Lane Tech Girls and Boys Win Mather Invite Final #3

Will Kozlowski paced his Lane Tech mates to a solid victory on Tuesday evening



Chicago IL-

Chicago's northside Legion Park is compact but cozy and lively during this time of the year, especially on Tuesday evenings during the month of September. It's also when the generosity of Chicago Mather High School rolls out the red carpet for their final trilogy two-mile invite of the season. Most of the best teams in the city participate with their top "A" lineups. It's a championship preview of sorts in a one-race takes-all.


Lane Tech and Whitney Young have dueled as the city's best program over the past ten years and this season figures to be another battle in a few weeks at the city championship. Whitney Young got the jump on Lane on the strength of a strong opening mile by Jade Lavallee (Sr) who passed the checkpoint in 5:38. She was followed by teammates senior Nikki Chopra and Xochitl Lopez (So) not too far behind.

Lavallee coasted home for the win in 11:32, ahead of Taft's Hannah Diete (Jr) runner up finish in 11:35. Unfortunately for the Dolphins, it was the Champions who would rally inside of the final mile to put all five scorers ahead of their rivals fourth girl to win 41-47. Senior Olivia Ide led the charge with a fourth place finish in 11:50.

1Chicago (Lane)414+5+9+11+12 (14+15)0:50 1-5 Split | 12:20 Avg
2Chicago (Whitney Young)471+3+7+13+23 (26+35)1:29 1-5 Split | 12:15 Avg
3Chicago (Taft)932+17+21+22+31 (36+49)1:53 1-5 Split | 12:45 Avg
4Chicago (Payton)996+8+16+30+39 (40+46)1:52 1-5 Split | 12:55 Avg
5Chicago (DePaul College Prep)16125+28+29+38+41 (43+45)0:55 1-5 Split | 13:32 Avg


The boys race wasn't nearly as dramatic as the girls. #23 3A Lane was eager to get back to some action after being idle for nearly two weeks. The Champions unleashed top runners Will Kozlowski (Jr) and Hunter Whitney (Sr) against Michael Polizzi (Sr., Taft), Matthew DeSantis (Sr., Jones), and Dalton Lowery (Jr., Whitney Young). The rest of the group packed together for the first mile.

It was a swift 4:51 mile for the quintet but over the next half mile, Kozlowski thwarted a counter move by Lowery and put the race out of touch and later the win in a PB and near record 9:44. Polizzi strode home two seconds faster than his last week's performance in 9:50. Lowery was able to hold on to third in 9:55.30.

Lane easily won the team title on strong pack play that netted a 33-second split and 26 points overall. Anan Bauman (Jr) led the calvary with a PB 9:55.5- all five Champions placed in the top 10.

1Chicago (Lane)261+4+6+7+8 (12+15)0:33 1-5 Split | 10:03 Avg
2Chicago (Whitney Young)633+9+13+17+21 (25+33)0:47 1-5 Split | 10:23 Avg
3Chicago (Payton)815+10+14+23+29 (31+43)0:59 1-5 Split | 10:29 Avg
4Chicago (Taft)1152+24+27+28+34 (57+59)1:23 1-5 Split | 10:45 Avg
5Chicago (Amundsen)15516+22+26+44+47 (48+61)1:02 1-5 Split | 11:01 Avg