Distance Running 360: How Did 2017-18 Class 1A Boys Do?

Wyatt McIntyre speaks after his harrier title win in Peoria

High school sports are 360 degrees in nature- a full circle if you will. Most long distance runners will begin their quest during the early months of summer training for cross country. The three months of training that kids put in are an attempt to run in the state championship in November. For the few lucky ones, they will go on and compete in Nike Cross Nationals, Foot Locker or some other post-season meet. But what has been lost in the sauce is the entire school calendar which runs through the winter indoor campaign and finally back around to the all-important outdoor track and field season. We wanted to chronicle the very beginning and end. Obviously, athletes get lazy after cross country or hurt. Some play other sports in the spring-like lacrosse, soccer, baseball, volleyball, etc.