The Raw Truth: The Role Of A Pacer... Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown breaks down the role of a pacesetter- @ The Badgers Windy City Invitational

"It's a thankless job but somebody has to do it," as the mantra goes precisely in the case of a race pacer. 

Track and field is a unique sport in a lot of respects because of the nuances within it. For example, in distance races that desire an early fast tempo, meet directors will often seek hired guns called pace setters. They will deliberately manipulate a pace and set up the balance so it will be easier for key runners to set a meet record, personal bests, or more.

The sport itself benefits because of the entertainment value that a pacer adds to setting up races.

One such pacer is accomplished pacer Stephanie Brown, Brown is a professional runner who has competed for NIKE in recent years. She previously starred at Downs (Tri-Valley) High School and the University of Arkansas. The multiple former All-American also competed in several Olympic trials. With personal accolades like 2:01.71 (800) and 4:29.06 (Mile).

Recently returning from a serious injury, Brown has enjoyed aspects of pace duties which ultimately will lead to her competing in full competitions. In the meantime, she enjoys setting up personal best for collegians and preps.