The Lockport Boys 4x800 hit like an atomic bomb!


In case you were at the IHSA Girls State Championship or partaking in one of the numerous boys state sectionals from around the state. However, the track and field world paused for a long moment when they heard about what transpired at the Lockport Sectional on Thursday evening. All season long we waited for Hinsdale Central and Sandburg to unleash their true potential in the 4x800m relay... well it all came together at the right time! It was an All-American performance by the entire field.


Hinsdale Central US#2

Aden Bandukwala (1:53.2), Grant Miller (1:58.0), Kyle Doorhy (1:58.0), Colby Revord (1:52.5) 

Sandburg- US#3

Sean Marquardt (1:56.xx), Declan Tunney (1:56.xx), Trent Anderson (1:57.xx), Brock Rice (1:53.xx)