Cross Country Season Begins With Class A Girls Unclassified

Welcome to the 2019 Cross Country Season! It has been a long time coming but we are finally back on the scene. Last year was an intriguing time period where the unimaginable happened- the top seed Tolono (Unity) lost the state championship and took home the third-place trophy... this fall promises to offer so much more. 

Unclassified teams-

Unclassified means teams not quite in the top 25 or ranked, but are on the verge of being noticed by the masses. Unclassified teams are dangerous because they have a chip on their shoulders and will do anything and everything to prove everyone wrong. Don't be surprised if several of these teams get into the rankings at some point during the season and even make it to state.

Gook luck to all!

2019 Cross Country Promo

Cross Country 2019 Is On The Horizon; Catch It If You Can!

Emerging Girls Ready To Be Top Performers