In His Own Words: Scott Milling

Hello everybody and thanks again for checking out my blog. This past weekend we ran at the Lake Park Regional.  Here is a brief recap of the race.
Our goal for the race was to have all 1-7 guys run together as a pack for at least the first two miles and just see what would happen from there. The race went off with Joe Atria of Addison Trail sprinting to the front as he set the pace for the first 400 meters. After this, the pace settled down with the pack coming through around 4:58 a pretty comfortable pace for everybody at the front. The next mile myself and Chris May took the lead and kept the pace, but unfortunately our pack was separating. At the two mile, we came through in 10:09 and me and Kyle Mattes decided to start pushing the pace. As we worked together, Chris May and Alex Mimlitz were battling with Lake Park’s Dakota Morales for the next three spots.  As we approached the track, Kyle and I ran side by side together till the finish line. Chris came through in third with Morales and Mimlitz following.  Alex Bashqawi came in 14th to round out our scoring.
We took home the regional title with 25 points. We wanted to run faster, but all is good and we are pumped for the next two weeks. We had an awesome workout yesterday and we are excited for this Saturday at the Niles West Sectional with their new course. Thanks again for coming back and hope ya’ll enjoyed the recap.

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