How To Survive The Coronavirus For The Student-Athlete

Schools are closing, stores are emptied and the media is freaking us all out!

The development and rapid spread of the Coronavirus has everyone in a panic, and for good reason. As of March 14th, there were 66 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Illinois alone.

We have to stop the spread of the virus and take care of ourselves as best we can. As runners, the small steps we take can lead to huge impacts. 

The good news is, we can still run. Make sure to wash your hands before and after you go out for a workout or recovery run. Running with teammates is safe, but do refrain from shaking their hands during or after a good run. A friendly fist bump can achieve the same effect while reducing the spread of germs by 90%. As much as it pains me to say it, refrain from cuddles and hugs for now. Fist bumps are fine.

More seriously, remember to stay conditioned during these next few weeks of unorganized practice. The outdoor season will be here when we get back, and the work that we do now will pay off then. Run with your teammates as motivation to get your workouts done, but make sure none of them are sick or feeling ill. 

Take this time off from school to improve your time management skills. Get schoolwork done, but still make sure to have time for running and face timing with your friends. Maybe add a new ab routine to your day, or run a new route you haven't tried before! Take this time to catch up on some sleep and calm yourself. 

Everything seems so surreal right now, but just know that everyone is just as confused as you are. 

Let this article be a sign to you. Do more things for yourself this 'break'. Make it a goal to come back to the track season as a stronger athlete than you left. 

Just always remember to take care of yourself and your family while we deal with this pandemic. Even though you may not be at high risk, some of your loved ones are. It is our duty to care for and protect our parents and grandparents because they have done the same for us. They raised our generation, and it's so important to give back to them. This is how we can. Wash your hands for your loved ones. Don't hang out in large groups and take this virus seriously, for your loved ones. We are going to get through this together. 

Thank you for reading this. Please do what small steps you can to prevent the spread of COVID-19 for your friends and family. And whatever you do, don't pay anyone $20 for a squirt of their hand sanitizer.