Someone You Should Know: Alyssa Williams

At first glance, Alyssa Williams looks just like any teenage girl sprinter. She is eager to laugh and sport a smile with her peers. At a second glance, one can't help but wonder about the football-like physique of the junior from Tuscola High School. And it was revealed that she did play slotback and cornerback for the Indians this spring (IHSA moved football because of covid). Among her treasured stats was a touchdown catch.

But let's be clear though. Williams' bread and butter is track and field. She is the school record holder in the 100m (12.39), 200m (26.25), and long jump (18-0.50). The Century mark rates 10th best in the state. Among the Class A ratings, she is first, third, and second respectively. If all goes well, Williams should be a major threat next month in the state series.