Distance Night in Palatine

Palatine, IL

Meet Information


Distance Night in Palatine is a unique fusion of elite distance racing, music, and fun. Our event this year is on Saturday night, April 22 at 7:00 pm. Designed to bring the best high school runners together from throughout Illinois and the Midwest, the event also serves as a charity fundraiser for Special Olympics. Amid the racing at the 800, 1600, and 3200 meter distances, we are hosting a Special Olympics 800 meter race. This race allows us to celebrate the true meaning of competition to run the race to the best of your ability.

The top 16 entries in each event will gain entry into The Main Event. Those in the 17-32 range will race in The Undercard. We are also offering a freshmen boys 1600, an emerging girls 1600, and a distance medley relay for both genders as part of The Undercard.


The meet is run at Chic Anderson Stadium on the grounds of Palatine High School. Our school is located at 1111 N. Rohlwing Rd., Palatine, IL 60074.

Rob Harvey and Ken Helberg from Wheaton Warrenville South will be our timing crew. Review our entry procedures and minimum marks for consideration here.

Cost is $25 per individual athlete and $40 per distance medley relay. Entry fees will be payable upon check-in at the event. Checks should be made payable to Palatine High School. Each athlete competing will receive a T- shirt or racing singlet. Sizes will be pre-bought and given out on a first-come, first-serve basis at check-in.


Admission for spectators is by donation of a used pair of running shoes or $5 to Special Olympics.


The first session - dubbed The Undercard - leads in to the Main Event races at 9:00 pm. These later races will feature many of the finest runners in Illinois and the Midwest.

The Undercard will start at 6:45 pm with the following order of events:


All athletes should check in upon arrival at the field building at the northwest corner of the stadium. This is the building right next to the admissions gate. They will receive their event T-shirt and their race bib. These bib numbers will be pinned to whatever shirt or jersey they choose to race in.

All athletes should report to the check in tent at the north end of the track (the end near the tennis courts) fifteen minutes prior to their race.


My brother, Chad Quick, competed in Special Olympics throughout his childhood. As a cerebral palsy kid, he competed in wheelchair races and many other events associated with track and field. It is because of him that I chose to make Special Olympics the primary beneficiary of our event. Our goal is to bring both financial support and awareness to Special Olympics. To that end, I have scheduled an open race near the end of our first session.

Right before the Main Event (around 8:40-8:45), I would like to say a few words and then introduce our Special Olympics athletes. Each of them will receive an event T-shirt and will be introduced by name and affiliation prior to the race.


Entries for this race will not be processed via Athletic.net the same way they are for our high school athletes. Each entry should be communicated to me via e-mail at cquick@d211.org and include the participants name, age, and affiliation (if any). If school affiliated, we would like the name and location of their school. If associated with an organization (such as NWSRA), I would like that information as well. Race entry for all Special Olympic athletes will be free.

For the Special Olympics race, parents and/or coaches are free to enter the check-in area if needed for assistance. The check-in time for this race will be 8:20 pm at the 50 yard line in the center of the football field.


Even though our contestants are elite athletes, we should also remember that they are high school kids and that fun should still be part of the program. To that end, we finish the meet with the Co-Ed Costume 4 x 400 meter relay. We will take the first twelve relay teams "first come, first serve" at the event sign-in at the Awards tent. We encourage the athletes to plan ahead, bring some fun costumes and meet their fellow competitors. The only rule? You must have a costume to compete.

Awards will be given to the top three finishers in each event in both The Main Event and The Undercard. We will also give an award for the relay team with the best costumes.

All award winners should report to the Awards tent in the middle of the field to get their awards and be announced to the crowd.


Please direct all specific questions to meet manager Chris Quick at cquick@d211.org. Let me know any special accommodations you or your athlete may need in order to compete. We will do our best to meet those needs and can best do so if we know in advance. Thanks again for agreeing to participate and being part of this exciting event!