Olivia Rosenstein and Morton Boys Shine In Bloomington

Olivia Rosenstein was all smiles after some trials and tribulations


Normal IL-

It was a cold and wet day at Maxwell Park. Very few fans knew what the course would hold as it had to be maneuvered around different small pools upon the original course layout and it not looking to get over 40 degrees. 

No one really knew what the girls' race would hold as there were two names that could have won the individual race. Throughout the first mile, senior Olivia Rosenstein of Urbana and sophomore Emma Skinner of Morton both coming through at 5:44. 

The second mile is truly when the race started to unfold as Rosenstein and Skinner past the checkpoint in 11:44. Soon after Skinner started to appear as though she was struggling. Rosenstein must have sensed it and blasted out in front of Skinner- putting 11 seconds on one of the best runners in 2A winning and winning her first sectional title. 

1Olivia Rosenstein12Urbana High School17:37.541
2Emma Skinner10Morton High School17:48.812
3Ashley Heagy12LaSalle-Peru High School18:19.303
4Elizabeth Sims10Mahomet-Seymour High School18:26.474
5Maria Stedwill9Peoria Notre Dame High School18:29.305
6Kaitlin Skeate11Bloomington High School18:46.706
7Eileen Zopel9Peoria Notre Dame High School18:54.607
8Celia Barbieri10Urbana High School19:04.808
9Saniya Mathew9Dunlap High School19:12.009
10Irene Ehrhart11Peoria Notre Dame High School19:14.7010

#16 Peoria (Notre Dame) fought back over the final two miles after trailing #14 Dunlap and #18 Bloomington to actually win very comfortably. Led by two freshmen Maria Stedwill and Eileen Zopel, the victory was especially sweet being that it's the first sectional title for the program. 

Bloomington, Dunlap, Morton, and Mahomet-Seymour rounded out the rest of the teams to make it to state. 

1Peoria Notre Dame High School885+7+10+26+40 (45+80)1:42 1-5 Split | 19:20 Avg
2Bloomington High School1066+11+28+30+31 (33+35)1:10 1-5 Split | 19:33 Avg
3Dunlap High School1109+17+21+25+38 (42+43)0:57 1-5 Split | 19:38 Avg
4Morton High School1382+18+23+34+61 (85+89)3:20 1-5 Split | 19:37 Avg
5Mahomet-Seymour High School1414+20+27+44+46 (50+53)1:57 1-5 Split | 19:43 Avg


The undisputed and at times unheralded favorite senior Sam Lange of Morton was in the field. The first mile featured approximately seven guys at 5:06. However, Lange stopped toying with the field and dropped a blistering 4:54 second mile and gapped the field by about 20 seconds and cruising home in 15:03. 

1Sam Lange12Morton High School15:03.501
2Luke Manolakes12Champaign Centennial High School15:37.702
3Adam Gilbreath-Glaub12Metamora High School15:42.203
4Ian O'laughlin11Metamora High School15:51.404
5Jackson Ward10Washington High School15:56.105
6Wilson Georges10Limestone High School15:56.306
7Cade Zobrist10Morton High School15:58.807
8Ben Olaivar12Champaign Centennial High School16:00.208
9Bradyn Olmstead12Bloomington High School16:01.509
10Kyle Nofziger10Mahomet-Seymour High School16:03.6010
Lange's team dominate the field by over 50 points. Peoria Notre Dame, Mahomet-Seymour, Bloomington, and Metamora round out the teams heading to Peoria next weekend. 
1Morton High School671+7+18+19+22 (69+97)1:28 1-5 Split | 16:03 Avg
2Peoria Notre Dame High School11814+20+23+25+36 (38+44)0:36 1-5 Split | 16:31 Avg
3Mahomet-Seymour High School12610+11+24+34+47 (53+82)0:52 1-5 Split | 16:29 Avg
4Bloomington High School1309+17+21+32+51 (70+101)1:01 1-5 Split | 16:31 Avg
5Metamora High School1573+4+33+56+61 (67+71)1:34 1-5 Split | 16:32 Avg