Cross Country 2019 Is On The Horizon; Catch It If You Can!

The summer relaxation period and cross country training sessions are now in full effect. Before you know it, it will be time for school for the kiddies and weekend harrier competition. Illinois is a state that is second to none when it comes to cross country. The land of Lincoln has always had an incredible band of strong distance runners year in and year out. The legion of fans and parents who follow the sport closely make it especially fun to cover throughout the season.

Cross Country is a great sport on any level, but it is especially fun at the high school level. Although the season can prolong itself for months (up to 6 months if you include the club season), the rewards can be very gratifying. 

Believe it or not, the official reporting of the calendar starts on August 12 and the first meets can commence August 26. Small meets usually dominate the early scene during the onset. However, once the calendar turns to September things began to heat with the start of major invitationals.

The outlook for 2019 will be intense of course, but uncertain to an extent with some notable classification changes across all classes. We don't know exactly how things will play out even with expert reporting and top-notch previews. It will be one of high intensity and that will impact the team and individual outlook. Regardless of what changes are going to occur it should be a great season for all involved.

Once again we are going to cover this great sport at a feverish pace. Here are some thoughts on things as the season looms:

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