St.Rita Co-Ed Open #3 2021

Chicago, IL

Meet Information

Kenwood BoysMather girls
St Laurence

Mather BoysBulls Prep Girls
Payton Boys

DRW Girls
Marist BoysLincoln Park Girls
Bulls Prep BoysEvanston Girls
DRW BoysThornwood girls
Lincoln Park boysPhillips Girls
Thronwood boysLycee Francais de Chicago Girls
Phillips Boys Rowe Clark Girls
Solorio BoysHyde Park Girls
Rowe Clark BoysSouthland College Prep Girls
Bloom Township?Payton
Lycee Francais de Chicago Boys

Do not register if you are not on this list, Thank you

Order of Events (This is accurate, not the info that came with the contract)

4:30 Boys Discus and Girls Shot Put..each open for at least 1hr

4:45 Long Jump (Triple Jump follows LJ) & High Jump- Three Jumps; Four Entries Per School

*Cafeteria Style, event open at least 1 hr*

4:45 4x800 Relay- 

4x100 Relay;

100/110m Hurdles Final- 

100m Dash Final- 

800m Run-

300m Hurdles- 

4x200m Relay- 

400m Run- 

1600m Run- 

200m Dash - 

4x400 Relay-