10 In 10: The New Alumni Report, Ep 1

Editor's note: Several weeks ago, Tony Jones and I had a phone call where we addressed the predicament of the top graduated high school runners fading off the face of MilesplitIL the minute they graduate. As I've said before, Illinois running is one of the closest-knit sports communities I've ever seen. All of them worked so hard in high school and were a main draw to coverage on the site, and there are so many people - friends, family, old competitors - that would love to hear from them again.

Seeing race results is one thing, but actually seeing each runner say themself how they've been is so much more powerful. That's why I've created a new triweekly series: "10 in 10: The New Alumni Report." Each episode, I ask ten IHSA alumni to interview themselves, and compile and edit it into a ten minute video. You'll hear absolutely anything in it - their current training, their recent races and analyses, their high points as an athlete, their struggles, and their their fondest high school and college memories. There's no real concrete point to this series, and that's the beauty of it. It's just bringing back old friends and competitors - ones that used to be household names in the homes of Illinois high school runners - and hearing how they've been. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it.

Episode 1: Featuring:

Scott Anderson
Ryan Clevenger

Blake Evertsen

Jeremy Hayhurst

Peter Johnsrud

Andrew Marek

Robby Prescott

Jesse Reiser

Kevin Salvano

Sean Torpy