness. For the faster Open milers, an actual time from the last year will be preferred. The Open Miles will have age category prizes. The top two athletes in each age bracket will receive a medal and a gift card to a local running store.
Age Categories:
9 and under
10 - 14
15 - 19
20 - 29
30 - 39
40 - 49
50 - 59
60 - 69

Middle School Miles
Athletes who are currently in middle school (5th-8th grade), or are recent graduates from 8th grade are welcome to compete in the Middle School Miles. Any boy who has run under 5:45 and any girl who has run under 6:45 is eligible to run in the Middle School Miles!

Ray Mayer High School Miles
The Ray Mayer High School Miles are for elite high school athletes. To be eligible for the Ray Mayer High School Miles, you must meet time requirements. All time submissions must have been in an official meet and be FAT. The qualifying standard for 2021 is 4:21.00 for boys and 5:10.00 for girls. All other high schoolers who would like to compete but have not met the time standard are encouraged to enter the Open Miles.

Freshman Miles
Any boy or girl who are freshmen in high school and have met the time standard are eligible to race in the Freshman Miles. The 2021 time standard for boys is 5:00.00 and for girls is 6:30.00.

Coaches' Mile
We want to show our gratitude for the men and women who spend so much time and energy in supporting their athletes. Entry to the Coaches' Mile is free for all coaches of school or club programs. The Coaches' Mile is co-ed and unlimited entry.

Time Schedule
Saturday June 26th, 2021
Note: For all events, heats run in order from slower to faster.
3:45pm - Gates Open
4:45pm - Open Mile (1)
5:00pm - Open Mile (2)
5:12pm - Open Mile (3)
5:24pm - Open Mile (4)
5:36pm - Open Mile (5)
5:48pm - Open Mile (6)
6:00pm - Open Mile (7)
6:10pm - Open Mile (8)
6:20pm - Open Mile (9)
6:30pm - Open Mile (10)
6:40pm - Open Mile (11)
6:50pm - Open Mile (12)
7:00pm - Open Mile (13) - Championship
7:10pm - Coaches Mile
7:20pm - National Anthem and Welcome
7:28pm - Middle School Boys (1)
7:39pm - Middle School Boys (2)
7:50pm - Middle School Girls (1)
8:01pm - Middle School Girls (2)
8:12pm - Freshman Boys (1)
8:23pm Freshman Boys (2)
8:34pm - Freshman Girls
8:45pm - High School Girls (1)
8:56pm - Ray Mayer HS Girls' Mile (2)
9:07pm - High School Boys (1)
9:18pm - Ray Mayer HS Boys' Mile (2)
9:30pm - Womens Magis Mile Championship
9:45pm - Mens Magis Mile Championship

All questions related to the Magis Miles can be directed to