45th Prospect Wanner Knight Invitational 2013

Prospect, IL


Prospect Invite Recap Story: Fast Times At Prospect High Tony Jones Apr 27, 2013

There is no doubt that the 2013 outdoor campaign is one of the most trying seasons in years.  It could be described as the “season from hell” on most days with the terrible weather that Chicagoland had to endure.  The latest saga was Prospect Stadium lights not functioning. The meet schedule would have to be altered to get the meet completed before darkness.  

45th Prospect Wanner Knight Invitational Preview Tony Jones Apr 26, 2013

Fi-Nal-ly! It appears as though Mother Nature will spare the faithful track and field community a decent weekend of warm weather for top-notched competition.  The projected mid to upper 60s should be more than good enough to break the seal on lackluster leaderboards and individual personal best stat sheets.