Class A Boys #5 Runner Of The Year: Jacob Adcock

Cross country is a team sport where all seven runners matter. In fact, one can argue that the #1 runner is insignificant at the same time. Conversely, very few people cannot dispute that the #5 runner is just as important. Every coach needs that kid who can close the deal on a championship race.

Arthur-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond (ALAH or "Arthur") HS was a team this season that featured many weapons upfront such as Layton Hall and Logan Beckmier. They are the firestarters.

Jace Green and Jacob Adcock were interchangeable at the scoring end but it was Adcock who came through the most during the post-season. In Adcock's final three races of the season, he placed 15th (regionals), 18th (sectionals), and the Shazam Championships where he placed 46th overall (17:25/32nd scoring) in the #5 slot. 

Adcock knew that his team was in the running for a top-four team trophy spot. The Knights were able to secure a second-place finish by scoring 90 points on the strength of a 1:28 spread. It is this type of teamwork that enabled Arthur to earn their first post-season "state" team trophy.