Distance Running 360: How Did 2018-19 Class 1A Boys Do?


High school sports are 360 degrees in nature- a full circle if you will. Most long distance runners will begin their quest during the early months of summer training for cross country. The three months of training that kids put in are an attempt to run in the state championship in November. For the few lucky ones, they will go on and compete in Nike Cross Nationals, Foot Locker or some other post-season meet. But what has been lost in the sauce is the entire school calendar which runs through the winter indoor campaign and finally back around to the all-important outdoor track and field season. We wanted to chronicle the very beginning and end. Obviously, some athletes get lazy after cross country or hurt. Others may play other sports in the spring:  lacrosse, club soccer, baseball, volleyball, etc.

(Disclaimer: we may closely examine places in individual events and provide a deeper context to state final placement: i.e. 12/12 or "last") 
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1Christopher Collet- Double state champion (1600/3200); clocked 4:17.86 and 9:25.88 PB's12Seneca High School14:45.251
2Garrett Dixon- Competed in 2A; 3200 state-runner up, 1600 (7th pl); 9:11.45 & 4:23.28 PBs12Monticello High School14:56.882
3Negus Bogard- Placed 8th state/3200 (9:48.29 PB); 3rd/1600... 4:23.11 PB11Robinson High School15:06.153
4Jackson Stewart- DID NOT RUN TRACK12Decatur St. Teresa High School15:07.670
5Dawson Smith- Competed in 2A; 3rd pl state/3200... 9:25.64 PB11Rock Falls High School15:10.454
6Spencer Mauch-  Placed 15th state/3200... 10:01.44 PB; 1600/14th state prelims (4:33.02 PB)12Newman Central Catholic High School15:10.775
7Miles Sheppard-  Placed 3rd in state/3200 (9:40.90); 1600 prelim (17th- 4:35.77 PB)9Hamilton-Warsaw- West Hancock HS15:11.420
8Colby Johnson- 1600/23rd state prelim;  Placed 6th in state/4x800m (8:08.12); 800 (2:03.34); 3200 (10:42.56)11DeeMack High School15:12.050
9Cort Ross- Placed 7th state/1600... 4:26.26 PB; 9th pl/3200 (9:50.18)11Casey-Westfield High School15:13.460
10Noah Smith- Placed 10th state/3200 (9:53.50 SB); 1600/13th in state prelim (4:32.73 SB)12El Paso-Gridley High School15:14.066
11Drew Rogers- Competed in 2A; State 14th/3200; 1600 (4:40.76)9Herscher High School15:16.567
12Ryder James- Competed in 2A; State 7th/3200... 9:35.52 PB; 1600 (4:30.28)9Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School15:17.428
13Isaiah Ditta- Competed in state prelim 27th/1600m (4:43.74); Placed 19th in the 3200m at state; 3200 (9:58.13i); ran leg on team's state's 12th place 4x800 team (8:31.14)11Central High School (Clifton)15:18.809
14Leland Sumer- Ran leg on state 4x800 that placed 7th in the state (8:08.36); 1600 prelim (28th place, 4:43.92); 3200 (10:27.19)11Tremont High School15:19.910
15Cameron Woodard- Competed in 2A; did not advance to state in any events; 1600 (4:34.66 PB); 3200 (10:22.31 SB)12Tolono Unity High School15:20.050
16Jeremy Snejberg- Ran on team's 4x800 that took 12th at state (8:31.14); 1600 (4:48.12)12Central High School (Clifton)15:22.8710
17Cree Stumpf- Competed in 2A; did not advance to state in any events; 1600 (4:45.14 PB); 3200 (9:57.37 PB)12Roxana High School15:25.1311
18Shay Hafner- Placed 5th in state 3200 (9:45.05 PB); 1600 (4:39.70 SB)12Newman Central Catholic High School15:27.2712
19Noah Mcintyre- State runner-up/1600... ran 4:25.58 PB; 800 (2:00.20 PB); 3200 (9:56.20 PB)11Athens Senior High School15:27.5713
20Aryan Lalwani- Placed 24th state prelim 1600... 4:33.97 PB; Ran 4x800m in prelims (3rd place, 8:11.73); 3200 (9:57.61); 800 (2:05.15i)10Urbana University High School15:29.7814
21Layton Hall- Placed 7th state/3200... clocked 9:45.11 PB; 1600 (18th prelim/4:35.88)10Arthur-Lovington-Atwood- Hammond HS15:30.930
22Caelin Foley- Took 8th in 1600m (4:33.50); State Runner-Up in the 3200m; 800 (2:05.53 PB); 3200 (9:56.02 PB); 1600 (4:26.67 PB)12Galva High School15:31.580
23Tristan Olpin- Placed 13th state/3200... 9:49.68 PB; 1600/state-11th... 4:27.56 PB; 800 (2:07.69i)11Rockford Keith Country Day High School15:31.900
24Matt Gedraitis- Placed 21st state/3200... 10:15.24 PB; 1600 (4:48.98 SB)12Westmont High School15:32.000
25Kyle Johnson- Competed in 2A; did not advance to state in any event; 3200 (10:01.76); 1600 (4:45.87 SB)12Eureka High School15:34.2715