Lane Tech Vs. Taft: Dual Meet Exceeds Expectations

The massive sea of Myrtle/Gold of Lane Tech vs the Royal/Silver of Taft took over the school campus

Lane Tech HS; Chicago-

There was supposed to be tension and animosity in the air between Lane Tech and Taft High Schools. No, we are not talking about a football game or some other northside bragging rights to behold. The two rivalry schools were slated to begin their cross country seasons as they have traditionally done at the St. Pat's Invitational. But less than a week before the opener, St. Pat's athletic director Brian Glorioso informed the timing company to not enter both schools despite having signed contracts- for no apparent reason. There had never been any issues among the schools at the invite. A cowardly act by the St. Pat's athletic department to say the least.

The girls would be the first to christen the course that encompasses the massive 33-acre campus at Addison Street and Western Avenue. The winner takes all one race was conducted at an uncustomary distance of 2.1 miles. To make sure things would not become redundant, the layout had multiple twists and turns as well as several "duck your head" moments to the delight of the competitors and fans. Taft senior Sydney Partyka got out fast and furious hitting the first mile somewhere in the 5:40s. She would go on to win easily among the 189 finishers in 12:17. Jones would take the win four runners among the top eight.

1Jones College Prep322+3+6+7+14 (18+19)1:04 1-5 Split | 13:09 Avg
2Lane Tech High School374+5+8+9+11 (12+13)0:40 1-5 Split | 13:20 Avg
3Taft High School591+10+15+16+17 (20+21)1:47 1-5 Split | 13:38 Avg

The boys' affair was a bit more definitive if not thrilling with a massive crowd at full attention. The opening pace appeared to be fast on a tight and volatile course. It was all green and gold of Lane up top with a sprinkling of blue and silver that is Taft. The Indians freshman William Archer was one of the leaders through the first mile just over 5:00. Archer began to assert himself during the next half mile by opening up a sizable lead on the field. The Indians appeared to be dominating the team battle as well. Though Archer appeared to be on his way to a win, it was the speedy junior Lucas Guidone of Taft who bolted like he was in his customary 800m race. Guidone was able to overtake Archer just footsteps from the finish line and win 10:35.0-10:35.4. As for the scoring itself, it was all Indians who put their top seven inside the first ten.
1Lane Tech High School222+3+4+6+7 (8+9)0:37 1-5 Split | 10:57 Avg
2Taft High School391+5+10+11+12 (13+14)1:07 1-5 Split | 11:19 Avg