Class 2A Girls State Championship Preview:

The electric Cahokia girls squadron is making a name for themselves too (Cahokia girls track photo credit)

The surface temperature is expected to be in the upper 60s to the lower 70s. By all accounts this is a perfect mix for track and field: not too hot and not too cold. Regardless of what the climes are it is expected to be hot on the track and in the field courtesy of O'Brien Stadium on the campus of Eastern Illinois University.

Cahokia Head Coach Roscoe Dowell and his Comanches are the female version of the boys in terms of winning consecutive state titles. The boys have won five straight and the girls got two in the coffers and will be a heavy favorite for their third one this weekend. All you need to know is junior Mariya Hudson and senior Rayneshia Lewis. They are arguably the best duo in the state and have a boatload of gold medals to prove it.

Other teams could put a dent in the Lady Comanches plans though. The sneaky squad from tiny Dunlap will aim to siphon away some major points in a variety of areas. It will start with the colorful duo of freshman Kiara Pauli and sophomore Aanise Sajna. Pauli was the IESA 100m champion last year. She has not been bullied by the more experienced vets of sprinting. The Eagles success will not be limited to the sprints though. Relays and distance units will be expected to give maximum output by the time Saturday rolls around. And sprinkle in some points from the almighty field events and you have a strong mix.

Brooks College Prep, Chicago North Lawndale Charter, and Maple Park Kaneland will be fight for a trophy.