Josh Methner, Abby Vanderkooi Cruise In FLMW Wins

Josh Methner cruises home to stay perfect on the season and punch his ticket to San Diego

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-After viewing the worsening weather conditions from the previous races prior to the boys' seeded race, there was a feeling of mixed emotions in the air. The National Cross Country Course on the campus of UW Parkside in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was in shreds. On the line were spots to the national championship in San Diego, California on December 14.

The cannon shot out and it seemed the race pace went out pretty solid. Most of us were not aware of how things looked with a portion of the course altered. Meet directors designed a "P" that spread out for more than a mile and virtually out of sight and mind for most of the fans.

Josh Methner (Sr., Hersey HS IL) came into view and slogged through the second mile in approximately 10:05. Bob Liking (Sr., St. Charles East) was on the opposite a few ticks back. Michigan, led by a slew of runners, included the names of Michiganders Evan Bishop (Michigan) and Carter Solomon, who held their positions.

Methner would cruise home lightly in 15:46 to win his first regional title. Although the times were not very fast, it was a slight improvement over last year's sluggish effort.

1Josh Methner12Hersey HS IL15:46.701
2Michael Hancock12Dearborn Divine Child HS MI15:51.302
3Nathan Walker11Fremont HS MI15:52.603
4Bob Liking12St. Charles HS IL15:53.204
5Zach Stewart12Brighton HS MI15:53.805
6Evan Bishop12East Lansing HS MI15:54.506
7Brendan Favazza12Clarkston HS MI15:57.107
8Jack Spamer12Brighton HS MI15:58.208
9Carter Solomon12Plymouth HS MI15:59.309
10Parker Wolfe11Cherry Creek HS CO15:59.7010


The girls' race was a complete reversal of the boys despite having arguably the same amount of star power. 

During the very portion of the race, the headling girls were already in primetime position and they probably understood that the driest part of the course was the initial half-mile. 

It was Abby Vanderkooi (So., Michigan), Zofia Dudek (Sr., Michigan), Taylor Ewert (Ohio), Grace Hartman (Ohio), Tatum David (Illinois), Riley Stewart (Colorado) and Katelynne Hart (Illinois) were up top forming a wall that exceeded the eyes imagination.

Later at two miles, it was Vanderkooi in 11:12 followed by Dudek, Ewert, and Hart. They were all within a few ticks of one another. The next group led by Stewart, Crain, David, and Lianna Surtz (Illinois) were about 26 seconds back. It was clear that the majority of the qualifiers were going to come from the first two packs.

It would be Vanderkooi who trotted home first in a fine time of 17:17 to secure her spot to California.

National qualifiers:

1Abby Vanderkooi10Muskegon Western HS MI17:17.801
2Zofia Dudek12Ann Arbor HS MI17:20.502
3Taylor Ewert12Beavercreek HS OH17:24.903
4Katelynne Hart12Glenbard West HS IL17:34.604
5Annalyssa Crain11Edgewood HS IN18:04.205
6Riley Stewart10Cherry Creek HS CO18:04.206
7Tatum David9Olney (Richland County) HS IL18:04.407
8Analee Weaver11Stillwater HS MN18:09.808
9Daniella Santos12Hilliard Darby HS OH18:12.309
10Audrey Dadamio11Birmingham Seaholm HS MI18:14.7010