St. Ignatius Invitational #8 2021

Chicago, IL

Meet Information

Here is information about our meet on Wednesday, May 26.  The time schedule is tentative, of course.  We will start the meet as close as we can to 4:00 PM, however.


Please make meet entries for Illinois Prep Top Timing at  Deadline is Monday, May 24 at 12:00 PM.  You will get an email invite to register.


We will need your help with some of the field events.  Kids are fine for raking, but you need to supply an adult to help run a field event: We will make work assignments when we see entries.  Long jump (  ), Triple jump (  ), pole vault (Ignatius), and high jump (  ).  SP and Discus:  Ignatius, but we need help.


Please note that we are running at our new track across Roosevelt Road, south from our school, use 1001 W Roosevelt, or 1220 S Morgan, as addresses.  A convenient drop off location would be at the Wolfgate on Morgan Street, south of Roosevelt.


Other details:

 8-lane, 400-meter all-weather track.  Spikes allowed, but short spikes might be best.  This track is across from the school at Morgan and Roosevelt.

 This is a one-level meet, but we will do our best to seed athletes of a similar level in each race.  You can help by providing realistic seed times. Please supply an estimated seed time for every athlete you can estimate.

 Please complete registration and entries at Milesplit  by Monday, May 24 12:00 PM.  For meet entry questions, contact

 Entries are unlimited in each event.

 Waterfall and Super-alley starts for  3200, 800, and 1600.

 You will get full results for all participants.

 We will allow scratches and substitutions on the day of the event.  But it is easier to scratch or even just substitute where runners have already been entered in races and assigned lanes, so keep that in mind as you prepare your entries.  When in doubt, enter the athlete!

 We are asking that all track meet athletes stay off the soccer/football field during the competition.  Prepare and relax in your camps. 

 We will make camps on the West side of the track, outside the track and fence.  First team to arrive should go all the way south.  The next team should take a spot ten feet away, and so on.  Please keep your teams separate as much as possible.

 Athletes should warm up outside the track.  There are fields and sidewalks available for warm up running.  This is a meet, not a practice; we have to limit activity and coaching inside the track as much as possible.  We will have some hurdles available for warm up before the meet on the sprint straightaway.

 There are no spectators from other schools allowed at the meet.  Please bring participating athletes only.  If parents still attend, they should sit outside the fenced in areas of the track.  There should be no parents in the team camps area to the west of the track.


Tentative Schedule

4:15  Field Events

Long Jump (cafeteria for 45 minutes, 4:30-5:15

High Jump  (boys and girls combined)

Shot put (boys and girls combined)


5:15 Field Events 2

Triple Jump (cafeteria for 45 minutes-5:15-6:00, boys and girls combined), follows LJ

Pole Vault (boys and girls combined)

Discus (boys and girls combined)


Girls first, then boys.

4:00      4x100 (1 team, plus exhibition teams)

4:15      3200 (boys and girls combined)

4:30      100 H (Girls)

4:45      110 HH  (Boys)

5:00      100

5:30      800

5:50      4x200 (1 team, plus exhibition teams)

6:00      400

6:20      300 IH

6:35      1600

7:00      200

7:25      4x400

7:40      Meet finished