Furman University, Here Comes Lindsay Graham!

It is safe to say that Lindsay Graham (Sr., Glen Ellyn Glenbard West) was the top overall distance runner in 2013-14 (3A classification) and one of the best distance girls runners in the United States. The cross country season has not been kind to Lindsay at all as she has been sidelined with an injury. However, she built up a great resume and the residuals were tons of colleges vying for her services for the next four years.

Editor's personal note: On behalf of the entire MileSplit Illinois crew, congratulations on your college choice! You have been a staple for girls distance running in the state of Illinois over the past several years and we wish you nothing but the best at the next level.

Lindsay Graham: Thank you so much!

Furman University which is in the deep south coastal state of South Carolina. Please tell us how you arrived at the conclusion that it was the right college for you?

There were quite a few things I was looking for in a college. I chose Furman because it had endless resources for running, an on-campus trail and cross country course, a lovely campus, lack of polar vortex winters, small school population and class sizes, and because I really loved the other girls. When I went for my official visit, it was a big group of girls that came, and four of them committed shortly after. Not only are they wonderful people, but they are crazy good runners as well!

It has been public fact that you have been on a collegiate tour this fall ever since your cross country season was cut short. What other schools were you seriously considering?

The process of going on these visits was a hard one and it was very tiring. I was out of state almost every weekend, but I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to do that. There were certain elements of these schools that I really loved and were hard to say no to. I was choosing between Furman, Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles, Rice University in Houston, and Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

What are your career aspirations after your running career has been exhausted?

This is always a very important question to consider. At Furman I am not quite sure what I will major in, but I'll complete all my pre-requisites for Optometry school and hopefully become an Eye Doctor.

Now, let's talk a little running of the current sort. What have you been doing since the announcement that you were not going to be competing in cross country this fall?

I have to say that being injured is much harder than training healthy. It's a lot more time consuming and stressful. I'm up and running again (although not quite built up to much mileage) and I'm hoping that things are on the upswing. I feel as though they are!

The Illinois girls have been having a banner year in cross country including your teammate Lindsey Payne. Have you pondered what you would have ran if healthy?

To be honest I've never really thought about that. I do know, though, that I would be in company as this is a killer year for Illinois cross country.

Assuming you will be at strength health and mental wise for the upcoming track season, what goals do you have in mind?

I absolutely plan to be competing during track, but to focus more on the outdoor season (I'd like to have a good one this year!). My main goal is to be built up to my normal training level and to stay healthy. I will be happy with whatever time outcome that brings me.

Finally, what legacy do you want to leave behind considering your last cross country race was of you winning the state harrier title and a second place in the IHSA 3A 3200m championship?

I always hope that my legacy as a person is never just one of being an incredible runner. Of course that is nice, but I've prided myself mostly on a really great work ethic and serious dedication. I can only control what goes in, not what comes out; and I'd like people to remember me for always giving it everything I had.

Lindsay's Personal Records
  • 400m (in) - 1:02.93
  • 400m - 1:02.71
  • 800m (in) - 2:18.53
  • 1600m (in) - 4:55.19
  • 1600m - 5:01.03
  • 3200m (in) - 10:22.53
  • 3200m - 10:36.83
  • 3 Mile (xc) - 16:23.0