Centennial Charger Invitational 2017

Champaign, IL

Meet Information

On behalf of the Centennial High School Athletic Department and the Centennial track and field coaching staff, welcome to the 2017 First to the Finish Charger Indoor Invite. We are very happy to have First to the Finish as our meet sponsor this year! Be sure to visit their booth during your trip to Champaign!

Date: Saturday March 4, 2017
Time: Field Events- 11:00 AM Running Events- 12:00 PM
Rules: IHSA rules will govern the meet.
Admission: $5 Entry Fee: $275

Team vehicles & buses should drop athletes off on the north side (Armory Ave.) and after unloading, park in lot E-15 south of the Armory at the corner of 4th Street and Pennsylvania. Buses should not park in the lot south of the Armory next to Huff Hall. Spectator parking is available across Gregory Ave to the south next to Huff Hall and in multiple lots surrounding the Armory building within 3-4 blocks. U of I parking lots and campus meters are NOT enforced on weekends except if they are assigned as 24/7 spaces (blue signs). The Armory address is 505 E. Armory Ave, Champaign. See map of campus for specific locations.

Seeding of Contestants:
Entries should be made on-line @ athletic.net. Please make sure to submit
your entries by Tuesday, February 28 at 9 AM. Performances lists will be
e-mailed to coaches Tuesday evening and entries will remain
open until Wednesday at noon to make corrections to entries. All entries are final
after Wednesdays deadline except in the case of injury. (See Scratch policy below)
Final heat/flight assignments will be available by noon on Thursday.

200m & 400m dashes and 4 x 200m & 4 x 400m relays will be seeded 5-6-4-3-2-1
60m dash & 60m high hurdles will be seeded 5-6-4-7-3-8 (6 athletes per heat)
800m, 1600m, 3200m runs & the 4 x 800m relay will be seeded outside in, in alleys
and run with a 1 turn stagger.

Spikes: 1/4 inch pyramid spikes OR smaller are acceptable.

Awards: Medals will be given to the top 3 individuals in each event in each class (A, B, C) and the top 3 relay teams.

Coaches' Meeting: There will be a coaches meeting held in the northwest corner at 10:30. We will go over meet procedures at that time.

All scratches should be made at the coaches' meeting. Substitutions after the
Wednesday noon deadline will only be allowed in accordance with IHSA rules,
that state: No substitutions shall be permitted in the individual events after the meet has been
seeded, except in cases of a substitution made because of school disciplinary reasons, or a
disabling illness or injury to an entered contestant that must be certified to by either the high
school principal or a certified athletic trainer.
All uniforms must be legal according to IHSA rules. This would include all undergarments (tights, t-shirts, etc.).

A certified trainer from Carle Clinic (Adam Tarr) will be available and will be located by the west center entrance near the hip # table.

Mens restrooms are located in the NE & NW corners of the 1st floor. Womens
restrooms are located in the SE & SW corners of the 1st floor. Mens & womens
restrooms are also located in the north hallway of the 1st floor. Additional restrooms are
located throughout the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th floors of the building.

Team camps:
All team camps should be in the east bleachers, under the south overhang outside the
oval, or in sections in the north bleachers not labeled as No Team Camps.

Electronic devices (Athletes):
NO electronic devices will be allowed anywhere on the track or infield during warm-ups
and competition.

Restricted Areas:
Only coaches, meet personnel, and athletes actively participating in field events are
allowed on the infield. The red portions of the track at the finish area and entire north
straightaway are restricted throughout the duration of the running events except for
athletes actively competing in track events.

Allowed on the corners and backstretch. North straightaway is restricted. The 3rd floor
is also available for warm-ups. NO ONE SHOULD PASS THROUGH THE FINISH
AREA ONCE COMPETITION HAS BEGUN as it will interfere with the timing system.

Marks for Athletes:
Athletic tape & personal markers including tennis balls, or beanbags may be used on

Concessions: Will be run by Sodexo per their contract with the University.
Teams ARE allowed to bring in their own food/drink, but please bring trash bags to keep your
camp area clean.

Hospitality: Centennial will host a hospitality room at the Armory this year for coaches and
workers in room 134.

Vendors: Meet shirts & other running items will be available from First to the Finish
(www.fttf.com). Ordering information/shirt design will become available prior to the meet.

Games Committee:
The Games Committee will consist of the Brian Easter, John Szabo and 4 head
coaches. The Games Committee may have the final say in all matters regarding the
interpretation of the rules. The committee will consider only written protests.
Judgment calls by officials may not be protested.

Staging of Athletes:
Hip number table & staging will occur in the northwest corner of the facility.

Work Assignments:
To insure professional administration of this meet, we will assign an experienced adult from each school duties running or assisting with a field event.

Belleville West, Bloomington, Centennial, Danville, Dunlap, Edwardsville, Galesburg, Geneva, Lane Tech, Lanphier, MacArthur, Mahomet-Seymour, Normal West, Oswego, Peoria Richwoods, Plainfield North, Plainfield South, Waubonsie Valley

Field Events (11:00) Rolling Schedule-If events conclude ahead of time we will call the next Class/Flight ASAP.

Shot Put- 4 Throws, NO finals, BEST throwers flight 1, 15 minute warm-up preceding each flight
11:00- Class A- Flight 1: 9 throwers- 45 minutes
11:45- Class A- Flight 2: 9 throwers- 45 minutes
12:30- Class B- Flight 1: 9 throwers- 45 minutes
1:15- Class B- Flight 2: 9 throwers- 45 minutes
2:00- Class C- Flight 1: 9 throwers- 45 minutes
2:45- Class C- Flight 2: 9 throwers- 45 minutes

Long Jump- Open Board: 1 hour per class, 15-minute warm-up between flights
11 AM- run-throughs/set marks
11:00- Class A
12:15- Class B
1:30- Class C

Triple Jump- Open Board: 1 hour per class, 15 minutes warm-up between flights
11 AM - run-throughs/set marks
11:00- Class B
12:15- Class C
1:30- Class A

High Jump- 5 alive
11:00- Class A: bar starts at 5'4"
12:45- Class B/C: bar starts at 4'10"

Pole Vault
11:00- Class A: bar starts at 9' 0"
12:00- Class B/C: bar starts at 8' 0"

12:00- 4 x 800 Meter Relay (30 minutes) Class A- Heat 1/Heat 2
12:30- 60 Meter High Hurdles (30 minutes)
Class C- Heat 1/Heat 2/Heat 3
Class B- Heat 1/Heat 2/Heat 3
Class A- Heat 1/Heat 2/Heat 3
1:00- 3200 Meter Run (45 minutes) Class C/Class B/Class A
1:45- 60 Meter Dash (25 minutes)
Class C- Heat 1/Heat 2/Heat 3
Class B- Heat 1/Heat 2/Heat 3
Class A- Heat 1/Heat 2/Heat 3
2:10- 800 Meter Run (30 minutes)
Class C- Heat 1/Class C- Heat 2
Class B- Heat 1/Class B- Heat 2
Class A- Heat 1/Class A- Heat 2
2:40- 4 x 200 Meter Relay (15 minutes) Class A- Heat 1/Heat 2/Heat 3
2:55- 400 Meter Dash (30 minutes)
Class C- Heat 1/Heat 2/Heat 3
Class B- Heat 1/Heat 2/Heat 3
Class A- Heat 1/Heat 2/Heat 3
3:25- 1600 Meter Run (50 minutes)
Class C- Heat 1/Heat 2
Class B- Heat 1/Heat 2
Class A- Heat 1/Heat 2
4:15- 200 Meter Dash (25 minutes)
Class C- Heat 1/Heat 2/Heat 3
Class B- Heat 1/Heat 2/Heat 3
Class A- Heat 1/Heat 2/Heat 3
4:40- 4 x 400 Meter Relay (15 minutes) Class A- Heat 1/Heat 2/Heat 3
4:55- Awards/Results

Contact info
Brian Easter
Boys Track & Field Coach
217-372-4336 (cell)
Athletic Office: 351-3988
Athletic Fax: (217) 355-5470