CPS Co-Ed Championships

Chicago, IL


Chicago Public League Kicks Off Conference Championship Week May 6, 2014

The upcoming Ninth Annual Chicago Public Schools Co-Ed Track and Field Championships may be one of the best and most competitive meets since the inception back in 2006. The preliminary meet will begin on Tuesday May 6 for the girls and Wednesday May 7 for the boys. The co-ed championship will take place on Saturday May 10. All races will be held at refurbished Hanson Stadium.

Chicago Public League Boys Trials Forecast Fast Final May 8, 2014

The Chicago Public Schools is a unique entity in itself because it's the third largest school district in the country. In the past the bureaucracy of said entity often caused more harm than good. There was no point lower in the CPS track and field world when then esteemed Chicago Tribune sports columnist Barry Temkin wrote a lightening rod piece that contained these comments: "That mission is to breathe significant life into track and field in Chicago's public schools, where it has all but hit bottom in the years since gas cost 50 cents per gallon. That was the cost in 1974, when Richard Nixon was trying to run from Watergate..."