Distance Running 360: How Did The 2022-23 Class A Girls Do?


High school sports are 360 degrees in nature- a full circle. Most long-distance runners will begin their quest during the early months of summer training for cross country.

The three months of training that kids put in are an attempt to run in the state championship in November. For the few lucky ones, they will go on and compete in Nike Cross Nationals, Foot Locker, or some other post-season meet.

But what has been lost in the sauce is the entire school calendar which runs through the winter indoor campaign and finally back to the all-important outdoor track and field season.

We wanted to chronicle the very beginning and end. Obviously, some athletes get lazy after cross country or get hurt. Others may play other sports in the spring: lacrosse, club soccer, baseball, volleyball, etc

(Disclaimer: state championship races typically are 800, 1600, 3200, and 4x800 are 12 field entries) If you have any questions or comments, email tonyprepster1@gmail.com

1. Mabry Bruhn (Sr., Monticello) 17:08.50- competed in 2A; did not advance to state in any events; ran 11:01.40 (3200m PB)

2. Sundara Weber (Fr., Sandwich) 17:26.40- 2A State 3200m runner up (10:31.67 PB); 3rd/1600, 4:59.18 PB, 800 (2:18.00)

3. Louisa Wilson (So., Williamsville) 17:27.00- 20th pl state prelims/1600

4. Kennady Anderson (Jr., Kewanee (Wethersfield) 17:45.70- 6th place/800; 7th pl/1600; 4th pl/3200

5. Molly Farrell (Fr., Marshall) 17:47.90- 3200 State Champion, 10:34.17 PB; 1600 State Runner Up, 5:00.05 PB

6. Grace Erb (Sr., Winnebago) 17:49.40- ran on State Championship 4x800 relay; 4th pl/800; 

7. Kaitlyn Hatley (Jr., Glen Carbon (Father McGivney) 17:49.90- 800m State Runner Up (2:16.91); ran on state runner up 4x800; ran on 3rd place 4x400

8. Ahry Comer (Jr., Golconda (Pope County) 17:51.10- 800 State Champ, 2:09.95 PB; 400 State Champ (56.85); 1600 (4:59.69 PB)

9. Eden Mueller (Sr., Mercer County) 18:01.60- Placed 5th/3200 (10:59.39 PB), 8th/1600, 5:05.16 PB

10. Miah Gilmore (So., Murphysboro) 18:04.30- 14th pl prelim/1600 (5:24.03) PB

11. Mackenzie Pound (Fr., Tolono [Unity]) 18:05.80- competed in 2A; ran on state runner up 4x800; 12th pl/800, 2:20.89 PB

12. Evelyn O'Connor (So., Seneca) 18:07.20- 7th pl/800 (2:19.68); ran on state champ 4x400; ran on 5th pl 4x800

13. Emily Downing (Fr., Cambridge) 18:13.20- 5th pl/800 (2:18.57 PB); 5th pl/1600 (5:09.77 PB); 6th pl/3200 (11:11.68 PB)

14. Savanna Franzen (So., St. Joe-Ogden) 18:13.80- competed on state prelim 4x800; 9th pl/1600

15. Marissa Roggensack (Sr., Winnebago) 18:15.50- ran on State Champ 4x800 relay

16. Chiara Surtz (So., Aurora (Rosary) 18:15.80- 16th/3200, 11:28.58 PB

17. Kate Ahmari (Sr., Urbana University) 18:17.50- 14th pl/3200; 19th pl prelims/1600

18. Nora Brady (Sr., Bloomington (Central Catholic) 18:18.90- 6th pl/1600, 5:09.97 PB; 7th pl/3200, 11:03.88 PB

19. Emily Decker (So., Tolono [Unity]) 18:19.30- Competed in 2A; ran on state runner up 4x800; 19th pl prelim/1600

20. Caroline Tepe (Fr., Okawville) 18:24.80- 21st pl prelim/800

21. Sydney Gertsen (Fr., Lombard [Montini]) 18:25.90- Competed in 2A; 8th pl/3200 (11:15.93 PB)

22. Anna Enderle (Sr., Palos Heights (Chicago Christian) 18:26.80- 9th pl/3200 (11:45.50 PB)

23. Vanessa Teel (So., Pinckneyville) 18:29.00- 25th pl prelim/400, 1:01.58 PB

24. Kate Foltz (Fr.,Tuscola) 18:30.20- 10th pl/1600, 5:03.66 PB; 3200 state runner up (10:53.32 PB)

25. Brodie Denny (Sr., Anna-Jonesboro) 18:30.30- 7th pl/1600 (5:10.93)