Class A Girls #5 Runner Of The Year: Katie Erb

The fifth runner in prep sports is arguably the most important role in sports. You can't win w/o it

In Winnebago's recent run atop of the food chain, the Indians have presented the entire package: front runners, depth, character, killer instinct, and a stopgap performer.

Junior Katie Erb has been an intricate part of her team's journey for three years. Despite the success at the top, Erb has personally enjoyed success. She earned two all-state honors and one all-Shazam award (top 25) for her efforts. 

2020 has been a different year as we all know because of Covid-19. The vast majority of meets have been conducted in small conglomerates such as duals, tri's, and quads. When it has not, it's been in flights. 

In previous years, Erb had been a front runner but this go around she was positioned herself mostly in the third, fourth, and fifth role. During the post-season, Erb has mostly closed out races which topped the spread under a sweet 1:15. 

In Erb's best effort of the season, she placed 22nd on the rugged Three Sisters Park 5k spread (20:13) at the Shazam Championships and her stop-gap efforts helped the Indians produce a scant 43 points for the title.

Erb's profile-


3000 Meter Run


3200 Meter Run


2.1 Mile Run


2.x Mile Run (CC Short Course)


Three Mile Run


5000 Meter Run