Plainfield South Regional Moves Favorites To Sectionals

Freshman Kayla Shea came out to shine in her first post-season race


Plainfield, IL

With Weather being quite chilly on a dreary Saturday morning, many fans probably wondered how times would fair at a not always fast Hammel Woods. The forest preserve provided a venue with many previous all-state boy runners never breaking the 15:00 barrier on it. However, we were able to witness but it proved to show some fast performances across the board.

Bolingbrook senior Tyler Cushing led the boy's race from the gun while being closely trailed by Lockport's Jacob Hinchley coming through the mile at 4:52. The pace started to get to Hinchley as he dropped back and it was all Cushing who came through then at 10:06 and 15:11 for the 2nd mile and finish. The team battle was close as two points separated Sandburg's B team with a score of 52 points and Plainfield North who scored 54 points.

1Sandburg High School526+8+11+13+14 (23+24)0:19 1-5 Split | 16:29 Avg
2Plainfield North High School543+5+12+16+18 (32+50)0:42 1-5 Split | 16:25 Avg
3Plainfield South High School654+9+10+15+27 (30+37)0:52 1-5 Split | 16:35 Avg
4Lockport Twp. High School702+7+17+19+25 (41+42)1:03 1-5 Split | 16:30 Avg
5Plainfield Central High School13320+22+28+29+34 (35+46)0:26 1-5 Split | 17:01 Avg
6Stagg High School14921+26+31+33+38 (40+45)0:32 1-5 Split | 17:06 Avg


The girl's race was absolutely dominated by Lockport who for the whole race led in the 1-6 position. Coming through the mile at 5:58 the Porters kept rolling all the way to the line with freshman Kayla Shea winning in 18:51.60. 

1Lockport Twp. High School151+2+3+4+5 (6+14)0:32 1-5 Split | 19:08 Avg
2Plainfield North High School779+13+16+18+21 (23+27)0:41 1-5 Split | 20:04 Avg
3Sandburg High School967+8+11+34+36 (43+50)1:51 1-5 Split | 20:14 Avg
4Bolingbrook High School10612+15+22+24+33 (39+42)1:13 1-5 Split | 20:25 Avg
5Plainfield South High School12617+25+26+28+30 (44+57)0:40 1-5 Split | 20:40 Avg