Shamier Little

In Her Own Words: Shamier Little Shamier Little May 22, 2013

Hey, this weekend was just too great I swear. I finished off my highschool track season down state at Charlestonl Illinois, and competed in four events (100 hurdles, 400, 300 hurdles, and 200). I don't even know where to start..Last year I did all four events, and broke five records over the course of two days. I took home a third place state trophy all by myself.

In Her Own Words: Shamier Little Shamier Little May 6, 2013

Track season is almost over. Well, not completely over. Once I stop, I'll be back on the track in a few months,but highschool track is almost over. I'm a senior. So far, I've had some good meets. Especially indoor. Recently, I went to Penn Relays. Days before I even flew to Pennsylvania, I was all worked up and nervous about my race. I don't remember it ever being that bad.

In Her Own Words: Shamier Little Shamier Little Mar 9, 2013

Shamier little here. Hai yawwwll. I'm in New York! There was a struggle getting here, but eventually, I made it.  New York is nice. It's not too different from Chicago. It is a little bit more "city" if that makes sense. I'm staying with the family of Dante Price and they're pretty cool people. We went to the Armory and its crazy up there. I got my backpack, and I love it . I'm a bag person because purses creep me out. I've already seen a few people from the Brooks PR meet, and from other meets in the past, and I hope I can hang out with them over this hectic weekend. 

In Her Own Words: Shamier Little Shamier Little Mar 1, 2013

Hai guys, it's Shammmm Little. I am back from Seattle and I had a great time. I met some really cool me track friends and got to catch up with others.I played some angry birds, played some basketball, did a little dancing, ate, and slept. I hate hate hate traveling, but I love the experience of meeting new people and getting better. We got some pretty nice Brooks gear and I think it's making my Nike stuff a little jealous.