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3A Girls Cross Country Team Preview: #15 to #1 Countdown Tony Jones Aug 23, 2015

The Illinois girls have stormed on to the national stage in recent years with respect. It was last November that two elite teams qualified for the Nike Cross Country National in Portland, Oregon. Naperville North took 4th place and Palatine, an at-large entry, copped a very respectable 12th after being stiffed a year prior. Without going any further, this could be one of the most memorable years state and national wide for Illinois girls.

Palatine Girls Take Downers Grove North Ritter Invite Amid Warm Climes Tony Jones Apr 18, 2015

The extended above average climes in the Chicago land area has been a welcome relief to what most of us experienced during the usual cold winter. So it would behoove teams and individuals to take advantage of the situation before Mother Nature decides to flip the switch back to icy temperatures. The competitors at the Ritter Invitational hosted by Downers Grove North made good use of the situation and put in quality performances all around.

Downers Grove North Girls Bruce Ritter Invitational Preview Tony Jones Apr 17, 2015

Friday night is going to be a great night either way… you may be out and about enjoying the beautiful spring time weather that is expected to reach near 80 degrees on the Mercury. Or if you are near a track and field stadium in the Downers Grove area, grab something to eat and head to Carstens Field on the Downers Grove North High School campus.

Tony's Take: NXN Diaries- The 2014 Experience Tony Jones Dec 10, 2014

Arguably the best time of the year for cross country is December. December is the month of which some of the best individuals and teams in the nation were rewarded for the hard efforts and dedication to the sport. NIKE of course went out of their way in making sure each kid had the weekend of their running lives…

Illinois Shows And Proves At NXN Midwest Regional Tony Jones Nov 18, 2014

Indiana has always shown love to its guests when it comes to sports. Cross Country over the years has been a big beneficiary in that department. It started with the AAU, TAC, and USATF post-season regional and national meets  for the tots, leading all the way up to the NCAA national championships and the professional ranks. Nike Cross Nationals got in on the action in 2007 and has never looked back. 

Class 3A Girls State Championship Cross Country Preview Tony Jones Nov 7, 2014

Every state championship seems to bring out the best in Illinois runners. Could it be that historic Detweiller is the reason? Perhaps it is to an extent, but the real reason has to be better coaching of girls for the three-mile distance. Two seasons ago Madeline Perez of Glenbard West set the all-time record of 16:02. That performance and the other 86 girls who broke 18:00 confirmed the fact that girls can indeed run the same distance as boys with relevance and respect. This year times are fast and we all should see some wonderful team and individual performances on Saturday afternoon

Palatine Invite Preview: Another Good One Brewing Tony Jones Sep 26, 2014

In the NCAA ranks, this will be the first weekend that invitationals will count toward their "countable season". The countable season basically means results will count toward at-large consideration into the NCAA Championships. The IHSA does not have this (perhaps they should and that is a discussion for another day)...

Hinsdale Central Boys, Glenbard West Girls Proves They Are Ready For Title Defenses Tony Jones Sep 7, 2014

They say the hardest thing in sports to do is defending a championship. In Hinsdale Central Boys and Glen Ellyn Glenbard West’s Girls case, they are the respective 3A state championship team title holders. They both come into their season openers with ample artillery to stave off any would be hunters. Beautiful Katherine Legge Memorial Woods Park in Hinsdale provided just the right setting.

Class 3A Boys: Super 30 Pre-Season Preview Tony Jones Aug 26, 2014

"There are so many good teams but not enough time"- a wise quote from a high school historian who proclaimed that when a sport is good there is not enough time to really enjoy it. The upcoming boys large classification may fit that bill. A new star was born last year when Hinsdale Central joined the elite class and won their first state championship going away. This year it should be another great cast of scenarios for us all to follow and enjoy.... strap it up and make the time!

3A Girls Team Cross Country Pre-Season Preview: #1-#15 Tony Jones Aug 25, 2014

The cross country scene on Illinois' biggest stage is expected to be MAJOR this season. Consider the fact that defending state champion Glenbard West lost only one girl in its top seven (albeit the great Madeline Perez) and did not even contest themselves after the IHSA season. The Lady Hilltoppers will be in the proverbial catbird seat once again with the likes of a hungry and national teams like Naperville North and New Trier on their heels. Thus the pre-season hype is ready to explode. Don't forget about the hunters lurking just down under and waiting for their opportunity to pounce on those who they catch slacking.

Liz Cox Blog: Farwell To All Liz Cox Jun 12, 2014

Track State is over for both boys and girls, many schools are finishing up their last few days, and many seniors have already graduated. Things have wrapped up for high school athletes.

Liz Cox Blog: Charleston Or Bust Liz Cox May 18, 2014

It’s been a busy/exciting last couple of weeks. Two weeks ago we competed in our Mid-Suburban League Conference Meet, this past weekend we had Sectionals (Lake Zurich), and this coming weekend we have State! Throw in prom, AP tests, some hard workouts and some crazy weather and you have the whirlwind that makes the end of the season so fun.

Liz Cox Blog: Palatine Relays! Liz Cox May 9, 2014

This past weekend we hosted the 82nd Palatine Relays. Palatine Relays has always been my favorite track meet. When I was younger I often came to watch the Palatine Relays and always dreamed about when I would be able to compete in it. I actually got my first chance to do this when I was in 8th grade in the Jr. High Relay event, but I couldn’t wait until I got to compete as a high school athlete. The combination of great competition, unique events, and being able to represent Palatine on our home turf always makes it a special day. My senior year Palatine Relays was no disappointment.

Liz Cox Blog: The Quad Squad Liz Cox May 5, 2014

“The Quad” is a fun tradition we have at Palatine. On our website our coach says “the Quad club is a special place reserved only for those Lady Pirate runners who have attempted and completed the grueling task of running all four distance events (4x800m, 3200m, 800m, 1600m), or mid-distance (4x800m, 800m, 400m, and 4x400m), in one track meet on the same day”. If you make it through the night, you’re officially part of the Quad Squad, and we keep records on how people do each year.

Liz Cox Blog: Invite Season Has Begun Liz Cox Apr 27, 2014

We’re at that time of the season again where small dual meets are becoming scarce and many large invites are being run throughout the state. Dual meets are a great place to try different events and work on different things, but invites are where the real fun happens in my opinion.

Liz Cox Blog: VERY SUPERSTITIOUS Liz Cox Apr 16, 2014

The weather has been beautiful in early April and outdoor track season is underway. With the start of outdoor some bigger time meets will be coming up, and this always means more nerves.

Liz Cox Blog: Indoor Conference Recap Liz Cox Mar 25, 2014

At Palatine, we use most of the indoor season to get in some good workouts, get race experience, and try different people out in different events. With this in my mind, we usually don’t put together our best line-up to maximize point scoring until our indoor MSL conference meet. The conference meet, which was this past weekend held at North Central College, is a great chance for us to put together our best line-up and see where we stack up against some of the great teams in our conference

Liz Cox Blog: I Do This For The Fans Liz Cox Mar 12, 2014

Everyone knows there is a lot that goes into running a track meet.  We know it’s a lot of work for the starters, the timers, the coaches, the volunteers, etc., but it’s so easy to forget just how much work in takes to run a track meet smoothly, and it’s easy for us athletes to forget to appreciate it.

Milesplit illinois: Week 1 Recap Tony Jones Feb 17, 2014

The first week of full action actually began during the early portion of the week with a few dual, triangular, quadrangular, and even five-team meets.  There were some solid performances put up in contests that several Chicago suburban schools hosted in their field houses.

Liz Cox Blog: Let The Games Begin Liz Cox Feb 15, 2014

Yes, it’s that time: the 2014 Winter Olympic Games are upon us. I know many athletes, myself included, love the Olympics and try to soak it all in while it lasts. Many of us grow up watching the Olympics and dream of someday being on the big stage. Although we eventually realize this dream is unattainable for most of us, we can still be inspired by the Olympic athletes. Track athletes especially can relate to the hours of commitment and determination, or the very act of pushing the human body to its limits because that’s what track is all about.

Liz Cox Blog: Can I Interview You? Liz Cox Feb 8, 2014

I enjoy reading the Milesplit interviews with athletes about their college choices. With all of the excitement of signing day this past week, I decided to bring in someone to help interview some of my teammates and me, and he added some “unconventional questions” to spice it up a bit.

2014 Class 3A Girls Relays Pre-Season Preview Tony Jones Feb 6, 2014

    When it comes to big league relays things can be fierce. Over the past several years Illinois has made a name among the national conscious. For example, in 2012, Wheaton-Warrenville South and Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West) proved that a friendly rival can produce dividends for all. It produced a state record and national spotlight for the land of Lincoln in the 4x800m relay. Relays can also be used as a prop for coaches to lull their competition in for other causes. For years, teams like E. St. Louis, Chicago Morgan Park, and Evanston would use relays in their quest to win a state championship. Sometimes the tactics worked and sometimes it didn’t. The 800m medley was an event that smart coaches with deep pockets would use as a throw away event. To them it didn’t make sense to run their best athletes in an event that would tax them too much later. Evanston coach Fenton Gunter has always felt that using a top 400 runner on a medley would kill that athlete’s ability to perform up to standard in other events later. For a team battling for a team trophy, quick decisions have to be made. Remember that relays only count for 10 points in Illinois- not 20 as they do in Texas. But then again that same runner could also be used to bait other teams in thinking they will be spent on a relay when it isn’t true. But remember that every quality sprinter must be able to run the 4×400 relay.

Liz Cox Blog: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions Liz Cox Feb 2, 2014

Deciding where you’re going to attend college can be one of the hardest, but most exciting decisions you make. There are so many things to consider, and for an athlete who is planning to compete at the next level it can be even more challenging.  After months of going through the college searching, applying, and decision-making process, I recently decided I am going to attend and run track and cross country at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Liz Cox: What Not To Wear- Winter Running Clothing Liz Cox Jan 25, 2014

Hi, my name is Liz Cox. I run Cross Country and Track and Field for Palatine High School. I run any event 300 meters and up, but I specialize in the 4x800 meter relay and the 1600 meter run. I also throw discus outdoors and am willing to do pretty much any event...

3A Girls State Championship Preview Tony Jones Nov 7, 2013

The state championship is the pinnacle for almost every team in the land of milk and honey.  It will certainly be the pinnacle for defending state champion Naperville North who has fared dominant against Illinois foes.  Although the Huskies appear to be the team to beat, it is never easy winning a state title. As well, there are going to be a ton of starving teams out to quench their hunger by trying to obtain one of the three state trophies given out at the Detweiller Park awards ceremony.

Saucony Elite 50 Team Girls Rankings Week 6 Aaron Rich Oct 23, 2013

Conference, District, Regional and State meets are upon us and teams will begin resting up to compete well at their championship meets before gearing up for the post-season championship meets.  Therefore the rankings haven't changed much this week with the exception of a VERY strong Davis squad moving up to #1 and a few more teams added to the watch list.  

3A Girls Team Preview: #5- #1 Tony Jones Aug 21, 2013

2012 was the deepest year on record for the girls at the state championship that saw an amazing 87 girls break 18:00 for three-miles. As well there two home land teams that qualified for the Nike Cross Nationals in Winnetka New Trier (11th) and Naperville North (15th)- a fantastic year on the girls' side for both for individuals and for teams to say the least. This season should see more of the same. Let’s take a peek into the pre-season outlook:

In Her Own Words: Tess Wasowicz Tess Wasowicz Apr 11, 2013

Hey guys! My apologies for not being as diligent as I should be with updates on our season. Things have been as crazy as a suburban town could get. Spring break, Easter, vacations, homework, training and more training. Unfortunately, I did not participate in the vacation part of things, but I managed to have a little bit of fun in good old Palatine.

In Her Own Words: Tess Wasowicz Tess Wasowicz Mar 15, 2013

Hello everyone! I would like to formally introduce myself to all those out there who come across this blog. My name is Tess Wasowicz, and I am a member of Palatine High School's cross-country and track program. For the past four years I have pretty much dedicated my life to this amazing sport that has shaped me to become the person that I am today. Being part of the running world has opened up so many opportunities in my life.

Scouting Report: Palatine Boys David Everett Aug 28, 2012

While this may not be the same team as last years state winning team, Palatine returns a pack of quality runners. With the loss of six of their top seven, the Pirates will be relying on some new faces this fall. Led by last years sixth place runner, Carlos Zambrano, Palatine has four more runners following close behind.  Zambrano had a great spring where he ran 4:22 for 1600 meters. He is closely followed by Graham Brown who ran 9:50 on the track. Zach Stella has a 3 mile PR only 3 seconds behind Zambrano and their returning top five has a minimal spread of only 30 seconds ranging from 15:41 to 16:11.   

3A Palatine Regional: Wasowicz, Host Pirates Win Titles Todd Grasley Oct 24, 2011

It was all about Palatine on Saturday at Deer Grove East Forest Preserve. Pirates junior Tess Wasowicz won the Class 3A Palatine Regional championship in a time of 17 minutes, 38 seconds, outracing teammate and second-place finisher Jessica Lincoln by 14 seconds. (via Chicago Tribune)

Cross Country Q&A - Peter Tomkiewicz Todd Grasley Oct 21, 2011

Peter Tomkiewicz is the #2 runner for the top ranked Palatine Boys team.  He has played a key role in their victories at the Palatine Invitational, Richard Springs Invitational, and most recently the Mid-Surbaban League Meet.  

Weekend Highlights: US#2 F-M Tops US#3 Burnt-Hills at McQuaid Scott Bush Sep 28, 2008

Highlights and Results from: NB Ocean State Inv. (RI), McDonald's XC Festival (VA), McQuaid Inv. (NY), Roy Griak Inv. (MN), Stanford Inv. (CA), Carlisle Inv. (PA), Jim Danner Inv. (OR), Culver Inv. (IN), Palatine Inv. (IL), LoboCat Inv. (CO), Albuquerque Academy Inv. (NM) & Midwest Meet of Champs. (OH) The best weekend yet.  That's an easy way to describe this weekend's national cross country action.  Most of the top teams in the land took part in an invitational, with some teams coming up very big.  US#5 York (IL) kicked off their season by winning the Palatine Invitational, one of the big highlights of the weekend thus far.

Weekend Wrap-Up: Lutz Beats Brown, Academy Bests Los Alamos Scott Bush Sep 6, 2008

A big weekend of cross country racing took place over the past few days and we have all the news for you in our weekly weekend wrap-up. Top matchups individually and team, boys and girls, span across each meet summary. See which teams stood out this weekend, as the season starts to heat up.

XC Regional Rankings: Illinois Represents - Three Boys & Two Girls Teams NSSF Press Release Sep 5, 2008

The first round of XC Regional Rankings, released by NSSF and produced by Marc Bloom and Rich Gonzalez, ranked three Illinois boys teams and three Illinois girls teams among the Midwest top ten. York, Neuqua Valley and Naperville North ranked first, second and sixth respectively, while Geneva, Hinsdale Central and Palatine rank second, fifth and ninth on the girls side. Four boys teams and two girls teams are listed as bubble teams.

Meet of the Week Preview: Hinsdale Hornet-Red Devil Invitational Scott Bush Sep 5, 2008

As the season gets underway, will bring you a special feature each week on the top meet of the weekend.  The Meet of the Week will highlight the top competition, providing a pre-race preview, as well as results and analysis.  This week the Hinsdale Hornet-Red Devil Invitational is featured.  We'll be on-site, bringing you photos, videos, results and analysis.  Keep checking back Saturday as we highlight this week's Meet of the Week.

Weekend Preview: Big Meets in Texas, New Mexico Top the Calendar Scott Bush Sep 5, 2008

The second full weekend of the season has many of the top teams and individuals in each state opening up their seasons. From Texas, to South Carolina, to Colorado, to New Mexico, MileSplit will have on-site coverage of nearly a dozen meets this weekend. Check out our weekend preview for the top meets taking place this weekend. (photo courtesy of

Chasing a National Title with Illinois' Mat Smoody Scott Bush Jun 12, 2008

Being undefeated in a track event is a hard thing to do over the course of two years. It's even harder when the state you run in is the always strong distance state of Illinois. Well, Mat Smoody (Palatine, IL) (pictured left by Paul Kwak) accomplished just that two weeks ago, wrapping up his Illinois season with his second consecutive state 800m title. The Wisconsin-bound senior came into the season ranked ninth among returnees nationally, but with some major accomplishments this season and a stronger base, Smoody is looking towards Greensboro, North Carolina and winning a national title. See what Smoody has to say on a variety of topics, including his tactical state race, how he got into running and what exactly his shoulder tattoo is of.

Chasing a National Title with Illinois' Mat Smoody Scott Bush Jun 11, 2008

Being undefeated in a track event is a hard thing to do over the course of two years. It's even harder when the state you run in is the always strong distance state of Illinois. Well, Mat Smoody (Palatine, IL) (pictured left by Paul Kwak) accomplished just that two weeks ago, wrapping up his Illinois season with his second consecutive state 800m title. The Wisconsin-bound senior came into the season ranked ninth among returnees nationally, but with some major accomplishments this season and a stronger base, Smoody is looking towards Greensboro, North Carolina and winning a national title. See what Smoody has to say on his tactical state race, how he got into running and what exactly his shoulder tattoo is of.

Boys AA State Preview: Cahokia, ESL Once Again Lead the Way Scott Bush May 20, 2008

It's finally here.  The Illinois Boys State Track and Field Championship is finally upon us.  Despite windy, cold and wet conditions over the course of the outdoor season, the weather finally looks perfect just when it's needed most.  As the top athletes assemble in Charleston this coming weekend, speculation abounds over most of the events.  Will Dan Block throw 210 feet in the discus, can Kraig Appleton break the state record in the 300m hurdles and how about Chris Derrick having a shot to win both the 1600m and 3200m?  Those are the questions, add in nearly a dozen more, competitive fields all around and a tight team battle and we have the making of one of the best state track and field championships Illinois has ever seen.  Start getting excited and check out our AA state preview.

Weekend Highlights: O\'Connor (FL) Goes 20.93 in 200m Outdoors; Bullard (VA) runs 1:04.10 in 500m Scott Bush Feb 29, 2008

Javell Bullard (VA) & Taylor Sykes (VA) run U.S.#1 & U.S.#2 for 500m(Photo by John Herzog)Four state championships (MA, PA, VA, WY) and the New England Championships highlight this weekend's track and field action.  See what's happening!***Ebony Eutsey (FL) blazes 24.27 (200m) & 54.09 (400m) outdoors at Sam Burley (FL)!!!  ***Brandon O'Connor (FL) starts the outdoor season with a bang, running 20.93 for 200m at Sam Burley (FL)!!!  ***Javell Bullard (VA) & sophomore Taylor Sykes (VA) go U.S.#1-#2 in 500m with 1:04.10-1:04.11 in VA!!!  ***Peter Dorrell (PA) runs 4:14.69 (1600m) & 2:28.70 (1000m) at VHSL Group AA Champs!!!  ***Stephen Michael (WY) dominates in WY Indoor State Champs., winning four events (LJ, TJ, 200m, 55m)!!!  Top Boys Weekend Highlights- Dominic Smith (CT) runs U.S. top ten for 300m in 34.78 in MA- Parker Bourdreau (CT) runs U.S.#1 in 1000m with 2:27.63 in MA- Dwight Barbiasz (NH) leaps 6-09 in HJ at New England Champs.- LaSalle (PA) runs U.S.#1 for DMR in 10:15.89 at PA Champs.- Khaliff Featherstone (PA) runs 48.30 for 400m in PA- Joe Wesley (MI) vaults 16-06 to win MITS Championships- Matt Armstrong (MI) throws 61-06 to win shot put at MITS- Roscoe Payne (MI) hurdles U.S. top ten in 8.00 at MITSTop Girls Weekend Highlights- Ariel Roberts (MI) jumps U.S.#1 in high jump in 5-09 at MITS - Becky O'Brien (ME) throws 48-10 in shot put at New Englands- Karen Shump (PA) throws 48-10.25 in shot put in PA- Ijeoma Iheoma (PA) runs U.S.#3 for 400m in 54.54 at PTFCA- Abby Schaffer (PA) vaults 13-00.25 in PA, U.S.#4 mark- Tynita Butts (VA) leaps U.S.#2 in LJ with 20-00 effort in VA - LaSalle (RI) wins 4x2 & 4x4 against deep competition in MA- Eryn Wheeler (RI) runs U.S. top ten for 600m in 1:33.79 in MA- Leslie Aririguzo (MI) wins 60m hurdles in 8.67 at MITS Champ.