Distance Running 360: How Did The 2022-23 Class 2A Girls Do?


High school sports are 360 degrees in nature- a full circle. Most long-distance runners will begin their quest during the early months of summer training for cross country.

The three months of training that kids put in are an attempt to run in the state championship in November. For the few lucky ones, they will go on and compete in Nike Cross Nationals, Foot Locker, or some other post-season meet.

But what has been lost in the sauce is the entire school calendar which runs through the winter indoor campaign and finally back to the all-important outdoor track and field season.

We wanted to chronicle the very beginning and end. Obviously, some athletes get lazy after cross country or get hurt. Others may play other sports in the spring: lacrosse, club soccer, baseball, volleyball, etc.

(Disclaimer: state championship races typically are 800, 1600, 3200, and 4x800 are 12 field entries) If you have any questions or comments, email tonyprepster1@gmail.com

1. Tatum David (Sr., Olney [Richland County]) 17:05.06- 3200m state champion, 9:48.94 (personal best, US#1, IL#1 all-time); 1600m state champion, 4:34.30 PB  (US#3, IL#1 all-time); 800 (2:05.29 PB); 400 (58.57 PB)

2. Rachel Soukup (Sr., Crystal Lake (Prairie Ridge) 17:24.51- competed in 3A; 3200m state runner (10:16.61 PB); 8th pl/1600 (4:58.80)

3. Becca Heitzig (Sr., Lincoln) 17:50.99- 800m state champion, 2:08.04 PB; 1600m state runner up, 4:53.00 PB; 400 (57.5 PB); anchored 8th pl/4x400

4. Mia Kotler (So., Chicago (Latin) 17:57.97- did not compete in state series; 3200 (10:46.13)

5. Hannah Meiser (Sr., Bethalto (Civic Memorial) 18:10.46- 22nd pl/3200; 15th pl prelims/1600 

6. Julie Bach (Fr., Normal (Community West) 18:11.43- competed in 3A; 18th pl/3200 (11:08.76 PB)

7. Ava Henne (Fr., Grayslake Central) 18:13.05- did not run track (played soccer) 

8. Paige-Elicia Caruth (Jr., Lake Villa (Lakes) 18:13.93- 10th pl/3200 (11:17.57)

9. Zoe Carter (So., Normal (University) 18:16.74- 5th pl/1600 (5:07.64 PB); 4th pl/3200 (10:47.38 PB)

10. Lucia Ton-That (So., Chicago Northside Prep) 18:16.78- 5th pl/800 (2:16.48); 1600 (5:11.02 PB)

11. Sophia Ramirez (Fr., Washington) 18:16.85- competed in 3A; ran in 4x800 prelims; 5th pl/1600 (4:54.85 PB); 800 (2:17.54 PB)

12. Josephine Dziedzic (Sr., Chicago Payton) 18:17.21- 9th pl/1600 (5:13.29 PB); ran on 10th place 4x800; 3200 (11:15.32 PB)

13. Colette Kinsella (Sr., LaGrange Park (Nazareth Academy) 18:17.70- 5th pl/3200 (10:51.62 PB); 1600 (5:14.23 PB)

14. Joy Dudley (Sr., Morris) 18:21.76- 9th pl/3200, 11:08.11 PB

15. Colleen Zeibert (Sr., Rochester) 18:28.72- anchored 4x800 to state title; state runner up 800m (2:13.00); 3200 (10:50.60 PB); 1600 (4:57.83 PB)

16. Sarah Armstrong (Jr., Grayslake Central) 18:30.17- competed in 3A; ran only indoor season- 800 (2:26.96 PB)

17. Bella Daley (Sr., Oak Park ([Fenwick]) 18:39.22- 11th pl/3200 (11:23.01 PB); 1600 (5:13.28 PB)

18. Sofia Munoz (Sr., Mt. Zion) 18:42.32- 4th pl/800 (2:15.47 PB); 8th pl/1600 (5:11.28) 

19. Becca Runyan (Sr., Lake Villa (Lakes) 18:48.55- ran on 5th pl 4x800

20. Isabella Gonzalez (Sr., Crystal Lake South) 18:49.74; competed in 3A; 9th pl/3200 (10:48.86 PB)

21. Makensi Martin (So., Morris) 18:49.78- did not advance to state in any events; 300H (51.35 PB)

22. Margaret Andrzejewski (Fr., Wheaton [St. Francis]) 18:52.97- ran on state 4x800 in prelims; 1600 (5:31.68 PB)

23. Izzy Bing (So., Mundelein (Carmel) 18:53.09- 12th pl/1600, 5:17.37 PB; 17th pl/3200, 11:23.12 PB

24. Jocelyn Onstot (Sr., Cary-Grove) 18:54.28- competed in 3A; did not advance to state in any events; 800 (2:22.54 PB)

25. Jordan Sutter (Fr., Grayslake Central) 18:55.40- Did not run track (played soccer in the spring)