Class A Boys Pre-Season Preview: Unclassified Section

The 2019 cross country season is here! Everyone seems to be talking about who will be in our top 25 teams and as there are so many great teams this year! Sadly some great teams are left out of our top 25. The purpose of this article is to show some love to our teams that just missed out.



Head Coach: Chris Mosley

Last year's finish: 13th- Decatur (St. Teresa) Sectional

Key Returners: Cody Rohdemann (Sr.), Will Miller (Jr.), Breyton Beck (So.)

Projected Top 7: Rohdemann, Miller, Beck, Zach Hood (Jr.), James Friedman (Jr.), Matt Grabb (So.), Calvin Miller (Fr.) 

Newcomer: Calvin Miller (Fr.)

Key losses: Will McClain has graduated and moved on to Illinois Math and Science Academy.

Coach Mosley's Outlook: Team has put in good work this summer, and will continue to build momentum as the season goes.


Head Coach/Coaches: Eric Kirkpatrick

Last Year's Finish: 9th- Benton Sectional

Key Returners: Payton Hilliard, Landon Swiney, Jon Gomes, David Gomes, Wendell Swiney, Nathan Smith

Projected Top 7: Hilliard, Swiney, J. Gomes, D. Gomes, Killian, Smith, Slayde Huntley (So.)

Newcomers: Slayde Huntley (So), Reece Tilley (Jr.), Brian Winter (Jr.)

Coach Kirkpatrick's Outlook: I am excited about the guy's team this year. We are coming off of our first conference championship in 35 years and we are hoping to build on that success.  


Head Coach/Coaches: Mike Lucas

Last Year's Finish: 26th- State Championship

Key Returners: Ethan Schikel, Sam Fogarty, Carson Gregory, Paul Giordano, Weiland Torkelson

Projected Top 7: Schikel, Fogarty, Gregory, Giordano, Torkelson, Leighton Gerdes, Noah Parra

Newcomers: Donovan Murphy (Jr.), Mason Christanson (Jr.)

What Spot Do You Feel Your Team Should Be Ranked At?: I feel we could earn our way into a

top 25 team with solid running at the Morris Early Bird Invite and the First to the Finish race at

Detweiller. At this time I feel a bubble team would be an accurate assessment.

Key Losses (Transfers or People That Quit The Team): none

Coach Lucas's Outlook: The 2019 Pontiac xc squad is a talented squad that could repeat last

years success - however, I as the coach must find the proper training sequence to facilitate that


Minonk (Fieldcrest)

Head Coach: Carol Bauer

Last Year's Finish: 10th- Oregon Sectional

Key Returners: Victor Echeveste (Jr.), Andrew Gochanour (Sr.), Ryan Gochanour (Sr.), Christian Skaggs (Jr.), Andy Wiesenhofer (Sr.), Connor Gochanour (Sr.)

Projected Top 7: Echeveste, A. Gochanour, R. Gonchanour, Skaggs, Wiesenhofer, C. Gochanour, Mason Stoeger (So.)

Key Additions: Mason Stoeger (So.)

Unexpected Losses: None

Coach Bauer's Outlook: I feel we may surprise a few people this year. While we were a decent cross country team last year it was on the track that the boys really shined. Ryan, Andrew, Christian, and Andy all set huge 800 PR's to advance to state in the 4X8. The four of them plus Victor all were under 5 minutes for the mile and set new best times. I tend to undertrain my athletes, believing that college is where they should hit their peak so they have yet to tap in on their potential. That is starting to change. Summer running has been going very well for the top six and they have logged more miles at a higher intensity than they ever have before. With six of the top seven back and healthy I'm excited about what this year will bring.


Head Coach/Coaches: Ryan Bruns/Hunter Queen

Last Year's Finish: 8th- Benton Sectional

Key Returners: Daniel Garavaglia (Jr.), Steven Hirte (Jr.), Daniel Martin (So.), Trent Morgenstern (Jr.), Ethan Baggert (So.)

Projected Top 7: Garavagika, Hirte, Martin, Morgenstern, Baggert, David Wagner (Fr.), Nick Greer (Fr.)

Key Additions: David Wagner (Fr.), Nick Greer (Fr.), Brayden Schubert (Fr.), Dawson Chaney (Fr.), Dylan Bledsoe (Fr.)

Coach Bruns' Outlook: If we stay healthy, I hope we will be able to improve and have a chance to qualify for state by the end of the year.