Do You Remember When... Jesse Reiser Won The Arcadia 3200m

The race of the day was the Boys Invitational 3200m which featured many of the nation's best long-distance runners. For the Illinois crew, it was seniors Jesse Reiser (McHenry), Zach Dale (Hoffman Estates Conant), Ryan Clevenger (Downers Grove North), and junior Kevin Salvano of Buffalo Grove who ventured to beautiful California.

Reiser was considered the event's top returner and remarkably the pre-race hype did not faze him. The first few laps were pretty unassuming until the pace hit 4:28 at the first half set by Loyola CA's Robert Brandt. Brandt had a two-second gap on the field but it was fool's gold with Reiser, Dale and few other heavyweights lurking.

Finally, on the bell lap, it was Reiser swinging his body (mostly head) in an unorthodox position fighting to get into position for a final strike. Reiser battled standout Elijah Armstrong of Pocatello, ID, Dale, Caleb Webb of Big Bear, CA, and a few more on the final homestretch. Reiser ran guts out all the way through the finish line and did not celebrate until he was sure that victory was his. And it was in a US#1 8:52.00.

Event 35 Men 3200 Meter Run Invitational (Top 5)


Name Year School Finals


1 Jesse Reiser 12 McHenry (Il) 8:52.00

4:28.634 (4:28.634)5:37.159 (1:08.526)6:44.756 (1:07.597)

7:51.975 (1:07.220)8:51.994 (1:00.020)

2 Elijah Armstrong 12 Pocatello 8:52.16

4:29.016 (4:29.016)5:37.103 (1:08.087)6:45.159 (1:08.057)

7:51.758 (1:06.599)8:52.151 (1:00.394)

3 Caleb Webb12 Big Bear /ss 8:52.27

4:28.740 (4:28.740)5:36.767 (1:08.027)6:44.944 (1:08.178)

7:51.989 (1:07.045)8:52.270 (1:00.282)

4 Zach Dale 12 Conant (Il) 8:52.62

4:28.892 (4:28.892)5:37.379 (1:08.487)6:45.281 (1:07.903)

7:52.125 (1:06.845)8:52.619 (1:00.495)

5 Benjamin Veatch 11 Carmel (In) 8:53.42

4:29.370 (4:29.370)5:37.494 (1:08.124)6:45.405 (1:07.912)

7:52.304 (1:06.899)8:53.413 (1:01.110)