Meet Information


Payments Update: Check Email (Spam Included), fees must be paid by 6pm CST on 3/23, after that fees go up to $50. At 8am on 3/24 non paid entries will be removed from the meet, no exception. Entries have been open since 3/3/21 and we must move forward with the meet, no exceptions. Unpaid entries will be removed at 11am on 3/24

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Reach out ASAP as these requests fill up pretty quickly (

Schedule 3/23/21- Final
Start TimeEventsAthlete EntrySpectator/Coach Entry
10:30 AM60m Girls Prelim Middle School9:40 AM10:10 AM
---60m Boys Prelim Middle School9:40 AM10:10 AM
10:40 AM3200m High School Boys9:50 AM10:30 AM
--3200m High School Girls9:50 AM10:30 AM
11:05 AM60m Girls Final Middle School10:15 am 10:50 AM
---60m Boys Final Middle School10:15 am10:50 AM
11:20 AM1600m Middle School Girls10:25 AM11:10 AM
1600m Middle School Boys10:25 AM11:10 AM
11:45 AM1600m High School Boys Sections 1-210:55 AM11:35 AM
12:05 PM200m Middle School Girls Final11:25 AM11:55 AM
200m Middle School Boys Final11:25 AM11:55 AM
12:30 PM60m HS Girls Prelim + Open Final11:40 AM12:20 PM
60m HS Boys Prelim11:40 AM12:20 PM
60m Hurdles Boys Prelim + Open Final11:55 AM12:20 PM
60m Hurdles Girls Prelim11:55 AM12:20 PM
1:05 PM800m Girls12:15 PM12:55 PM
800m Boys + Open 12:10 PM12:55 PM
1:40 PM60H Girls FinalFinalist Stay After Prelim1:30 PM
60H Boys FinalFinalist Stay After Prelim1:30 PM
60m Girls FinalFinalist Stay After Prelim1:30 PM
60m Boys FinalFinalist Stay After Prelim1:30 PM
2:05 PM400m Girls Final1:15 PM1:55 PM
400m Boys + Open Final1:15 PM1:55 PM
2:30 PM1600m HS Girls Sections 1-21:40 PM2:20 PM
1600m HS Boys Sections 3-41:40 PM2:20 PM
3:00 PM200m HS Girls Final2:15 PM2:50 PM
200m HS Boys Final2:15 PM2:50 PM
9:45 AMGirls + Boys HIgh Jump8:50 AM9:15 AM
9:45 AMGirls & Boys + Open Long Jump- One Flight8:50 AM9:15 AM
10:00 AMGirls & Boys Shot Put9:15 AM9:30 AM
11:30 AMGirls & Boys + Open Triple Jump- One Flight10:40 AM11:00 AM

Meet Waivers Required

Gately Waiver: (Page 2 Only)

USATF Waiver:


Tickets will go on sale Wednesday (3/24) 8:00pm CST, you may view tickets one hour prior. Max tickets per transaction is one so everyone has a fair opportunity to purchase at least one ticket to see their athlete. Once they are gone, they are gone :

Bib Pickup

Race bib pickup will be inside the south entrance. Athletes MUST enter the facility at the designated time for bib pickup, not earlier.

Warm Up

Athletes should report to the track for warm up at the designated entry time, not earlier. Social distancing guidelines must be followed while warming up in the designated warm up areas. Distance athletes may warm up outside at their discretion or use what equates to Lane 7 around the oval if there are no obstructions in addition to regular warm up areas.

Implement weigh in for throws will occur at the competition site, bring your own implements. There will be staff directing you and providing updates about entry into the arena for practice. Only water is allowed on the arena floor, please bring your own water as fountains are shut down due to COVID policy.

Locker Rooms

There will be limited locker room access. Athletes will be able to change out of any winter gear (coats, boots) after receiving their bib number. Please bring a lock if you choose to store items in express lockers. Any updates will be communicated at a later date via email.

Race Check In

Athletes should report to the clerking area on the west side of the arena when called. All must be race ready when it is time to be escorted to the start line. Field event athletes should check in with the head official of that event. Social distancing guidelines must be followed while awaiting placement in lanes or runway usage

Post Race

Upon completion of your event marshals will guide you off the track so you may grab your belongings and proceed out the northeast exit via the warm up track into the hallway. Athletes who qualify for finals (60, 60H) should report back to check in at the designated time to allow for proper race prep. No congregating behind the bank or curtains.


Athletes who have completed their event should plan to immediately exit the facility after getting dressed via the East exit in the hallway. At the current time athletes will not be able to stick around and watch events due to COVID policy unless they purchased a ticket.

Meet Contacts: Pierre Nealon,