Cross Country Q&A - Peter Tomkiewicz

Peter Tomkiewicz is the #2 runner for the top ranked Palatine Boys team.  He has played a key role in their victories at the Palatine Invitational, Richard Springs Invitational, and most recently the Mid-Surbaban League Meet.  

What's it like running at a nationally ranked program like Palatine?

Its a great feeling, and right now we aren't focusing on rankings but on running our best race.  There is no way to describe what we do in this program, its just all about guts and desire.

What makes you so good? Is it the training?  its all about guts and desire? That's one of your mottos isn't it ?

The training definitely plays a part in my success so far, but its also the extra push from my teammates and all the ex-Palatine alumni runners that keeps me going on a day-to-day basis, because I know that what we are doing as a team right now still matters to those who have been a part of this program.  Yes, guts and desire is one of our mottos, it is always in the back of my mind during races and workouts.

Talk about the depth of this team with guys like yourself Anthony leading the way? What kind of leader is he? Marcus, Tim, etc...

Everyone is a leader on the team... without each other, we would not be where we are today, everyday we challenge each other to be the best and to become the best.

Going off people who have been around... What's it like having a guy like Coach Quick who's been around the program 10 years, Coach Miller who's been around for 20 teaching you guys not just about being better runners but about the history of the sport at Palatine?

 It is really incredible. It is amazing that we get all the alumni support we have for our program. We realize that no matter what we do we are running for a great team that has developed a tradition of making great runners and building character in the process.  It is just about never giving up on each other when it counts in a race and not giving up on the tradition of the Palatine Cross Country Program

I see on the Palatine CC website you guys have a Palatine workout... What does that consist of? Is that one of your favorites?

The Palatine is basically a DMR with 1500 loops in between each segment.  We usually treat the DMR portion of the workout as a shift to race pace on the track and the 1500 loops are usually a fast tempo on the grass. Then its back to a shift on the track. etc... and finishing the last portion of the DMR with a hard mile.  I do enjoy this workout because it is a good test of fitness and a great way to replicate hard shifts in pace during a race.

Also, you win big at Conference? What are the next couple weeks like? regionals? state? What's it going to take to be on the top of the podium? What are your goals and your goals for the team?

The next couple of weeks we are focusing on one race at a time, focusing on the race plans that we have to execute and running the best as a team. State we are just focusing on running our best race.

Who will be the biggest competition for the state title, and what would it mean to you to end your senior year on top?

Our biggest competition is York, and Neuqua Valley, but we aren't focusing on what they can do right now because that would be a distraction. We do not need distractions. We would be exhilarated to end up on top. That would be a great way to top off the end of my cross country season.  But nothing is ever set in stone,  and we will have to see what happens on state race day when we put on our spikes.


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