WATCH: Aden Bandukwala Go From Last To First To Win 3A 1600m


If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it. I stood just outside of the pressbox watching the finishing touches of the 3A 1600m and saw Joliet West junior Marcellus Mines with a solid lead on the bell lap. As I scanned back toward the back of the train, there was Hinsdale Central junior Aden Bandukwala sitting in last place. I thought, "what a shame, he is probably going to finish last." 

But something happened, maybe Bandukwala who is known for killer finishes, decided to play 'Super Pac-Man." He began to gobble up the field, one runner at a time. In this case, it was 11 guys and the leader Mines who were ahead of him that he chopped down. The crowd got to its collective feet as Bandukwala was full of steam and destined to capture first place!

Bandukwala hit the homestretch with all of the momentum of a snowball rolling down a mountainside and slid past Mines with room to spare... and the rest is history in the form of 4:10.39

WATCH: The 3A Boys 1600m Championship
Bandukwala's splits: 1:04.80 (10th), 2:10.67 (12th), 3:15.51 (12th), 4:10.39 (54.88)