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Dr. Conrad Worrill Track & Field Center at Gately Park


Chicago, IL

Date: Saturday, December 3rd 2022



Time: 10:00am-3:00pm

Age: (Open)  Gender Specific Age Groups: 8 & under, 9-12, 13-16, 17-18, 19-34, 35 & over

Meet Contact: Craig Collins,

Registration Fee: $15/event via Paypal. Meet Registration Ends ***11/29/22 at 11:00PM CST***

Admission: $2.00 adults/FREE for children under 12 yrs. of age

Payment Options:

1. Online Via MileSplit Registration

2. Paypal

3. Scan QR code below.

Purchase spectator Tickets HereTBD

Concessions will be available

Spike Policy: The only acceptable spikes allowed on the Track & Field Center track surface are no longer than 1/4 inch pyramid spikes. No pin and needle spikes allowed. All spikes must be checked prior to competition. For the complete Spike Policy at The Dr. Conrad Worrill Track & Field Ctr Park, please visit: 



Chicago Gately Park Open 2022 - Meet Information

Facility Information

All competing athletes and spectators must enter through The Dr. Conrad Worrill Track & Field Centers main entrance. Athletes will not be admitted on the competitive floor unless they are scheduled for their event within 45 minutes.


Packets will be available for pickup as athletes enter the arena. Each packet will have:


  • A bib with pins

  • Schedule of Events

  • Maps of the facility for locations of designated restrooms, exit and entry point

 Restrooms and hand sanitizer are available throughout the facility.

  Running Event Information

Athletes will wear their bibs on the front of their tops. 

 Warm-ups may take place on the North and West ends of the arena. You may go back outside to warm up along the park area on the East side of the facility. Please have your bib # on prior to going outside - that will be your ticket to get back in the building.

 Clerking for all running events will be done on the Northwest side of the arena. 

 All athletes should not enter the clerking area until a call is made for their event. Only one (1) call to check-in will occur fifteen (15) minutes before their scheduled event. Athletes will enter the clerking area from the assigned warm-up area and will line up by heat in the clerking area. ATHLETES NEED TO COME RACE READY.


Because all events will be seeded prior to competition, every athlete should know their heat and lane assignment. 

 All running events will be FAT timed.

 No outside starting blocks will be allowed into the facility.

 High school hurdle markings and heights will be used - 33 for women, 39 for men for all races.

 Absolutely NO spitting, nose blowing or other similar action will be permitted in any capacity except in restrooms and garbage cans within the facility. 

 Competitors will exit the track immediately after their race and proceed to the stands or near the designated warm-up areas.


Field Event Information

Check-in is required at the event site for all field events.

Implements will be weighed during check in.  Check-in for Throwing Events will take place  1hr prior to the start of the event: 9:00amfor Shot Putand 11:30amfor Weight Throwor immediately after the end of the Shot Put.

Athletes must bring their own implements. 

Schedule of Events

Tentative Schedule - All FAT timed


(Women First, then Men)(Men First, then Women) 

Running Events will begin at 11:00am and this Field Events will begin at 10:00am and this 

will be a rolling schedulewill be a rolling schedule

Field Events 

10:00am Shot Put 
10:00am Long Jump 
 10:30am Pole Vault
12:30pm Weight Throw
Track Events

11:00am60m Hurdles 

(HS Markings - 33 Girls; 39 Boys 

 19 & Over Markings - 33 Women; 42 Men) 

60m Dash  

400m Dash 

800m Dash 

University 5K 

200m Dash 

Chicago Mag Mile