ShaZam Championship Preview: Division 1 Girls

Date: November 6th, 2020
Location: Three Sisters Park; Chillicothe, IL
Times: 7:15am- Facility Opens 

Warm Up Course for Flight 1 - 8:15 AM
Girls Flight #1 - Check in at Start - 8:45 AM
Warm Up Course for Flight #2 - 8:45 AM
Girls Flight #1 (#6 & #7) RACE - 9:00 AM
Girls Flight- Check in at Start - 9:15 AM
Warm Up Course for Flight #3 - 9:15 AM
Girls Flight #2 (#5 & #4) RACE - 9:30 AM
Girls Flight #3 - Check in at Start - 9:45 AM
Warm Up Course for Flight #4 - 9:45 AM
Girls Flight #3 (#3 & #2) RACE - 10:00 AM
Girls Flight #4 - Check in at Start - 10:15 AM
Girls Flight #4 (#1) RACE - 10:30 AM
Awards Ceremony Girls - 11:30 AM

How to follow:
Teams: (notice- this is officially a club sponsored event, but for clarity purposes for the media and fans, we are using high school names) --> #1 Winnebago, #2 Monticello, #3 Eureka, #5 Elmhurst (IC Catholic), #7 Aurora (Rosary), #9 Benton, #11 Shelbyville, #12 Urbana (U High), #13 St. Joseph-Ogden, #14 Auburn, #15 Roxana, #16 Freeburg, #18 Champaign (St. Thomas More), #19 Stanford-Olympia, #20 Wheaton Academy, #21 Rock Island (Alleman), #23 Rockford (Christian), #24 Elmwood, Hamilton County, Knoxville,  

Here is the deal: The team entries are deep despite some question marks within the meat of it all. Sages XC Club (Monticello HS) was a squad that was rolling on full cylinders until a few wrinkles hit the squad. Top runner Mabry Bruhn has run below her standards and appeared hurt at the end of her sectional run. It is uncertain what her status is on race day. The team's mountainous nearly 2:00 scoring split even with Bruhn slowing is very troubling. 

The Winnebago Warriors (Winnebago HS) is the team to beat if you believe the post-season is the place to be. The Warriors have Natalia Martino as their ace in the hole. She will lead a strong supporting cast behind her that has netted a scoring split under 1:10. It could be a blood bath by high noon if this can be duplicated.

The Hornet Hype (Eureka HS) status coming into the meet is concerning. Why? The regular high school team finished 10th in their sectional meet. Under the normal format, they would be sitting at home this weekend. However, bad circumstances out of their control was the culprit (you figure it out what it was), and with the advent of a club meet that honors the FULL body of work. Anna Perry won the race and she will have her mates in the fold.

The race to the tape will be a good one led by Lianna Surtz of Aurora. Her team the XC Slayors (Rosary HS) will be in the field and have a trophy opportunity. Surtz is one of the elite individuals in all of Illinois, although no official state meet to defend, she is ready to be the queen of Shazam. Perry, who is a cousin of the legendary Craig Virgin, may have that killer instinct late in the race. We all will see if it matters.