Check Out The Top Combined Returning Horizontal Jumpers

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Edwardsville junior Kenyon Johnson will be a stud for the Tigers for the next two years. Johnson is the returning IL#4 in long jump and IL#16 in the triple jump.

The field events are an integral part of track and field. The triple and long jumps similar and different entities. Both successful athletes must possess speed and strength as well as technique. Here is a list of top returners and their combined distance.

AthleteLong JumpTriple JumpCombined
Geremiah Lawson 23-941-765-4
Kenyon Johnson 23-0.544-667-6.5
Ryan Curington 22-9.7532-054-9.75
Jamonny Skinner 22-843-6.566-2.5
Malcolm Bevans 22-738-961-4
Calvin Johnson 22-6.540-863-2.5
Temi Osobamiro 22-545-6.7567-11.75
Kieon Battle 22-542-464-9
Zach Grindley 22-3.541-9.564-1
Brendan Meng 22-342-5.564-8.5
Jayden Lambert 22-346-3.7568-6.75
Drew Crooks 22-241-7.2563-9.25
Ramsey Hunt 22-0.7545-0.7567-1.5
Enoch Antwi 22-042-064-0
David Emuze 21-9.542-6.7564-4.25
Myles Lincoln 21-8.545-567-1.5
Jeremy Earnst 21-838-4.2560-0.25
Miles Mann 21-831-1153-7
Tristen Tewes 21-7.538-2.559-10
Kevin Szczepaniec 21-7.544-866-3.5
Quinton Stringfellow 21-7.2546-10.2568-5.5
Lane Ross 21-6.7539-10.7561-5.5
Michael Hill 21-6.544-365-9.5
Keegan Zack 21-6.2544-365-9.25
Logan Rubin 21-640-5.7561-11.75
Caleb Bleich 21-5.542-2.563-8
Skylar Bennett 21-5.535-4.556-10