B-Side Blog: The Mind Is Trapped In The Closet

Trapped in the Closet was a rap opera by singer R. Kelly which consisted of 33 chapters released from 2005-2012 (check it out on YouTube). At the end of chapter 1 as the music climaxes and brings excitement to the man hiding in the closet, the other man who is searching for him looks at the closet, he walks up to the closet, now he's at the closet, now he's opening the closet...and you're left waiting for the next chapter.  What happens next?!

In last week's blog, Winning equals Haters, I made an inference to what I termed haters in our sport. It apparently opened the closet of a hater. An upset coach, whose school, nor him or his athletes were named in the article, decided to come out and claim his rightful spot as a hater because well, the truth hurts. It has to be tough when you don't win or haven't come through with a champion in 6-7 years. Pressure busts pipes!  I'm one of those people who say what most people think but are scared to say.  There's ignorance in being a hater and to claim it and nobody says your name shows a higher level of ignorance. But I thank the haters - B-Side has moved up in the rankings.  As I said last week, you can only add to your hate list if you're successful and win. I Guess I'm both.  Fabolous raps in his hit song Rapture, "Most haters don't get better, they get bitter".

Danville sophomore Ameia Wilson has kicked the door off of the hinges this season 

Speaking of no longer being trapped in the closet -- in this case busting out with their performances on the track -- how about Micah Amerson of Normal West?  The junior has kicked the door off the hinges.  A former Decatur MacArthur athlete who moved 45 minutes down the road and has exploded.  He took third at Illinois Top Times in the 3A 200m.  This past weekend, he went 21.69 in the 200m at the outstanding Belleville West Invitational.  Keep your eye on him.

Devonte Tincher (Edwardsville) was 7th last year at state the in long jump.  This past weekend he went 23'4-1/4" and then dropped a 21.68 in the 200m.  It's early but looks like he's on his way in both events.  For the ladies, yeah I'm watching.  Ameia Wilson (So., Danville) went 11.86 making her Illinois' #2 and 24.49 making her Illinois #1 in the 200m.  Watch her real close!

Erica Furbeck (Jr., Geneseo) is trying to jump out the pit.  She took 2nd in 2A long jump at Top Times but this past weekend at the Galesburg Invited, she jumped 19'07 topping out at Illinois' #1 and US #6.

It's still early and everybody isn't quite lathered up, but as far as these performances go it definitely can't be said these athletes are Trapped in the Closet!