In Her Own Words: Sarah Bell

Hello, I know I have not blogged since indoor season and I apologize for that. Everything was crazy with ending my senior year including track and homework and prom and graduating and much more. However, I would like to end my high school track career with a blog to wrap things up.

Last weekend was my final high school track meet, the state finals. It was a very bittersweet moment for me because I had so much excitement although it was sad knowing it would be my last time putting on my Saints uniform. One of the great things about last weekend was the weather finally coming around. It was my first and last meet with great weather. Previously, I vaulted at sectionals with a 30 mph crosswind. The meet before contained delays due to lightning and thunderstorms. I knew that anything was possible at state because I had encountered so many different circumstances through out this outdoor track season and I was able to prevail through them. It definitely was a highlight jumping 13 feet at sectionals in that crosswind.

It was an early morning on Friday at prelims having to be at the track at 7:30. Fortunately, I did not have to do much vaulting. I came in at 10 feet 3 inches and they ended up taking 10 feet to finals, so I only had to make one jump. I also ran in two different relays, the 4x2 and the 4x4. Our 4x1 unfortunately missed qualifying by .2 seconds because of the awful wind that day. At state neither of our relays made it to finals due to poor handoffs. This was upsetting but at the same time I was glad I could focus everything on pole vault on Saturday.

Friday night I was actually sick with a fever and I had to leave my team and the dorm to stay at my dad’s hotel so I could get a good night sleep. This definitely helped because I felt much better in the morning. I had good warm ups on the track and I was ready to start my final competition. I came in at 11’6 and cleared the bar on my first attempt. I then passed to 12’3 and cleared it on my first attempt; I was the only person in the competition to clear that height so at that point I had become the 2013 state champion. I put the bar up to 12’9, which surpassed the previous 2A record of 12’6 set by my good friend Emily Grove. I was able to clear this bar on my first attempt as well, setting a new state record for my class. I was feeling good so after 12’9 I put the bar to 13’4 which would have been a new all class state record beating the previous one of 13’3. However, I did not have any great attempts at 13’4 and failed to clear the bar resulting in me exiting the competition at 12’9.

I had not jumped a PR this year due to horrible weather and not great situations, so I was hoping I could finally pull one off at state. Through out my high school years, I never PR’d at state and I was hoping my last could be the year. Although I didn’t achieve the height I wanted, I could not be more happy and proud. I was still able to jump a new record and gain another state championship. I truly do feel blessed and ecstatic for this journey I have been on and I thank God every day for the talents he has given me. I was also very thankful for having so many Flying Dragons at state to share and enjoy the moment with. No matter what, they are always there for me and vice versa and they have contributed so much to my life teaching me many great lessons. Although I am moving on from high school and starting a new journey at Vanderbilt University, I know I will always be a Dragon at heart.

I have had an amazing journey through out my high school years and I would not take back any of it. I feel very fortunate to end my career with three state championships and one  runner up finish. I was able to make great friends and lasting memories. Although it was little, I still feel honored to be able to share my experiences with all of you and thanks to Todd Grasley for giving me the opportunity to share my blogs on MileSplit.

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