Lane Tech Boys Victorious In Mather Invite Series Final

Lane Tech's Jack Burns (left) and Frank Burke-Olsen surrounds Lake View runner Ethan Breen 

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Mather High School in Chicago has been a nice and consistent source of developmental running for the Public League over the years. The far northside school hosts three meets at Legion Park on a small oval that is one-mile around. The race distance, though, is of a two-mile variety which in developmental terms, is the perfect length.

Series race #3 typically is termed the "championship" because of the large quantity and quality of teams. Some of the best squads in the city who attend will bring their "A" units and compete well. Lane Tech is one team that enjoys the hospitality that Mather provides for its large program. In addition, since the Indians have a long layoff between meets, it is wise to get in a hard effort before moving on.

Lane boys won the race scoring 22 points. The Indians were led by senior Frank Burke-Olson who placed second in 10:04. The following scorers junior Jack Burns, sophomore Jon Archer, junior Tommy Donohoe, and Nick Gloss rained home in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 8th respectively. Lane competed without top runners Julian Higueros and Jon Cattan.

Individually, senior Ethan Breen of Lake View won in 9:57. The first mile was breached in around 4:55-56 with Burke-Olsen, Burns, and Breen running step for step. Breen would pull away inside of the final quarter-mile leaving the field to fend for themselves. 

1Lane Tech High School222+3+4+5+8 (11+12)0:30 1-5 Split | 10:20 Avg
2Taft High School667+13+14+15+17 (21+26)0:58 1-5 Split | 11:03 Avg
3Von Steuben High School776+9+19+20+23 (28+33)1:18 1-5 Split | 11:12 Avg
4Payton High School12416+18+22+32+36 (42+46)0:57 1-5 Split | 11:41 Avg

The girl's team component saw one of the top squads in Taft nearly fully loaded. The Lady Eagles did not waste much time in asserting themselves. Led by junior Sydney Partyka of Taft, she navigated the first mile in approximately 5:45. She would be in the clear and win going away in 11:50. Payton senior Ella Marden took second in 12:37. Taft will go on to dominate the 14 team field with 31 points. All five scorers placed in the top 15.

1Taft High School311+3+8+9+10 (12+14)1:16 1-5 Split | 12:44 Avg
2Lane Tech High School605+7+15+16+17 (18+24)0:47 1-5 Split | 13:20 Avg
3Payton High School602+6+13+19+20 (22+23)1:13 1-5 Split | 13:20 Avg