Distance Running 360: How Did 2020-21 Class 1A Girls Do?

High school sports are 360 degrees in nature- a full circle if you will. Most long-distance runners will begin their quest during the early months of summer training for cross country. The three months of training that kids put in are an attempt to run in the state championship in November. They will go on and compete in Nike Cross Nationals, Foot Locker, or some other post-season meet for the few lucky ones. But what has been lost in the sauce is the entire school calendar which runs through the winter indoor campaign and finally back around to the all-important outdoor track and field season. We wanted to chronicle the beginning and end. Obviously, some athletes get lazy after the cross country season or hurt. Some may choose to play other sports in the spring.

(Disclaimer: we will use the unofficial state championship, the Shazam 5K XC Championships as guidelines)

1Anna Perry- competed in 2A; state- 3rd in 3200, 7th in 1600; PBs: 10:45.25, 5:05.8511Eureka High School18:11.741
2Lianna Surtz- competed in 2A; state- 4th in 3200 (11:12.86), 6th in 1600 (5:14.90)11Rosary High School18:17.952
3Mabry Bruhn- competed in 2A; state- ran a leg on runner up 4x800, state- 8th in 3200, 9th- 1600; PB's 5:09.13, 11:02.5410Monticello High School18:21.660
4Hailey Heiar- competed in 2A; state- clocked 16th in 1600, 6th in the 3200; PBs: 5:11.89, 11:06.0410East Dubuque18:43.080
5Savanah Beavers- competed in 2A; state- placed 12th in 1600, took 5th in 3200; PBs: 5:14.18, 11:04.8812Stanford Olympia High School18:49.653
6Kate Ahmari- state- placed 11th in 1600, placed 6th in the 3200; PBs: 5:14.90, 11:33.6610Urbana University High School19:02.484
7Carly Manchester- state- 4th in 1600 (5:27.22), 4th in 3200; 11:15.60 PB11Elmhurst (IC Catholic)19:10.035
8Natalia Martino- state- 1600 state champion (5:05.45)12Winnebago High School19:11.416
9Grace Erb- state- anchored 4x800 to state championship win, ran on state runner-up 4x400, placed 4th in 800; PBs: 400 (1:02.93), 800 (2:19.37), 1600 (5:12.34), 10Winnebago High School19:14.107
10Gabriella Moreman- did not compete in state; PBs: 400 (1:05.26), 1600 (6:33.61), 3200 (13:22.30)9Bismarck-Henning High School19:14.870
11Marissa Roggensack- state- run a leg on winning 4x800, ran on state champ 4x400; PBs: 1600 (5:22.78), 800 (2:25.93)10Winnebago High School19:25.998
12Estella Miller- competed in 2A; took 11th in 1600 (5:21.71), took 10th in 3200; PB: 11:17.7810Monticello High School19:27.030
13Kaylee Woolery- finished 5th in the 1600 state championship; 5:19.21 PB10Winnebago High School19:47.449
14Aleigha Garrison- placed 9th in 3200 state meet; PBs: 12:00.95, 5:44.719Judah Christian School19:50.210
15Olivia Phillips- 800m state runner up, anchored 4x400 to state win, anchored 4x800 to runner up finish; PBs: 400 (57.92i), 800 (2:18.73)11DuQuoin High School19:54.090
16Kristen Ess- finished 8th in state 800; PBs: 2:21.82, 5:52.2312Breese Central High School20:02.870
17Maia Italia- competed in 2A; 8th in state 800, ran on 6th place 4x800; PB: 2:23.6912Rosary High School20:03.2110
18Gabrielle Spain- moved to South Dakota11Shelbyville High School20:03.7311
19Kennady Anderson- 6th in state 800 (2:24.56), 10th- 1600; PB: 5:27.419Annawan Wethersfield20:06.120
20Anna Enderle- did not compete in state championship10Chicago Christian High School20:08.350
21Frankie Chaidez- placed 18th in state 400 (1:02.50)12Elmhurst (IC Catholic)20:11.3412
22Katie Erb- ran on state champion 4x800, ran on state runner up 4x00; PBs: 5:24.02, 2:24.9011Winnebago High School20:13.8413
23Trixie Johnson- placed 6th in state 800 (2:21.83); PB: 12:14.18 (3200)10Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School20:17.210
24Renee Rittmeyer- ran on state champion 4x800, ran on state runner up 4x400, placed 7th in high jump (5'1.75); PB: 2:30.0111Winnebago High School20:19.3714
25Erica Woodard- did not compete in state championship9Tolono Unity High School20:19.880