Ava Parekh Runs #3 All-Time Deuce At VA Showcase

Check out one of the fastest indoor two-mile races of all-time 


Virginia Beach, VA-

Only a fraction of the state's entrants showed up to attend and compete in the season's most explosive indoor track and field meet- the VA Showcase. One such attendee was Ava Parekh who was ready to make her 2021 debut. The junior from Chicago Latin came out of her winter slumber just in time to match up against some of the stiffest competition in the state.

In Parekh's first race of the season, she was a little hesitant about Saturday's mile. But she did quite well dropping a state-leading 4:55.60 (1600m en route about 4:53.89+). IL#1/US#5 is something to be proud of.

On Sunday, who knew how the legs would feel for the deuce. The field coming in was absolutely loaded with titans Sydney Thorvaldson (Rawlings, WY) and Brynn Brown (Denton, TX) leading the charge, you all knew it was going to be great. Thorvaldson would go on to defeat Brown with the second and third fastest ever times in 9:47.95-9:51.00. 

Parekh floated around with Audrey Dadamio of Birmingham , MI at different parts of the race as she hit the first 1600m in 5:02.44. Parekh's able to maintain her poise at the most critical part of the race during the middle section. However, she brought it home with a fourth place finish in 10:17.76. Parekh dropped a state best as well as US#4 for the yard race and metric discipline. In addition, she moves to #3 all-time indoors for IL girls through all conversions. 

Parekh's metric splits: 400) 1:11.898 [1:11.898], 800) 2:27.765 [1:15.867], 1200) 3:44.557 [1:16.792],

1600) 5:02.446 [1:17.889], 2000) 6:20.611 [1:18.165], 2400) 7:39.202 [1:18.591],

2800) 8:56.826 [1:17.624], 3200) 10:14.625 [1:17.799],- 2mile: 10:17.759 [3.135]