Whitney Young Invitational 2020

Chicago, IL

Meet Information

Whitney Young Invitational

Saturday, September 19th, 2020

At Humboldt Park

Schedule of races:

9:00 AM- Wave 1 Varsity Girls (4 teams TBA)

9:03 AM- Wave 2 Varsity Girls (3 teams TBA)

9:45 AM- Wave 1 Varsity Boys

9:48 AM- Wave 2 Varsity Boys

10:30 AM- Wave 1 Frosh Soph Girls

10:33 AM- Wave 2 Frosh Soph Girls

11:15 AM- Wave 1 Frosh Soph Boys

11:20 AM- Wave 2 Frosh Soph Boys

12:00 PM- Wave 1 JV Girls

12:05 PM- Wave 2 JV Girls

12:30 PM- Wave 1 JV Boys

12:35 PM- Wave 2 JV Boys

Entry limits (per team):

Varsity- 7 runners only per gender

Frosh Soph- 7 runners only per gender

JV- 12 runners per gender

Team scoring: In the Varsity and F/S races the first five runners will

count toward the team score with the lowest score winning. The Junior Varsity race will not have team scoring.

Awards: The top 10 individuals in each race will receive a medal. The first place team will receive a plaque (Varsity and FS only). There will be no awards ceremony. Awards will be given to coaches at the end of the meet.

Teams Invited: Whitney Young (host), Von Stuben, Taft, Payton, Jones, Lane, Mather, and Hancock. Other teams may be added at a later date.

Team Camps: Please keep your team camps socially distant from other teams.